Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Complete Frustration!

I guess today has been okay, although I'm in an AWFUL mood tonight! I think I have done a fair bit of studying today, but I don't seem to learn anything, no matter how much I study! It feels really, really hopeless at the moment!
We have some sentences to prepare for tomorrow, and I knew that I had to be really prepared, especially after what happened yesterday ... and I can't make any sense of it! Every sentence take me 45 minutes to an hour to complete, and that will mean that I'm gonna be up all night! And that's just finding an adequate translation - then I have to double-check all the grammar, and learn to read it in Hebrew ... *sigh*
I'm really struggling with this, but the way I feel now - I'm not sure if I'm gonna make it to lectures tomorrow! I'm not putting myself through a repetition of yesterday - not ever!! - so if I can't cope with this, and feel like I know the stuff, I don't think I'll be able to go!

Everything feels completely hopeless tonight! This semester has really started off in a BAD way, and I hate that!! I really do want to continue with my studies and I want to learn, and now it just seems impossible!
I haven't been feeling the best, I do get my downs, I guess they are mild depressions, every now and again, but that means that I get even more behind in my studies, and I don't know if I can make up for it!! We go through soooo much new stuff every single lecture, that it's really bad to miss lectures, and yet it seems that's what I'm doing all the time ....

I'm sorry, this blog entry wasn't much fun, but I really feel terrible tonight! I guess the best thing would be to go to bed, but there's no way I could sleep either ... I don't know how I'm gonna cope with the future in general, because I can't just put everything on hold and hope I can work it out later ... and yet I can't seem to work it out now either ....

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Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Lecture + Panic Attack!

I have had a rather strange day today ... where some things have been quite good and some things have been quite bad. I don't really like those kinds of days, I'd like it to be either overall good or overall bad! It's far easier to assess how the day went if it's like that! Still ... that isn't so common, after all ... Shock 3

I guess it'd be kind of wise to start with the negative and finish off with the positive! Am I smart of what?!
Way To Go

Okay, so the major bad thing, as you might have figured out from today's title, was having a panic attack - or anxiety attack - in the middle of a lecture!! Having such an attack is bad enough, trust me, without having to suffer through it in public!
I had missed two lectures, and aparently we were supposed to have prepared eight sentences for today, we were supposed to read them, translate them and "analyse" them (various forms etc) ... and I had SO not prepared anything, I didn't even know!! Well, guess who were supposed to do the fifth sentence????? That's right, it was me!
That promted my anxiety attack, of course, and the first thought I had - as you usually do when you get an attack - was "How do I get out of here as soon as possible?" Okay, I know that it sounds like "wishful thinking" or something like that, but it was totally real! I was actually considering the possibilites of leaving the classroom; how would I do it, what would I say?
Since there were other students analyzing first, I got the chance to actually snap out of the most intense part of the attac and actually start thinking. Which of course is a good thing!! Ignoring You I rather quickly realized I couldn't actually leave ... so what was I going to do?!?? No doubt I'd sooner or later be asked to read, translate and analyze a sentence - I obviously needed to come up with something. Well, actually there wasn't much I could do, except from tell the truth, that I had been absent and didn't know we were suppose to have prepared anything ... and hope that that would work out.
It still felt very tough, and I had really, really high anxiety levels, but I did tell the truth, and the professor just skipped me and moved on to the student next to me! *relieved sigh*

That was actually the major bad news ... some semi-bad news is that my James Bond DVD box has not shown up yet (though I expected it today). Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow!!

As for some good news ... well I guess that could center around one thing! Namely that I have made some contact with another student in the group! I do talk to one of the students, we took the same courses last semester, but this was someone "new". I have spoken to her briefly before, but it was much more today!! We met on the way to the theology department and started talking then, we spoke before the lecture and we also walked the same way for a while afterwards and talked!
I think it worked out very well!! Not exeptionally well (I still have one girl from last semester that I really considser being a friend, even though I haven't seen her or talked to her in quite a while, but we really hit it off!!), but indeed well! Our conversation went well, no disturbing pauses here and there, I felt really relaxed, I could joke etc.
That was indeed the good news for today!

myspace layouts, myspace codes, glitter graphicsPersonally, I feel a bit sad though! It's nothing really major, and do feel I can keep up with my life, my studies etc. but as you've probably come to know now ... my issues are still with me. Sometimes they affect me more than others, but right now I'm in a period where they are really hurtful!! It's tough since I know that there's absolutely nothing whatsoever I can do to change the situation, or in any way make it better ... but I still can't just forget about it either ...

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Monday, 29 January 2007

Good Or Bad :-: Bad Or Good ??

