Sunday, 11 April 2010

Still Alive - Kinda!

I really was trying to update this blog on a more regular basis, but these last few weeks my life has been a complete roller coaster!! Some really good stuff has happened, and some really bad stuff, and in my head it's just one major confusion!!

Easter this year wasn't ... well, let's just say it wasn't the best thing that's ever happened to me (no major crisis but still not-so-great), but I seem to have made that my low point, because even though not everything is super-great now, I think I have generally started coping better after the holidays! (What can I say, I don't like holidays, period!)

My main problem right now is I'm constantly exhausted!! I try to eat a lot of vitamins but no, I don't get out much or exercise as much as I should, basically because I can't find the time! It's a vicious circle, no doubt, because if I took the time, maybe I should feel better and have more energy to get things done, but since I feel I don't have the time, I'm constantly tired and it's getting really tough to get things done!!

I'm in for tough times ahead as well ... I have an oral exam in ONE WEEK - which is VERY frightening as I have SO MUCH STUFF to get through until then ... so basically that's all I'm doing now. It's a course on the end of The Gospel of Mark (chapters 11-16), so it's all the Greek text (which is a lot!!), one commentary, another book and an article ... *gulp*
I'm living, breathing, eating and sleeping The Gospel of Mark now, and I hope I'll be able to make this exam work out.
Also, it's for a teacher I've never had before, so I have no idea what level he wants to keep it on, what expectations he's going to have ... so that adds to the anxiety.

After that I'm going to complete my first level thesis, which I'm hoping shouldn't be THAT difficult, it's basically a matter of sitting down and getting it done. One problem ... yes ... I have to go through an entire book in German! I too German in high school, but Good Lord, that's a very long time ago. I can "kinda" get through it, but not in a really satisfactory way. Still, I know I'm gonna need to be able to do this if I'm going to continue the way I want to, so I guess it's just a matter of dealing with it, park myself in the library with a thick old German-Swedish dictionary and hope for the best! :)
I also have to start thinking about my master's thesis in a more substantial way than before. The plan now seems to lean toward writing it during the summer, which means I have to have a really detailed plan for that before summer starts and my professor heads off on vacation.

Still have the Religion, tradition, communication course to contend with now. I can't even remember how much I've written about that MESS here, but I have no energy to get into it now. It was a huge big mess which resulted in the fact that I have some complementary work to do there, but it seems to take a while before I find out what ... I don't like that either, I'd rather know what I have to do than having it come down as a great big surprise all of a sudden ...

If I can start feeling a little more energetic in the future I'm hoping to keep updating this blog - but as it's been now, I just haven't coped. When I get home around 6 p.m. (I always leave at 6.40 a.m. in the morning now) I'm like a zombie, I can barely cope to get something to eat before collapsing in front of the TV - which isn't good as I should get at least a few hours of studying done at home as well ...
But, let's hope I can get some more energy soon. Unfortunately, spring time has never been good for me ... and I can get a bit frustrated (though I mean no harm of course) at everyone being completely ecstatic about spring and the light and the warmth and the beautiful flowers - as I tend to have my worse moods during spring ...

Now it's best I get back to Mark ... take care!
Oh by the way, I realized I still have a lot of "favourite-photos" that didn't make it to the blog. I'll give you all of them now, enjoy! :)

Friday, 2 April 2010

A Day Off!

Yesterday I actually took a day off! :) I was supposed to keep busy in the morning, but that didn't quite happen ...
At about 11 o'clock I left for Helsingborg where I was meeting Annika, unfortunately my bus was so late I missed the train! :( Public transport is NOT working here right now. I had to take the next train, so Annika had about half an hour's wait before I showed up!

It was wonderful to see her again, we don't get to see each other that much now, and last time was Christmas-tradition in Gothenburg!

Lunch was needed first, so we ended up on McDonald's, and after that we took a tiny little walk in Helsingborg (just outside the train station basically). We then decided to take the ferry to Helsingör, it feels weird but I practically never go there, even though it's so close and easy ...
We went on "Tycho Brahe" (*lol*) and it was a pretty nice boat ride, though the weather felt quite insecure. When we got off in Helsingör we decided to go to "Hamlet's Castle" (Kronborg - yes, I've checked up on that now, I always forget it's proper name!!). It was a bit of a walk, but it was nice and we managed to take some really nice photos on the way.

The castle was really nice, it was quite windy, but I like that, and it was a lot of fun walking around the castle photographing. The weather could have been better, definitely, but I didn't think it was that bad either.
We stayed for a while, before decided to go back into "town" ... and just as we started walking it started to rain ... a lot ... and hail ... We ended up completely soaked, which wasn't that nice ... so we went straight to the stationhouse and tried to dry up a little, before taking the ferry (Tycho again!!) back to Helsingborg.

It was about two hours before Annika's train left, so we took a little walk by the seaside there as well, Annika bought something to eat and then we basically collapsed at the train station - it's been ages since I was that tired actually! :)

Annika left about 7 p.m. and I took a bus about 10 minutes later, realized on the way that I had to do some shopping when I got back home, so I wasn't home until after 8 ... and spent a few hours staring at the TV before going to bed ...

All in all, a REALLY nice day, I needed a day completely "away" from all the hassles (and fun!) of Uni, all the stress and things connected with my studies now - so I'm quite happy with this day! :)

Some photos from yesterday:
(all photos are from Helsingör, except for the last three, they're from Helsingborg)