Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Stress With A Capital S!

I'm really living under an enormous amount of stress right now, I generally feel better than I have, but I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off! I really feel I don't have a chocie, for a lot of reasons - that I don't have the time or energy to go into here - I can't miss any of the things I have left on this semester ... but I still don't know how I will be able to cope!
I'm constantly exhausted, and I really need to study effectively 10-12 hours a day for the upcoming 5-6 weeks in order to work this out ... and I don't know how ...
Yesterday I came home at about 5 p.m. with a seering headache that didn't go away until it was time for bed ... great timing! *sigh* Today I left home at 6.45 a.m. and was home again at 6 p.m. - completely exhausted!! Sure, I had gotten some study-time at Uni, but it wasn't completely efficient, and it was "only" about 3½ hours ... I have tried everything this afternoon to be able to study, but when I read the words are dancing around the page, and when I tried some - rather easy - Hebrew, all the letters and dots and lines were bouncing off the page!

Okay, I really don't feel as low as it sounds, fact of the matter is, I AM really really motivated! I totally and utterly WANT to do this, more than I've wanting anything for a very long time, but I still have a hard time seeing HOW!

A bright note was that I met a friend and her baby boy for coffee this afternoon! She's supernice and the little guy is absolutely adorable!!!!! I have gotten my cuteness-factor for this week, that's for sure!

Okay - so what's left for me this semester?
At least some form of preparation for the Old Testament-course, although I'm taking rather lightly on that.
My 'reading course' in Old Testament, which includes translating 256 LONG Bible verses (some of them quite difficult), plus about 600 pages of litterature (some Swedish, but mostly English).
My Biblical Interpretation course, where we have an oral group presentation next Tuesday, have to prepare a major written exam, on which we will have seminars and presentations twice, before completing it - AND on top of that we're supposed to read two English books (about 250-300 pages each) and write one paper on each (minimum 4 pages each) ....
Is it humanly possible to do all this?!?!?!!? All of the Biblical Interpretation stuff are due before May 21 - some a lot sooner than that .... *shivers*

I know it's way early, but I'm completely drained. Doesn't help that my usually rather light pollen allergy has been acting up pretty bad, at least today! I'm told it's difficult this year, and my constant tiredness will probably lower my immune system, because I've been feeling rather awful today! Have to see if I can make my way to a Pharmacy tomorrow, there are at least some medicines you don't need prescriptions for, I can at least try them out and hope for the best.
I'm gonna go to bed real soon, I don't get any studying done anyway and if I get to bed early tonight I might be able to get up earlier tomorrow morning, and maybe get ½-1 hours studying done before I leave (early morning tomorrow as well).

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Saturday, 26 April 2008

Working My Way Back!

I'm slowly starting to work my way back to 10-12 hour study-days now. I haven't been feeling that great for about 2-3 weeks now, but I seem to be getting over it, and now I'm just working at being able to be completely focused and effective and get as much done as possible.
I have fallen behind in my studies, and taking three courses at the same time doesn't exactly help ... Still, I am getting my motivation back now, and I know that I'm in a true win-or-loose situation now. I need to finish this semester, otherwise thing will be extremely difficult and very hard to work out - so I just have to bury myself among loads of books, Hebrew Bibles and whatnot ... and realize I probably won't come out before June 10th or something like that ... *nervous laughter*

I am very happy I seem to have gotten my motivation back though, becuase without that I wouldn't stand a chance at coping with everything I am supposed to do now ... so now it's only a matter of staying healthy, avoiding headaches and migraines and learning to be able to study for lots and lots and lots of hours at a time! ;)

Sorry this wasn't the most exciting blog entry ever - but my life isn't that exciting right now ... and I suspect you're not that interested in the theology of hymns, or the details of hermenutics, or the translation of the Deutoronomy in the Hebrew Bible ... *lol*

I hope everybody are enjoying their weekend!

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Friday, 25 April 2008

A Whole Week?!

Whoa, it's been a whole week since my last entry!! *yikes* Didn't quite realize it had been that long ...
Things have been a bit weird here lately ... lots of mixed feelings ... joy and happiness, confusion, stress, anxiety and more stress ... in short: confusion! Which is probably why I haven't felt like blogging ...

