Friday, 31 August 2007

Good News!

I don't have much to write about these days - which is why these blog entries have become so short ... sorry about that. This week has been rather "lame", I haven't gotten much done despite trying hard to be effective - guess that can happen sometimes.

Tonight, I mostly wanted to tell you that I've gotten some really good news today!!! I logged on to my Students account today, and found out that the result from the exam I took had been reported. Well, actually, that exam was just 2/5 of the entire course, but the result doesn't get reported until you've passed all 5 parts. Now I had, and I got the highest grade, VG, on the course!!! *totally happy now*
I was actually surprised, because allthough it felt okay this time, I barely passed the other parts ... but I'm not complaining, that's for sure!!! *lol*

Not much news otherwise, I've given my apartment a good clean now, which feels good to do before the semester starts, I had a haircut yesterday ... working on figuring out some birthday presents ... oh yeah, and I'm thinking of starting a new blog! Yeah, I'm hopeless, I know ... I already have too many ... :)

Take care!

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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

A Nice Phonecall!

There's only really one big thing to report today: A really great phonecall!
It was my student councellor who called to tell me I had passed the exam I took last Friday! *YAY* *YAY* *YAY*!!
It was really nice of her to call me about it too ... unfortunately she's leaving the Department soon ... *sigh*
Anyway, that was a great relief to know that that's over and done with now. I haven't gotten the actual exam back yet, but I'm thinking of emailing the teacher to see if I can get it somehow, would be nice to know a little bit more how I did - not only that I passed.

Apart from that, nothing much has happened here. I've been a little bit down lately, as you may have read, but I'm slowly working my way back. This afternoon I managed to clean my bedroom - which was loooong overdue. Still some minor things to put away, but most of it is done anyway ... so I guess I have done something with my day, right?! :)

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Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Turning Around?

Well, I'm hoping this depressed state of mind I've been in since yesterday will start to turn around now. I didn't feel great this morning, and some of it is still with me, but I have felt a bit better during the afternoon and evening!
I managed to clean most of the bathroom, and did a real cleaning of the kitchen ...
And I've also added some more auctions on Tradera - why don't you check it out?

Guess I haven't done much more than that, but considering the way I've been feeling since tomorrow morning, I think that's quite good actually!

I know I have lots and lots of stuff to deal with now - this semester won't start until 11 September, but I'll certainly keep busy until then, that's for sure. I just hope I won't feel so down in the future, but have the energy to deal with everything.
Some stuff is just plain boring stuff that needs doing, but most of it make me feel quite anxious, so I know I'll need to be in pretty good shape in order to be able to cope.

Anyway, I'm just greatful that today was a bit better than yesterday!
Take care!

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Monday, 27 August 2007

Irratic Behaviour?

Sorry about this blog entry, which will not be neither long nor very happy.

I've had a truly bad day today, and at the same time I realize I shouldn't let the things that have happen affect me the way they do ...
I know that the thing that have happened aren't that huge, and that I shouldn't get so worked up about it ... and yet I can't help but feel completely devasted.

I'll make this short, no need to for you to read all about my pain.
I hope to come back tomorrow with a better entry.
Sorry ....

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Sunday, 26 August 2007

Getting Started!

I have tried to get started on everything today, and while there's always feeling that I could have and should have done more, I'm not completely dissatisfied with today.
I have started cleaning up, I have been going through some stuff that I want to sell and gotten a few auctions up on Tradera, I have tried to bring some life back to my forums with a "welcome back"-invitation to the members ... Also been doing some "work" on the computer ...

First off, some new digiscraps, hope you like 'em! :)

Also, I'm going to try to get a lot of stuff sold on Tradera (a swedish auction site). Feel free to check out my auctions by {clicking here}. I'm happy with whatever I can get rid of, and I will add a lot more things over the coming days, so feel free to check back every now and again! (For those of you living outside Sweden, I accept international bidders as well - let me know if you are interested!)

Also, trying to promote my Forums a little. I haven't been keeping up with them now, since I was away all summer and have had everything with the exam to worry about now, but I'm hoping to get back to posting regularly now!