He sees you when you're sleeping
He sees when you're awake
He knows if you've been bad or good
So be good for goodness' sake

("Santa Claus Is Coming To Town")
ChimneyWell, I doubt wether even Santa could figure out if I've been good or bad now ... Things are complicated to say the least ....
I didn't go to lecture today either! *sigh* I'm really very confused about this myself, because the reasons for going are naturally obvious! But since I have had a more or less AWFUL weekend, I feel a strong need to have a day when things really work out, before tackling something difficult again. Right or wrong - I skipped today's lecture.

I have been in a much better mood today, absolutely, and regarding this ... what shall I call it ... "personal, mental and psychological come-back" (if anybody has the slightest idea what I'm talking about!!), this day was a true success! I do feel a lot better, and I don't have the accute antipathy against Uni as I have had all weekend.
Regarding the more practical matters, it was not such a great decision! I'm trying to study - now on my own since I've missed two lectures - and it really is very difficult!!
It's exciting, absolutely, and I'm not at all sorry I chose these courses, but they certainly are very difficult!
The language in itself is very complicated and it get worse by the fact that you don't have anything to rely on! You don't have letters or an alphabet, or phonetics or anything, you have to start at the very beginning! Things are moving along very quickly too, and throwing in grammar into sentences which you can barely pronounce - or understand - is very hard!

I'm definately not giving up, but I need to find a routine in my life, with quite a lot of disciplined studies, and I find it very difficult indeed to find this routine ... Guess all I can do is keep trying, right?!

Moving on to the good news then! Smile I finally made up my mind ... and I bought the James Bond DVD box!!! *feeling happy although slightly guilty* It's a great deal of money, but I figured this is a real collector's item, and I have been a Bond-fan for over 20 years now!! :) I'm gonna have to work really hard on my "figure-out-a-daily-routine"-thing from now on though, so that I can get an acceptable balance between Hebrew and James Bond.
Hey, actually that sounds like a pretty cool combination!

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Sunday, 28 January 2007

A Complete Waste!

Today has felt completely worthless! I have been feeling really low and depressed and haven't gotten anything at all done!! I haven't even studied, which really isn't a good thing, since this course is so demanding!! I just really really HATE days like these, because they are totally destructive! I don't do anything and I feel bad about not doing anything which leads to me not doing anythig! *terrific* Rolling Eyes

I know I have a really heavy week in front of me, and I had sort of hoped that today would be some kind of mental preparation for the week to come! Not really ... *sigh* It turned out that I now feel worse prepared than ever, after having a day such as this!

There are tons of things I should get started on, not only studies but other stuff as well, but nothing whatsoever is happening! Studies naturally comes first and if I can't even get started with that, nothing else gets done either!
Oh Jeez

I'm not sure how I will cope with tomorrow - or if I will cope with tomorrow! Part of me knows that I have to go full-steam ahead starting tomorrow, and the other part of me knows just how horrible I feel ... I hate these situations!!
Hmm 2 I'm also thinking very hard about getting the James Bond DVD box! I just can't seem to make up my mind ... I mean, I really, really want it, but it's an awful amount of money!! I did have the oportunity to a large discount, but naturally - just as I had decided to buy it, the discount wasn't valid anymore! So now it's even more expensive!! I mean, I know I can get the money, I have some saved money and I got some for Christmas and for my birthday, but the question is wether I want to save the money to buy something else, that I want even more than the Bond box! I hate trying to sort through my priorities like this, I always seem to mess it up.

Well, as I suspect you've gathered by now, I'm NOT in a good mood! I guess I should just stop writing here, before everybody gets annoyed at me for sounding so depressing!

Take care guys, let us all hope for a better tomorrow!

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Saturday, 27 January 2007

A Better Day!

Yes, thank God I had a better day today than yesterday!
I do have a tendancy to feel that I always should do "more", wether it's studying, cleaning, online stuff or whatever, but at least I don't feel like today has been a complete waiste, and I guess that's something, right?!
I did get some studying done, I've covered pretty much the first two chapters in the book now (although, "chapter" is hardly the word for them, since one chapter is about 1-2 pages long. Brows But we are in the very beginning of the course, and that does feel like quite enough! And at least I can read the practice sentences there now! I'm not totally familiar with all the translations and the words, but I have a fairly good idea at least. I thought about starting on chapter 3 as well, but they went through that yesterday, when I wasn't there, and it looked far more complicated than the first two, so I'm gonna have to save that until tomorrow.
I was good enough to start another study-project instead though! *yay me* Our professor informed us at the first lecture that it would be a good idea to get some general Old Testament knowledge as well, not only pure Hebrew. He recommended a few books, and even though I haven't had a chance to get them yet, I started reading from another book which pretty much covers that. So I feel quite good about that anyway! :)

I have also done some cleaning, and my "hate-thing" ... now, I generally hate cleaning, but there's one thing I hate more than the rest; cleaning the shower drain ... *yuck* It's really the worse thing EVER when it comes to cleaning! I did do it, so at least I won't have to go through that again for a few months - I hope!