Some good news first - I managed to collect my New Testament-exam, and I got 38 out of 41 possible points, I'm very happy about that!! There were also some issues regarding the grading system that seems to have been solved now, I don't want to put too much into this, but I did take it up with some people at the Department and it seemed the were listening to me and would take it up at a common discussion - and on this latest exam, they had changed some things ... I don't want to say it was "becuase of me", because that is way to pretentious, but at least it seems they have started to think about it, which is a good thing.

My studies have been very up-and-down lately... I have been feeling rather tired and not very motivated for a while now - which is a baaaaad thing, since I'm in reality taking three full-time courses at the same time now ... and I don't really have time to feel bad or not-motivated ... I seem to be feeling a little bit better now, so I'm hoping this thing has turned around now! After all, it's no more than about 6 weeks left of this semester, if I can really get on with it and give everything I have, I should be able to finish this semester in a decent way, which would be really great ... *fingers crossed*

Not much to say otherwise, I did take some time off a few days ago, and went to Malmö - checking out the ocean and the awesome building Turning Torso - which is soooo cool ... here are some pictures:

And my very favourite photo of Turning Torso ... I like the perspective, it's taken very closed to the building and looking up at it!

Hopefully I'm back to blogging 'full-time' again now - maybe not every day ... but hopefully more frequently than once a week! *feeling a bit guilty* ;)
Also, don't forget my Picture-blog, Everyday Pictures! which is updated every day, unless I'm away and don't have computer access!
Take care!

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Friday, 18 April 2008

9000 visitors - Thank You!

First and foremost, a great big Thank You to all my visitors! Can't believe we've reached 9000 visistors - amazing!! Anybody got any suggestions on how to celebrate when we get to 10,000?!?! *lol*

I've had an okay day, though not really great! When I got to Uni this morning, the general desk was closed (!) due to illness, so I didn't get my exam back. I'll get it on Monday, but I'm still a bit annoyed, I really wanted to get it and see more details ... I hardly even remember the questions now. Still, nothing I can do about it.

Hebrew/Old Testament lecture, we started on the Hymns today, very interesting! However, I'm not sure what I want to do with that particular course right now! I can't give 100%, I've realized that, because with two other courses, I just don't find the time or the energy. But since I've done so well this far, and I find it sooooo exciting - and the group and the teacher are awesome! - I don't want to give it up either! I'm trying a few different solutions now, so I'm hoping I can come up with something that will work out ...

I was supposed to clean my appartment and get a lot of studying done today - not much luck with that though! *sigh* I've been really exhausted all day, but I managed to get to the post office to send off a package, and do some grocery shopping ... only to get home and discover that I'd forgotten a few things that I really needed - so I had to go again!
I've been clearing away a little during the afternoon, but I haven't gotten nearly enough done ... I'm getting very frustrated with myself, I really need to get a grip on things and realize that I HAVE TO be efficient more or less 200% for the coming 1½-2 months, if I'm going to pull this off! I can't understand why that is so hard for me to realize .... *annoying*

Anyway, I'm glad it's the weekend now, I plan to really enjoy it, even though I have to study as well - but this week has been veryyyyy long .... :)
I hope you all have a great weekend!!

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Thursday, 17 April 2008

All's Well That Ends Well!

Okay, turns out this day ended really well, so I have to share that with you as well - seeing as how my last entry was so terrible!

I just logged onto the University site and found out that the results from my last exam in New Testament had been reported: I had VG (the high grade - equals A or B in the European ECTS-system)!!!! Whooo-hooooo! *me very happy now*

I have, after all, taken two full-time courses at the same time, I've written four exams and I've gotten VG on ALL four of them!! *a little proud* It's quite an amazing feeling - and I'm really really happy tonight!
Still can't deny most of the day was rotten, but this certainly helps, that's for sure! I hope this can be a turn-around, so that I can feel a bit more motivated and a bit less tired, to take on the rest of my studies - especially since I have added yet another course now ... *yikes*

I'm rather tired after this day, and I have a few things to take care of before I head off to bed, so I'll make this a short entry - I just wanted to share the good news!!! Yay me! :D

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Officially Declaring:

This is a BAD day!!
But first a word of warning! I feel a compelling urge to do nothing but whine right now, so if you don't feel you can cope with whining right now: don't read this entry!
You have been warned!