Hope to see you there! :)
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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Absolutely Nothing!

This has been a strange day indeed!
I know I've been tired, with the exam yesterday, and all the problems before that ... and I know that I didn't get much sleep last night, but this has almost felt ridiculous!!
I have managed to walk between the TV and the computer and that's pretty much it ... *yikes*

I have also managed to compile a long list of things that I have to do, should do, want to do, so I'm hoping I'll feel better tomorrow and can get started with that.
I found out that the courses I'm taking this semester doesn't start until 11 September (!!), so there's no panic there, but I have an essay that I need to finish as soon as possible, so I'm hoping to get a lot of work done on that during these few weeks! There's also a lot of practical matters to deal with, I need to get some maintenance guy to look at my bathroom (long story!), I need to do a good cleaning up here, I'm going to try to sell a whole lot of stuff ... and of course keep up my blogs - I also need to kick-start my forums after the summer ... needless to say, I do have things to keep me busy! :)
I hope I can get started for real tomorrow!

I hope you have a great Saturday night!

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Friday, 24 August 2007


Yes, today I finally got to take the exam, so that part is totally over now - thank you!! :)
There are no guarantees of course, but it didn't feel like a complete disaster, so I'm hoping I will have passed at least! *fingers crossed*

After the exam I met with the student councellor, since there were some uncertainties regarding the courses I will be taking this semester. She fixed everything, of course!! :) Sadly, I found out she will quit at the end of September, because the department don't have enough money to keep her!! I will actually be very sad to see her go, she helped me a great deal when I was coming back from being on sick-leave, she's a wonderful person, and I don't think I would be where I am today if it wasn't for her!! She will transfer departments within the University and work at the Sociology Department (which is next door to Theology), but that's not helping me much, is it?
There's nothing I can do about it, I know that, but I will still be very sad to see her go, that's for sure!!!

I am completely exhausted, and I hope to come back with more coherent entries during the weekend.
Oh yeah, I want to aplogize to all those people out there, whose blogs I regularly read and comment on - things have been so crazy lately, I have not had the time to neither read nor comment your blogs .... I wlil try to catch up (reading as well as commeting) during the weekend!

I've had a wonderful relaxing afternoon and evening, but now I will try to get some sleep, so I can get up at a decent time tomorrow and start my life "after the exam"!!!

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Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Middle Day!

Today has been very strange indeed!
I was so completely focused on the exam yesterday, that today turned out to be a total anti-climax! I have known I couldn't just "not-study", since I actually have most of the exam tomorrow, but on the other hand, I haven't been able to concentrate at all! *sigh*
It has been very, very hard to know how to prepare for the exam now, when it was pushed forward, but the good thing is: it'll all be over tomorrow!
I hope ...

I can't help but be a bit worried about the practical side of things as well. After all, it was pretty much as bad as it gets yesterday, what might happen tomorrow?! The probability of something going wrong - me getting the wrong exam, for instance! - tomorrow as well, is probably very very small, but I still can't help but think about it.

There are some thoughts to the future as well tonight, what will happen when and how will I try to cope with everything, but I don't really feel like I have the time or energy to go into it right now. I'm also meeting with my student councellor right after the exam tomorrow, so hopefully I'll know a bit more after that.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

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Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Trust No One!

First and foremost - a warning!
I'm completely exhausted and feeling very confused, so if this entry makes no sense at all - I apologize! (If that turns out to be the case, I'll try to make a better one tomorrow!

I find the title of today's blog to be more than acurate - and especially well-chosen since I have watched The X-Files, seasons 1-5 for the last few weeks! :)

Enough beating around the bush!
Today was exam-day, and as usual I was nervous! I did feel more prepared than I had on previous exams, which was good, but there had been some problems reegarding the exam, I emailed tons of people and everything was just weird, so I was rather worried about the practical side of things.
Well, once I got there I was told that there were a few "special exams", and I quickly realized mine was one of them. I found out that I was the only one taking this exam, so I had my own exam in my own envelope with my name on it and everything (Hollywood treatment, almost! *lol*)!
Anyway, I was glad things worked out so well.
Until I opened the exam!!

