Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Blog on Summer Vacation!

Well, I'm leaving for my summer vacation soon, so this blog will take a break as well.
Before signing off I'd like to apologize for the way this blog has been run the last month or so. Truth of the matter is, the first half of 2009 hasn't been great for me - or for my family - and the last month has been pretty horrible. I know it has shone through here, and it doesn't feel good to see that almost all my entries are negative.

I can't portray something that isn't true here, I am an honest person, and this blog does mirror how I'm really doing, but it feels bad that so many negative entries has come up here. I'm hoping that this break will do me good - I'm not much for summer vacation or holidays, I usually don't like them, but I'm hoping the break in routine will make my life work out in a better way.

I won't have regular internet access during the summer, so at best I will be able to make a scattered entry every now and again, just to let you know I'm still around, but I'm hoping to get back to regular blogging when I get back home for good again sometime in August.
I'm hoping for lots of update-entries that are a lot more positive than the previous ones! :)

I wish you all the best, I hope you have a GREAT summer, and I hope you'll still be around when I'm back to blogging regularly again! :)

Take care!!

Friday, 12 June 2009


The last month or so has been really difficult for me, I seem to be stuck in a very destructive pattern that I can't seem to get out of, no matter what I do! I know I have a lot of good things going on, I managed to finish this semester in a good way and all of that, but for some reason, I just feel awful about everything right now - so I'm guessing I'm not much fun to be around!

I really don't want to start going into it, because that will make this entry very difficult and depressing, I hope I can get my act together and start feeling a little better soon! I'd like to be able to catch up on my blogs before I leave for the summer, though I can't guarantee that!

For now, you'll have to accept these pictures from Sofiero ... I was up there with Sara, Johanna, Per and Johanna on Monday, celebrating the end of the semester! *yay!* (Photos are also on Facebook) And yes, these are the "official" ones ... I will be emailing all the photos to all of those present ... *lol*

Sofiero, June 8, 2009

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Stress - Stress - Stress!

I thought that with handing in my essay and actually coping with the seminars, things would slow down! Boy, was I mistaken!
I'm stressing like a maniac right now, and I'm not sure how long I can keep it up! At the moment, it looks like I'll be able to relax and wind down during the first week of July and that's it! *rolling eyes*

At the moment, Annika and I are desperately trying to work out our London plans ... which can be a bit complicated at times! I also need to get a new passport first thing tomorrow, as I discovered mine expired in January. Hopefully I get it in time, otherwise I'll have to arrange for a temporary passport.
Tomorrow afternoon I'll meet up with some great friends at Sofiero for a CELEBRATION that we are ALL finished with our educations (well, I'm "kind of" finished .... I'll never be really finished!) - YAY!!!

I also need to make the corrections in my essay, and on Tuesday morning I'll have to go to Uni and try to print it ... I've never done that there before, so I hope that will work out. I will also have to make arrange for it to be copied - the Department will need 3 copies, I want one, my parents want one (each! *lol*) ... so I'm thinking I need to make 10 copies!
That afternoon I have a meeting with my professor, and before that I'm gonna have to check up a bunch of literature for a reading course I'll be doing over the summer, so he can say what he thinks will be good ...

My appartment is currently REALLY disgusting, so I'll also have to find the time to make a real, real, real CLEANING of everything - I'm also thinking of redecorating my entire bedroom ...

At this point, I'm feeling like collapsing, but I HAVE to make this work out. Next Sunday I'm invited to a friends ordination (had to look that word up *lol*), which I'm totally looking forward to - and a few days after that, I'm leaving for the summerhouse.

Celebrating Midsummer with my families, and then Annika and I are going to London - we come back on June 29, so maybe I can get some time to catch up then ... ?

Sorry about complaining so much, I guess I had hoped I could relax after the whole ordeal with the seminars, the the weeks before that were so awful, and now I'm stressing just as much as I did then ....

Saturday, 6 June 2009

I'm Back - I Think!

Okay ... so this semester is almost over now - wow, that feels weird. I hope I can make a "real" post about the whole semester at some point, because there's been a lot of mixed feelings regarding these last 4-5 months!

I have survived writing and handing in my essay, defending it before the seminar and also act as an opponent on another student's essay. Now I have to make some minor corrections and hand in an essay next week, which will be graded - and then I can actually apply for my Bachelor of Theology Degree!! That's pretty amazing!! I started University studies in August 1998 ... this feels really huge actually! :D

However, I haven't been feeling very well, especially not the last few weeks. A great deal of things has gone horribly wrong, and I'm still amazed at the fact that I managed to end the semester in the way that I did, because I had some serious doubts.
I feel really good about actually doing it, but a lot of other things have been suffering because of it. There are a lot of things that haven't been working for me personally, I managed to deeply hurt one of my greatest friends, which I feel awful about - I just hope I haven't hurt every friend I have now ...

Sorry about this, I know I should be on top of the world right now, but despite the fact that it's great and a real milestone to have done this now, there are a lot of things I don't feel so good about right now ...

Hopefully I'll get back to blogging regularly now, at least until I leave for the summerhouse (which will be a few days before Midsummer)! I have quite a few blog entries to go through, here and in my other blogs, as I've been putting most of my life on hold lately.

Take care!