I overslept this morning, but still managed to somehow make a run for the late bus, and therefore the late train. I managed to remember some things for a friend of mine as well as my - rather large - camera, as I was meeting a friend and her little boy (about 3 months old) this afternoon and I definately want pictures! :) What I didn't remember was to fix anything to eat ... I don't usually have time to prepare lunch per se, but I had intended to bring fruits and stuff, as we had lectures 8-10 and I was meeting my friend at 2.
I didn't have the energy to worry about lunch then, I just had my hands full to make to Uni. Once I got there, I discovered that a whole lot of stuff I'd brought would not be useful at all, meaning I had dragged about 2 kg too much ... and since my back has been fairly bad the last few weeks, I really don't feel like carrying around more than I actually have to!

Lectures were good though, very interesting indeed, and I managed to answer a somewhat difficult question in class ... and that always gives me a kick! I have been doing it every now and again this semester (in this particular class), but it was very far from being anything I could even think of before, so like I said, I do get a kick out of it.

Afterwards I went to study in the library ... I had decided not to go anywhere for lunch, but instead, when my friend and I met, grab a sandwich and coffee, a little late for lunch but I figured it would work out.
I wasn't very successful during my studies, I was so completely exhausted, I think I went for coffee three or four times during my study session! Also realized I needed a specific dictionary, which of course I had left at home - so I wasn't able to do what I had intended to do, and once again, I was stuck with the feeling of not being able to complete what I was doing ....
I stumbled out of the library right before two, and decided to check, and turn on, my mobile phone before my friend arrived.
Only to find that she had called me 4 (!) times and sent two messages!!! When I checked the messages, things hadn't gone as planned for her either, she'd suggested another meeting place - in another town (10 minutes away by train, but still!)! - at 1 o'clock (it was now 2 o'clock!!)!!! Way to go, Jessica!!! Why didn't stupid me check my mobile phone every now and again!???!?!?

It was too late to meet, so I've sent her some messages about meeting at another time ... ufortunately, it might take a while before we can meet ...
Anyway ... went to take the 2.20-train home, that particular train continues to Gothenburg, so it's crowded, and they usually drive two train-sets, sometimes even three ... today: one! Meaning it was completey crowded, I had to stand and was pushed into a corner with not much room to move. My back is absolutely killing me if I stand up straight for more than about 5 seconds - and even though it's not a long train ride, it takes about 15 minutes, it feels like forever when you constantly feel like someone is trying to split you in two using a dull saw blade at your lower back! I kept moving, trying to find a better - less painful - position, which of course meant that I kept bumping into and stepping on and hitting people (didn't help that I had two large bags - one continued the camera that I didn't have any use for since I didn't meet the gorgeous little guy!) ... very annoying!

I stumbled off, and had to do some emergency shopping - of course the lines were a mile long and wouldn't move at all - which did nothing to help my back!
I finally got my stuff and got on a bus home. It took a while, but things finally seemed to work - until I was going off the bus, the driver made a really sharp stop and I did something very weird to my upper thigh, which resulting in a seering pain ... which means I can keep my thigh in a 90 degree-angle from my body but pretty much not straighten it out at all ... I keep limping around here in serious pain ...

(In case you hadn't noticed ....)

--- Sorry about the whiny-entry ... but you were warned! And at least I've gotten it out of my system now!! ---
I'm off to try to cure an upcoming headache and then try to finish what I was supposed to have done during my study-session at Uni today!


Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Still Feels Tough!

My studies are still going very slow, and the slower it gets, the more stressed out and frustrated I get. Not great, that's for sure!
Hebrew/Old Testament lecture this morning, and I think it worked out ... though when I'm in this kind of mood, I tend to not know what I think about what's going on. One minute I'm thinking, 'This worked out, that's great, that's working', and the next minute it's, 'oh no, I shouldn't have done that or said that' and everything is just a great big mess in my head.
I've made some decisions regarding that course - since I'm not really taking it, but now everything is really complicated and I'm starting to wonder about that decision ... and then a voice inside me keeps telling me I shouldn't even think about that course, since I'm actually not taking it for credit - and that I instead should start thinking about the courses I am taking for credit ...
Yeah, okay, now I'm sounding like a rambling, raving lunatic ... guess I'd better be quite.