And now I need to give you some background first (sorry if I'm being boring or if you've heard/read this before!).
The course consists of Genesis, Psalms and a book by an author called Mettinger. Now, I passed the Genesis part on the original exam, and had Psalms and Mettinger left (this does feel familiar, I've probably written about this before ... blame it on my feeling very confused right now!).
And I open the exam and find that the questions cover Gensis and Mettinger!! "I think I speak for everyone here when I say HUH??!"
I hadn't studied Genesis for ages, and I certainly hadn't focused on it!! So much for the practical things working out!

I somehow managed to approach the girls in charge of the exam, but it was not easy - being nervous and stressed out and having anxiety - trying to explain what was wrong and why I wouldn't take certain parts and ... it was a mess! Anyway, one of the girls tried to reach the teacher responsible on the phone!! After a little while she waved me over, now suddenly I was going to talk to the teacher! *panic attack* I normally pretty much hate talking on the phone, and this whole situation did not make things any easier!!
I managed to talk to him, and he apologized and everything - although my prime concern was: What was I going to do??
We finally agreed that I would write the Mettinger-question (there's only one question on that book), but I have to come back on Friday, and by then the teacher have made an exam on Psalms for me ...

I have very mixed feelings about this!
When I was there, in town, during and right after the exam, I was actually in a really good mood. I had feared that something would go wrong, and indeed it did - but I solved it! Without everything turning into a really big deal, with panic attacks and horrible moments, I solved it. I took control, I pointed out what was wrong, and we worked it out.
That was an amazing feeling, actually a very powerful feeling, come to think of it. For most of you, I guess this will sound silly, but for those of you out there with problems similar to my own, you might understand what I'm getting at.
I really felt in control, and thereby also powerful (though not in a bad way). I had the power to do something about a bad situation, I was respected for what I did, and it worked out!

When I got home, things were not so great! I had been looking forward to getting rid of this exam soooo much, I had my eye set on a quiet relaxing evening, I had even decided to not worry about my weight and make Tacos for myself, to "celebrate", and once I got home, I realized that wouldn't happen yet for a few days. I know it's not the end of the world, and I know it'll be over by Friday, so it's just one extra day, but it still doesn't feel great.
I'm very fond of the teacher we had, I think he seems to be a nice man and he was a wonderful teacher, but I can't help being a bit upset about him making the wrong exam. We had discussed this through email, and just this Friday (4 days ago), we agreed that my exam would include Psalms and Mettinger. I don't I can't get caught up in this, and I will probably forget all about it on Friday - *lol* - but right now I really wish I could have been able to finish the entire exam today ...

Long and most likely confusing entry ... as I said, this was perhaps not the best time to write here, but I know a few people have been thinking about me and wondering how it went *thanks guys!*
so I thought I'd at least let you know!
I had hoped to update my other blogs as well tonight, but I have no energy at all right now, so it'll have to wait until tomorrow ... I'll need a break from further studies! :)
Take care!

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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Dreading Tomorrow!

This will be a very short post, as I'm - as usual! - stressing like crazy at the moment! I constantly think of more things to do, more stuff to look up etc, and time certainly flies now!
I can say for certain that I am a lot more prepared now than I was when I first took this exam, which of course feels good. However, I cannot for the life of me say that I feel "okay" about this, that I have a good gut-feeling, that I feel in control of what I am supposed to know ... because I feel completely confused. I do know that I know some stuff, but I don't know if I know enough, or even the important parts. I told you I was confused, didn't I??

Anyway, I will probably go on for another hour or so, before trying to get some sleep. And the exam isn't until 2 p.m. tomorrow, so I'll have to start getting ready around noon - meaning I should get some 3-4 hours (at least) work done tomorrow as well!

Not sure if I'll make an entry here tomorrow night, you can safely say that will depend on the way things have turned out and how I feel.

Take care!

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Monday, 20 August 2007

Realizing The Facts!