Plans for tomorrow: More studying! I have a feeling I will never quite feel like I'm up-to-speed on this course, because there are so much to go through and so much you can practice on. Guess I'd just keep at it and hope for the best!

I have been meaning to start making a whole lot of graphics too! It's been quite a while since I was active with Photoshop, and I have lots of stuff I want to do, Christmas graphics, graphics with my two sisters, TV/movie graphics etc. I still don't feel like I have the time for it - but I took a little while to make one tonight at least! Better than nothing, right?! I'm not very happy about it ... but I guess you can't be happy about everything you do! :)

Take care!

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Friday, 26 January 2007

A Really Rotten Day!

Well, I guess it's time for the first REALLY rotten day of 2007!! Not that I'm very surprised, these days have a tendency to show up every now and again, but I can't say that I welcome them.

Everything was a mess from the beginning today, it turned out very "weird" and that kept going the entire day!
I felt a headache coming on late last night, but figured I'd get rid of it by sleep. Yeah right ... Rolling Eyes I hardly slept at all, which made my headache even worse! I got up early (yeah, I soooo like getting up at 4.30 in the morning *sigh*) to try to get rid of it before it was time for Uni. On top of everything we had not one lecture as we usually do, but two - one was the first in a series of lectures that will last for the first half of the semester!! I got up and I did feel like my headache was getting a bit better. It was closing in on migraine, but tried to pour down coffee and painkillers and tons of water, and it did seem to do some good at least.
Until I got on the bus! The headache did NOT cope with me being around other people, and I came rather close to fainting on the bus - not good! I did try, but there was no way I was gonna cope with the train and Uni and lectures and students and whatnot ... so I had to get off at the railway station and take another bus home again.

This of course felt like one big failure! I know that I really didn't feel well and all that, but I always have very mixed opinions about staying home when I really should be somewhere. Up until about one, 1½ year ago, I usually escaped all difficult situations by telling me there was some great reason for staying home. Since then I'm really hyper-sensitive about the reasons for staying home, maybe I should cope anyway ... oh God, I'm just rambling. Before this gets completely out of hand, I'll just say that it felt terrible that I couldn't go!

That "failure" - or whatever you want to call it - has mirrored my mood all day! I managed to get a few hours sleep when I got home, and the headache has been better today, although it's not completely gone yet. But despite the fact I haven't been completely incapacitated by the headache, I haven't gotten anything done. I was meant to have this superproductive weekend - well, it hasn't shown itself today, that's for sure.
I did email a friend on the course, to find out what I had missed, and I think I can make up for it .... guess that's the main thing ....

My mood slowly started to get better tonight, so I had high hopes I would at least cope with tomorrow, now that today feels like a complete waiste. Until about half an hour ago! I found out some information I really didn't want ... and it hit me pretty badly! Now I'm going down by the minute here - so I'm not sure if I'll get any sleep tonight or if I'll be able to be at least somewhat productive tomorrow!!
Blowing Nose
I really hate it when it gets like this - okay, so it was really rough this morning, but at least I tried - I tried to go to Uni and that didn't work. And then I have been feeling sad all day but I have still tried to feel better, to cheer myself up, to not let it get to me ... and then I find this out and it's all been for nothing!
Right now I just wish I could go to bed and never ever come up again ....

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Thursday, 25 January 2007

Quickly Realizing ...

... that I won't have any spare time whatsoever during this semester!
Okay, that might not be completely true, but almost anyway ... Things are really getting very intense right now, and it looks like it will stay that way throughout the semester! I really enjoy learning Hebrew, it's very very exciting, but it is certainly demanding enough, that's for sure! We found out today, that instead of having an exam after approximately every five weeks, which is pretty "normal", we're gonna have one every TEN weeks!!! Gaaaah!! Talk about massive exam!!! *yikes* I'm getting nervous already, and the big exam isn't until the 29th of March! (We have one "test" or whatever you want to call it before, on the 19th of February)

But things are progressing, I can already read words and "sentences" in Hebrew! Totally cool!
Cool Unfortunately, I can't really share my knowledge in Hebrew in daily talks since we're completely learning the Bible-Hebrew and almost nothing of the modern-day Hebrew! But it's still amazingly cool, that's for sure!
I met someone the other day, who took this course a while back, and he said it got better and better, since that in learning the language you also learn a lot about the people that wrote and spoke it, the culture and the times they lived in, and that of course makes it even more interesting and exciting!