About the only other thing that's happened today is laundry! Relatively boring, but it has to be done. Lucky for me I managed to get a double booking so I actually completely emptied my laundry basked - don't know when that happened last! :)

Once again feeling guilty for not studying as much as I should have ... but I should get some hours in at the Department tomorrow. We have Old Testament/Hebrew 8-10 as usual, and then I'm meeting a friend at 2, so hopefully I can be efficient inbetween. I might be studying with a friend, but I'm definately going to suggest we sit in the library, as it's way easier to concentrate there, and you do get a lot more done ....

I really hope I'll feel a bit better, and start feeling like I'm actually getting things done, because I think that is what frustrates me the most! I have a ton of work, but I get no 'check-ups' on the work I'm doing, and then all of a sudden, it's everything at once!! I think over a period of about 2 weeks we're going to have 3 or 4 seminars and hand in 3 papers and one larger 'essay-kind-of-thing', and it's hard to feel like you're putting things behind you now .... even if you're writing your paper, you don't have the seminar and can hand it in for a number of weeks, so in some way it doesn't feel like you're done with it until then ...

God, I'm rambling tonight! I should just give up this entire project and go to bed (have to watch the Swedish Ice Hockey Finals first though! Quite exciting, since the team I'm cheering for (not my favourite, but still ...) has recovered from being now 0-2 to being ahead 5-3 ... yay!)!
Take care!

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Difficulty Concentrating!

I seem to find it more and more difficult to fully concentrate and focus on my studies these days - which is very annoying because I have sooooo much to do! My mind seem to constantly wander, and I never get as much done as I hope ... which naturally leaves me with a very bad mood! I think I'm mostly annoyed because things really have fallen into place for me this semester and worked out in a way that I've never experienced before, and I really do want to finish this semester in the same way. But I won't be able to do that if I can't focus and get my studying done! *rather upset*

I know it's been a very heavy semester, and that I've taken on more than I could ever imagine, but I still just can't find excuses all the time, because fact of the matter is, I need to do this!! I need to keep studying and I need to pass my courses because I need to get my credits. Period! I really really really hope I can turn this around, because if I continue the way I have for the past few days, I won't be able to pass my courses .... *deep sigh*

Okay, sorry about the somewhat depressing entry ... I'm usually feeling down during spring, I've had spring depressions for a number of years (none as of yet this year though *yay*) and I'm also very tired - might be from a cold that won't really show itself, might be from pollen ... but that makes things seem a bit worse as well ...
I do hope I can get my act together and start getting more efficient, because more than anything right now do I WANT TO finish this semester in a good way!! I have done most things right this semester - instead of the other way around, which previously has been the case! - and I do want to continue in the same spririt .... keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?! :)

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Sunday, 13 April 2008

Slightly Schizophrenic

This weekend has certainly not been the greatest ... seems like I kind of hate weekends now, but everything works out really well during the week! *very weird*

I have actually gotten started on my third course now - the reading course in Hebrew - and about time too!! However, I hadn't quite anticipated it to be so intense, it's more work than I thought and everything is taken forever to finish! Also, there are things I can't for the life of me figure out, which makes it all the more frustrating!
But I am feeling almost dizzy now - trying to read and write a lot for Biblical Interpretation, translating Hebrew and reading litterature for the reading course, AND translating and taking lecture-notes for the regular Old Testament course! *shakes head*

I've been trying to study as best I can - but I'm completely exhausted and seeing as I have so much to do these days and everything takes so long, it's hard not to feel like giving up! I don't think I will - things have worked out fantastically well this semester, and it would be marvellous to finish it in a good way - but I can't say that I'm feeling great and happy and generally confident, that's for sure!
Also, I usually get spring depressions, which I haven't had this year yet, so I'm guessing that might be a cause for my tiredness and for feeling a bit down.
Hopefully I'll feel a bit better during the week, I usually do! :)

Take care - I hope you all had a great weekend!!

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Unusually Tired!

I've felt unusually tired all day today, I think I have a cold lurking away somewhere, so I guess I'll have to blame it on that. It's rather frustrating though, because I certainly need all the energy I can get now, and only walking to the bus makes me breathless and feeling more dead than alive - not good!
I know I have had an intense time now, since I didn't get the usual weekend! Even if I study a lot, I rest more being at home 2-3 days over the weekend, than going to my families (1000 kilometres there and back) and having some play-time there - so I guess that's contributing as well. Still, I need the time to study effectively and not sleeping ...