Yes, unfortunately I'm starting to realize that it's only one more day (kinda funny for fellow Les Miz-fans out there - although not originally intended *lol*) until my exam! *gulp*
I have mixed feelings about it, actually. On the one hand, I feel like I've prepared more than I ever did last semester, which of course is a good thing! On the other hand, I don't feel like I have a snowball's chance in Hell (*love that expression!!*) of passing the exam!! *confused now*

Ah well ... I guess we'll find out one way or the other after Wednesday! *gulp again*

I hardly have anything to tell you either, as no doubt you know what it is I'm doing throughout the day! Now that the mystery of the vanishing spider (see entries below) is solved, I can't even report on that! :)

Guess I'd better get back to the Hebrew Bible now!
Take care!

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Mystery Solved!

Just wanted to make a short entry to tell you all The Mystery of the Vanishing Spider has now been solved!
Again this morning, I found him dangling in my shower - this time he was totally occupied with making his web work (he went up and down to test it, I think - I real 'elevator-spider' *lol*), so I found the time to grab my glass and piece of paper.
I really really don't like spiders, and while this one's body wasn't that big, his legs were huge! *shivers* Anyway, I'm guessing I went through a number of phobic-therapy stages when I managed to get the spider down from the web and onto the floor, under the glass with the paper and then onto the balcony. But I did!

Now I have made a promise to myself not to open the balcony door for a great number of hours, giving the little bugger a chance to find somebody else's balcony to occupy (and sneak into their apartment!!)!

I'll be back tonight with a proper entry!

Sunday, 19 August 2007

The Mystery Of The Vanishing Spider!

I have discovered I have a houseguest - a very unwanted one ... and also a vanishing one!
Yesterday I discovered a spider on my bathroom floor! Now, as some of you know - *waves to Sara!!* - I am not fond of spiders ... but for some reasons I can't seem to kill them either! So ... I went away to get "supplies" in order to try and get the spider alive and healthy onto the balcony! (clever thing to do is to put a glass over the spider, than slide a piece of paper underneath ... )
I wasn't away from the bathroom for more than perhaps 30 seconds - the spider was gone!! It was not huge, but it wasn't exactly hyper-small either, and I didn't fancy it showing up in my bed or something, so I kept looking. But the spider remained gone, and I couldn't spend all day looking for it.
I started talking myself into accepting that it had found it's way out, or down a drain or something. Until this morning ... when I found it dangling from the bathroom ceiling!! I didn't really know how to get it down from there, but I still headed out for my "supplies", to try to help it to the balcony this time. Again, I wasn't away for many seconds - when I returned : No Spider!

I hearby declare: The Mystery Of The Vanishing Spider!

I really don't like the idea of him running around in here, but at the same time I realize there's nothing I can do about it now, and I have actually kept myself from being totally consumed by this. At least tonight I'm taking a very detached position and I actually find myself sitting here wondering when and where he'll turn up next! *lol*

Long entry about absolutely nothing! Guess that depends on the fact that nothing at all happens here - and probably won't happen either until I'm done with the exam. It's Hebrew and Psalms and weird Norwiegan books all the time now!

Take care!

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Saturday, 18 August 2007

Carpe Diem!

I actually thought about something this morning, and I immediately felt I should include this in my blog-entry for tonight. (Therefore the title)

Carpe Diem - Seize the Day

I have felt pretty good the last few days. Minor things have not worked out well, but overall, I have felt good, I have felt satisfied with the way things have been and what I have done. That is something very rare with me, and when I started digging deeper in this, I reached a rather surprising conclusion.

Almost all the times I have felt good and things have worked, I have not really allowed myself to truly feel good!! I have always had in the back of my head, a distinct thought saying: Sure, you feel good now, but that never lasts, you know it never lasts, so you can't take anything for granted now - just because you feel good now doesn't mean things will work out.