I had Old Testament/Hebrew this morning, which turned out to be really exciting. At first there was information and talks about a paper that is a part of the course. Since I'm not taking the course in the usual way, I will not do it (I have enough on my plate as it is), but it was still good and interesting to hear how you're supposed to go about it, what books and commentaries are good to use etc. I can always use that kind of information! :)
During the second half of the lecture, our teacher gave us some insight into the work of the Swedish Bible Comission who worked on a completely new Bible translation which was released in November 1999 (it's called Bible2000 *lol*). Our teacher was assigned to it for eight years, and I have always been fascinated about how that kind of work is done. He couldn't go into specifics of course, but it was still really really exciting to hear how the work had progressed and how they went about it!! Fantastic!!

Afterwards, I got about 1½ hours of studying done in the library before meeting three friends for lunch! We wen to a Greek restaurant that I'd never been to before - lots and lots of food, and quite cheap, heaven for students! *lol*
We also went for coffee after lunch, before it was time for Biblical Interpration lecture, with another professor at the Department (in Systematic Theology). It was a bit hard to grasp at times, rather abstract, but once you got used to it, it was really interesting - a lot about how Biblical Interpretation was done in the early Christian Church and during the Middle Ages.

We were done right after three, but due to some problems with the train, I wasn't home until five! I've been really tired this afternoon, so I haven't gotten quite as much studying done as I had hoped. Still, now I have three whole days without lectures, so hopefully I'll catch up a bit then!

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Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Mad At Myself!

I'm trying to get over an angry attack on myself that I had earlier today ... at least I'm coping with being around myself now, I guess that's a step in the right direction, right?! :)

Hebrew lecture 8-10 this morning, worked out quite well. Every minute going by I get reaffirmed this really is what I want to do, I am so interested and fascinated by absolutely everything - that's quite an amazing feeling actually!
I went straight home afterwards, and then things went a bit out of control! I fixed and ate lunch, and caught up a bit online. I felt really tired, so I got some coffee and thought I'd feel a bit better. I sat down, Zorro came and before I knew it, I'd fallen asleep - and I slept for two hours!!!! Totally NOT a good idea! I know that really says I am way too tired, but I can't really take that into account, because I don't have the time!!! The day only has 24 hours and I have to use as many of them as possible .... So that got me really mad about myself!! After that "little nap", I had such a hard time getting really awake, but at least I've been studying pretty effectively since about 5 p.m. - I guess that's something, right?!

Otherwise not much to report. Tomorrow will be a heavy day, with Old Testament (Hebrew) 8-10, studying at the Department, meeting friends for lunch at 11.30 and then Biblical Interpretation-lecture 1-3. We'd talked about having a 'sushi-night' as well, I've never even tried sushi - *ashamed* - but it looks like we all have a lot to do right now, so we might postpone it until things calm down a bit.

Unfortunately, I think I'm coming down with a cold ... probably as a result of the weekend with the kids! I do not have time to get sick, but I spoke to my Dad earlier and at least they hadn't gotten fevers there (yet!), so I'm hoping I can avoid that, at least! I'm trying every cure I can think of now ...
My back isn't really great either, I must have done something to it when I tried dragging Zorro home from Helsingborg ...
Ah well, I shouldn't complain!! Mostly things go really well for me now, so I should certainly be able to handle a few minor set-backs!

Made some new Amanda Tapping graphics too (actually, they're some kind of graphic/digi-scrap mix, but that works as well, right?! *lol*)! Enjoy!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

How To Catch Up?!

Whoa, a lot has happened since my last entry, so I guess you'd better prepare for a rather long blog entry! :) I really should start last Thursday, it feels like it was ages ago, but I guess that's the place to start off (I have a strong feeling I will have bored every one reading this to death after this blog! *lol*)