And that is simply put, a load of crap!!!!!!
It's true, mind you - good feelings have a tendancy of not lasting too long in my life, but that shouldn't stop me from enjoying myself 100% on the rare occasions that they actually do!!
The more I thought about this, the more upset I became!!
I think it is very important to be able to enjoy and almost 'take advantage' of times when we are allowed to feel really good, when things are working out and we feel satisfaction with our lives - wether this has to do with love, children, work or whatever.
But fully enjoying these moments and really treasure them, we gather strength and energy that we need when things are not so great lately!
I don't mean we should be naïve and start taking things for granted - beacause there are certainly no guarantees in this life - but we should at least allow ourselves to treasure and take care of the happy times we get!!!

Sorry about preaching, but this is something I feel very strongly about, and I was quite upset when I started realizing all this!!

Apart from this massive thought process, I have spent most of the day burried in Hebrew texts. I haven't done as much as I felt I should have today, but I have been very tired for most of the day. I still have three whole days - and a few extra hours on Wednesday morning (the exam isn't until 2 p.m.) - so I'm hoping I will at least be able to study enough to pass without any major problems.

One bit of positive news as well - I finally figured out what to get my Mum for her birthday! It's coming up in a couple of weeks, and I always think it's very difficult to come up with a good present! But something struck me today, that I think she will be really happy about!
(Sorry, I can't tell you what it is - because I have a feeling I then would spoil the surprise for someone! )

Take care guys!
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Friday, 17 August 2007

4 Days Counting Down!

Today I finally heard back from my teacher at Uni! It was somewhat complicated, but apparently I'm going to be able to take my exam on Wednesday afternoon, and it was great to finally set a date!! One thing was not great though ...
When we took the exam it was divided into three parts, which were graded individually. We were offered to take oral exams if we'd failed (but I wasn't up for that), and if we did, we only had to take the part/s we had failed. I passed one part (Genesis) but failed the other two (Psalms and a separate book).
Since I was going to take this exam now in August I thought I was going to take the whole one - including Genesis - I didn't expect any "special solutions" for me, just because I'd happened to have passed Genesis in May. Well, aparently I am the only one taking this exam now, so the teacher will make one just for me ... and then I don't have to take Genesis, just the other two parts! That in itself is great of course, less stuff to learn, but I have spent the better part of three days getting through Genesis now!!! So it does feel like I've pretty much wasted all this time, which is a bit tough of course!

But still ... most things about this is positive so I shouldn't complain!
Even though I'm stressing a bit, I'm happy the exam is already on Wednesday, because the new courses don't start until sometime around 2 september, meaning I get some time to relax and prepare for the semster!
It also feels really great to actually know what's going to happen now. I know how and when and where I will take the exam, and that helps me to be able to focus even more!

So despite a little bit of negativity (wasting all this precious study-time), it's been a good day.

I have been sleeping very poorly lately, and I'm really tired now, so I'll try to get some sleep on the couch and try to get up at about 3 a.m. or something (I'm usually more productive in the mornings anyway), that should at least give me 6 hours sleep (which is about 3-4 hours more than I have been getting these last few days!) ...

Take care, guys!

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Thursday, 16 August 2007

A Bit Frustrated!

I can't help but feeling a little frustrated about my current situation.

I have one exam left from last semester, which I was supposed to take now, before this semester starts. (That is normal procedure, there are always exams avaliable in August and January for students who have missed them)
Unfortunately this seems impossible at the moment! I have emailed about 4 persons about this - I don't even know when and where the exam is (!!), or even if the exam will happen! Everybody that has gotten back to me advises me to email the teacher in charge, but he doesn't reply to emails! *sigh*
My guess is he's still on 'summer vacation', understandably of course (if I was teaching, I wouldn't get back to Uni a day before I had to) - but that still leaves me hanging!! I'm studying like crazy, but it's really hard to stay focused and disciplined when I don't even know when or if I have to take the exam ... *sigh again*

Enough complaining, sorry about that!

Otherwise, I don't have much to report - most of my thoughts and feelings surround the exam! i really wish I could do something else, meet friends, go shopping or something, but as soon as I'm more than 10 meters from my books, I get really guilty about not studying ...

Trying to catch up with my blogs - you will find more information in the previous post - and I've added a little note to the right about the newly updated blogs!

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Wednesday, 15 August 2007


I am quite possibly quite stupid - but I guess regular readers of this blog have already figured that out, right?!

I just realiazed I had to go through all my blogs, which ones do I have, which ones do I want, which ones work out ... and so on. Not the best timing, since I'm currently in massive study-mode for an exam ... but anyway ...

I managed to detect quite a few things actually ... I deleted some old blogs that didn't work, I've created a bunch of new ones, I think the URL to at least one of them (possible more?) have changed.
This blog is the one mostly visited, so I thought I'd make a post here, detailing which blogs I'm currently having, their URL:s and a short description of them.
If you have been reading my blogs before, and are interested, please note that this post is the correct one, here you will find all my blogs with correct URL:s, so if you'd like to have them bookmarked, do so using what you will find in this post.
Thanks - and here we go! :)

  • Att leva med social fobi - a blog in Swedish, about living with Social Phobia, expreriences, thoughts and comments on anything regarding this condition, including things like anxiety, panic attacks and depressions.
  • Ytterligare Ett Försök - another Swedish Blog, this a quite embarressing one. I have for a long time fighting to loose weight, but not accomplished anything permanent. This time I thought the pressure of sharing my progress in a public blog might help me get motivated. You will find my personal progress here, but also other things relating to weight, how one sees oneself societies views on weight etc.
  • Great Lyrics! - a blog where I publish beautiful poems, wonderful lyrics or great quotes! Both English and Swedish!
  • The name is BOND, JAMES BOND! - a blog (English) about the world's most well-known agent, 007, James Bond! Personal thoughts on the movies, the books, the characters, the actors etc.
  • Les Misérables: Beyond the Barricade! - my [English] Les Miz blog, where I give my opinions on the musical, songs, performers and more! Please note: NEW URL!
  • ~ Jessica: TV & Film ~ - a Swedish blog where I hope to write about TV-shows, movies, actors, but also books and authors that I come across. Reviews and recommendations!
I hope you will enjoy all these blogs, and I hope I will find the time to keep them fairly regularly updated! *lol*

Thoughts on the Future!

Well, I thought I'd make a post with general thoughts on what lies ahead, before getting back to posting on a [hopefully] daily basis!

Right now I'm a bit frustrated actually! I have one exam left from last semester, which I'm hoping to take now, before this semester starts. But that seems to be impossible. I've been trying to email people like crazy, in order to find out when and where it is, and also register for the exam. Everybody I talk to tells me to email the teacher who had the course last semester, and trust me, I have!! The only problem is, he doesn't reply!!
I try to study anyway - although it's hard to get back into it, and be really disciplined, but I can't help feeling that it would be somewhat easier if I knew when the exam will actually happen.

When the semester starts, I'm in for two somewhat strange courses (they are called 'läskurser'). You meet with a tutor and decide on a subject you want to learn more about. Then you get 4-5 weeks to learn as much as possible about that subject and than you have an oral exam (as well as handing in a paper, I think). I have never taken a course like that, so I'm a bit nervous about it ... also becuase I don't quite know what I want to focus on ... and I have a feeling it's mostly up to me to decide on that ...
I try not to think about it too much now, I have my hands full on coping with this exam at the moment!

I know that last semester was very tough on me, I felt awful and it felt like I was caught in a terrible whirlwind and I couldn't get out of it, no matter how hard I tried. I have spent numerous hours thinking about last semster, and I think I have figured out what it was that went wrong, and why, so I'm really hoping that it will not be the same this semester ....

Well, I hope to be able to write frequently here, even when I have my hands full with this and that. And I will celebrate one year-anniversary with this blog on 20 September, and we can't miss that, right?! ;)

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Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Various Pictures! :)

I thought I'd make a combined "picture-post" here now.

First out, some adorable pictures of my Zorro, enjoying the few sunny days we had!

Moving on to more of my amateur nature-photograhpy! :) They might not be masterpieces (the understatement of the year??) but at least I'm persistant and keeps trying, right?! :)

Also, I have for a very long time been absolutely fascinated by clouds and various formations in the sky. So below are my attempts at catching some funny, beautiful, strange or amazing clouds! Enjoy!

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