Anyway ... Thursday started with Hebrew lecture at 8, which was quite okay! I get a great deal out of these lectures now, even though I sometimes find it difficult to prepare everything for each day. At the same time I realize that if I'm going to gain anything at all from the lectures, I simply have to be prepared - so I have to try my best at that!
I should have stayed at Uni afterwards, for a lecture in Biblical Interpretation at 1 - but I started getting a massive headache, and I knew the day would be a great strain on Zorro, so I quickly bought a book for class before heading on home. In retrospect I think I did the right thing, even though I don't like missing lectures - but the day became a lot quiter both for me and most importantly for Zorro! I also managed to get rid of most of the headache, and get some studying done!
At about 5.30 I left with some luggage and Zorro in his transportation box ... and I was more than a little nervous for the upcoming trip! I had to walk for about 10 minutes, and that went really well, Zorro hardly said anything! Then we had to wait almost 10 more minutes for the bus, and the bus stop is close to a rather heavy-trafic-road, so Zorro was quite scared of all the buses and cars and trucks. Eventually I managed to get him on the bus, and he started miauing really loud *yikes*! He stopped when I sat down and talked to him, and the bus ride was over in about 5 minutes. Some waiting at the train station before the train arrived - and the train was packed with people! I had to stand and keep Zorro on the floor. It went rather well the first part of the trip but after a while he started protesting!
When we got off in Helsingborg we met Sara and also Johanna and Per - they had been on the train but in another part! It was great seeing them all, and we all started walking! It's a fair bit and all uphill, so by the time we reached Sara's appartment I felt more dead than alive! We let Zorro out and he seemed okay, though quite tense! Sara was kind enough to fix dinner for us, yummy pasta sallad! :) I felt that Zorro had a hard time calming down, so I was a bit reluctant to leave, but I couldn't stay there forever, so at about 9.15 I said goodbye to Sara and my little darling and went home!
I wasn't home until about 10.30, and I really should have started preparing a lot for my trip, but I was really tired and got to bed.

Up early on Friday morning instead, to get all the preparations in order. I knew I wouldn't have time to go home after my Hebrew lecture, so I had to get everything ready before heading off to Uni ... and I did, although I was very tired.
The lecture was okay and I then I spent about 45 minutes in the library. The night before Sara had told me we had to write 1 page for Biblical Interpretation, using a commentary from the library, which had to be handed in by Monday - so I started working on that.
At about 11.20 I took the train, with a change in Gothenburg, and was met by my Dad and my oldest sister, M, at about 6 p.m.!! She'd certainly grown a lot!! We got to my Dad's place and I also met his girlfriend and my younger sister, I - and boy had she grown!!! I know it's only been about 3 months since I saw them, but it was a huge difference, especially with I - she says a few words and more importantly - she walks!!! Big girl now!!
Some pictures of the big girls:

Saturday was spent mostly playing! *lol* Lots of colouring with M and lots of "general" play with I - it was great, but I'm not really used to it now, after having spent more or less 3 months in the Bible, so it took some getting used to!
Saturday night was spent with my Mum, it was really wonderful seeing her again, and we had a lot of talking and catching up to do!

Sunday morning was play-time again, and I took the bus at 12.30. Coincidently I met an old friend on the bus - we went through 10-12th grade together - and I haven't seen her in many, many years!! It turns out she's a post-graduate student at the same Uni I attend, though I different department! Cool!
I arrived in Helsingborg right before 8 p.m. and Sara and I met on the way, and she handed over Zorro and his things! We didn't get a chance to talk properly, but it seemed things had went fairly well though! I went back to the railway station, and it was a mess, aparently there had been a huge soccer game in town and the station was crowded - and Zorro didn't like it at all. We had to wait for the train - which was crowded - then on a bus, which was crowded ... it was all a mess and I felt really bad for Zorro! The last walk home was torture though, as I had my entire luggage, and all of Zorro's things - and him ... and he was jumping around in his transportation box, making it almost impossible to carry him. I more or less stumbled the last of the way, on the verge of tears - and I aparently did my back in pretty bad, because I've been in a lot of pain since then!
We were home at about 9.30, and I collapsed .... and Zorro was really happy to be home. However, I couldn't relax for long, so at about 11, I started working on the paper that was due on Monday - yesterday - and I finished in a bit over an hour! I should have started preparing Hebrew as well, but my energy was completely drained, so I had to go to bed.

I was up rather early yesterday morning, and started preparing Hebrew. I did however find out that we had lectures 12-2 instaed of 10-12, which was what I had thought. I let myself relax a bit because of that, which was a mistake, because I fell asleep and overslept! *not good* At least I managed to go into Uni to parttake in the last half of the Hebrew lesson, then I met Sara and we had a study-session in the library for about an hour, before having a Biblical Interpretation lesson at 3-5. It was really good, I like this course a lot - it focuses on exactly the stuff I want to ocntinue doing in the future.
A funny incident during the break, when our teacher approached me!! I had earlier, during an appointment with my student councellor, spoken about the grade differences, becuase it is way more difficult to get the high grade, VG, in some courses than in other - which felt strange to me. I was adviced to email our director of studies and I did, but didn't get a reply! Well, apparently, she had spoken to teachers, as our Biblical Interpretations teacher approached me, he said it was good of me to bring it up, they were going to discuss it etc. Totally cool!! :) :)

Today I had a lecture-free day, but I went into town after lunch to meet with a friend and her young boy - 3½ months!! He'd grown A LOT!! Big boy now!! :) We had some coffee and talked for a while, and it's great seeing her every now and again. She's helped me a lot in the come-back to my studies, and we have a very open relationship, which I appreciate! And the chance to some quality baby-time is wonderful as well of course! :)

*phew* Looong entry - but at least I think I'm pretty up-to-date now! Hope you managed to stay awake! :)
Even though I don't have a lot of lectures ahead (few days with double lectures for instance) I will still be very busy, as I'm actually trying to fit in three different courses at the same time now ... I do hope I will have time to update this blog more or less every day though!
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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Emptiness and Lonliness!

I've just come home from leaving Zorro with Sara - *sobbing*! I know he'll have a good time there, but I can't help but sense the emptiness and lonliness in my apartment, it's really terrible to be here without him!!
I have had quite an eventful day today, but since it's already 11 p.m. and I have an early and long day tomorrow, I don't have time to go through it all here ... I have to start preparing and packing some, before trying to get some sleep. I'll leave directly from Uni tomorrow and won't be home until late Sunday evening - with Zorro! *yay*!

Next week is also really heavy for me, but I hope I can at least take the time to summarize what is going on then!

Take care, and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Not The Best Start!

Well, this week hasn't exactly started in the greatest possible way! I don't really have time to go through it all in detail, but it's been rather confusing! Some things have been really great, others not good at all ...

We had the introduction to the new Biblical Interpretaion-course on Monday, and while I think it will be a very exciting and interesting course, it certainly won't be an easy one! Very few lectures, but FIVE major projects to hand in - and all in about 7 weeks!! *YIKES* If I can spend some time on this course, and if the group will prove to be a good one (it seemed that way, I think), I think I'm gonna learn heaps from this course ... but fact of the matter is I am going to try to juggle two other courses at the same time ...
And on top of that, I've hardly gotten any studying done at all this week, and it's already Wednesday!!!! I had very few headaches during the beginning of the semester, and it seems they are catching up now, because I seem to be having them more or less every day now! *sigh*

Moving on to more positive news - I 'unofficially' took the Hebrew exam this weekend, and I asked the teacher on Monday if he would go through it and see if I'd done some major mistakes. He handed it back to me yesterday, and I almost fainted. I had 51 points out of 52 possible!!! AMAZING!!!! (Last year I didn't even pass!!!) I was totally happy, and that gave me tons of motivations, so I really hope I can continue with taken several courses at the same time!!

Upcoming days will be very intense and tough - although hopefully funny! :)
Tomorrow, Thursday, I have Old Testament (Hebrew) lecture 8-10, then I have to buy a book for the other course AND get some studying done. At 1 we have a lecture in Biblical Interpretation for two hours and then I'm heading home. I hope to get some quality time with Zorro because about a quarter to six I will have to take him with me, walk for about 10 minutes, then take a bus to the train station and take a train - which hopefully Sara will be on. We'll bring Zorro to Sara, and hope he'll settle there - meaning I won't be back home until late.
On Friday I have Old Testament lecture 8-10, will study at the Department for an hour and at 11.20 I'll take the train north. I'll arrive at about 6 p.m. so I will hopefully get some quality time with my sisters before they're off to bed.
Saturday will be full-steam-ahead, and during the evening I'll also get a chance to visit my Mum. I head back at about 12.30 on Sunday and arrive in Helsingborg right before 8 ... then I'm picking up Zorro from Sara and head home ... but I'm probably not gonna be home before at least 9.30 ....
And on Monday I have lectures in both Old Testament and Biblical Interpretation ... and beyond that I haven't got a clue! :)

Unfortunately this does not give me much time to study, and since I've already "waisted" the beginning of this week, things might turn really ugly next week ... but I guess I'm gonna have to cross that bridge when I come to it, right?! :)

Anyway, that's it for tonight - since tomorrow will be such a strain, I'll try to get to bed early tonight!
Take care!

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