I know I tend to focus my blog entries more or less completely on my Uni lectures now, I'm sorry about that, but since the course is so intense it really takes up a lot of my time and I think about it a lot! I even heard from a fellow student today, that her boyfriend had woken up during the night because she was talking about Hebrew letters in her sleep! Smile
Guess we're all getting completely brain-washed on this course!

Take care, guys!

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Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Hebrew All Around!

I guess the title speaks for itself! :-)
I think I should have studied a bit more today, but for some reason, I've been very tired all day (*fingers crossed I'm not getting sick, because I have absolutely NO time for that!), but I think I'm pretty familiar with the 22 consonants of the Hebrew alphabet now - both the Hebrew signs and the transcribed version (how the Hebrew sign is written with our letters) - and I think I know most of the vowels as well! *yay me*
There are however a lot of rules regarding this and that, pronounciations and whatnot, so I have a feeling I'm probably gonna get lost in the Hebrew world from now on.
I have a feeling I will be completely multilingual in the future though, pretty much all my free time will probably be spent with Hebrew texts, words and grammar - but I guess I will still try to speak Swedish ... AND write my blog in English! *yikes* :-)

Still, even though it gets kind of boring and tiresome trying to stuff your head with information all the time, I do think it's very exciting, and when I think of what it might lead to, wow! Imagine the fact that in a while I will be able to read texts from the Old Testament in the way they were originally written, 4000 years ago! That is just SOOOO COOL!!! :-D
I guess I'll have to keep thinking about that when it gets a bit hard, right?! :)

I don't have much plans for the future either, this semester will be very intense and on top of all the Hebrew I will need to finish my essay too, so it's definately gonna be full-time-studies from now on! Still, I just think it's amazing that I've gotten this far, that I am actually studying full-time now, like everybody else, trying to think about what courses to take, moving through one course after another ... I hardly thought that was possible a few years ago, and here I am now! *a little proud now* So if I look at things that way, I can definately cope with having to study a great deal this semester, that's for sure!

Take care guys - who knows, soon I might even be able to write something here in Hebrew (even though it'll have to be the transcribed version - I do not have the Hebrew alphabet installed on my computer *lol*)! :-)

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Tuesday, 23 January 2007

General Update!

I thought it was time for a more general update as well now.

Where to start ... well, I've started taking Hebrew at Uni, which is AMAZING!! It's fantastic to learn a completely different lanugage, although I have to admit it is rather difficult. Since the basis of the language is so nothing whatsoever like our language, it takes some getting used to. I haven't really studied the way I should have recently, with my trip and all, but we have no lectures tomorrow, so I'm hoping to catch up then.
I actually feel that Uni works out fairly well now! This course is completely different to the ones I took last semester, there will be no group projects, no seminars, no presentations .... just good ol' studying and written exams! And I think for me that is very good! I need the other stuff as well, and I'm happy about coping the way I did last semester, but it's good to get a break from all that now.
I know a few of the students in my group now, but even though I'm not socially very active, I still don't feel the accute isolation and alienation I felt at the beginning of last semester. I do have a few people I say hello to in the mornings, and I have someone to talk to during the breaks, and for now, I think that's enough for me.
I also met a girl last semester, whom I got along great with! She's taking other courses this semester, but I met her the other day and I really hope we can stay in touch even though we're not taking the same course anymore.

Overall I'm in quite a good mood actually! Things haven't exactly been easy for me since this semester started, the weekend was very intense and there have been some challenges to face up to, but up until now I have faced every one of them, I haven't backed out once!! *proud now* I can't say that that will last forever, but I do feel very happy about having coped the way I have! I did miss one thing .... a relative phoned me on Sunday night, I had just come home, everything was a mess with Zorro, I was totally nervous about Uni - and I just couldn't pick up the phone! I usually have a very hard time using the phone (part of my Social Phobia thing), so I really wish I could have taken that call!! I tried to make up for it tonight, by working hard at gathering strength to call my aunt back! I did call her - only to find out that my telephone didn't work! (I have had some problems with it every now and again) Soooo annoying, it had to refuse to work now! *sigh* Still, I don't think I can be blamed for the phone not working! I guess I should have kept trying throughout the evening, but that amount of strength just wasn't in me! And at least I tried to call her back, which I have actually never managed to do before! Points for effort, right?! :)

I don't think I have that much more to write about, most of my life centers around Uni right now, as I guess you've figured out by now! :) It's mixed feelings there as well, of course. I have to say that most of it is good, and I don't think I have ever felt as confident regarding Uni as I do now ... but there are also some downs with Uni. Even though the social thing works out, it's not as good as I would like it to be! Also, I had some bad news which in part concerns Uni regarding this semester, and sometimes I have a hard time accepting that and letting it go .... Guess I'll have to keep trying though!
I do have my essay to work on as well, since I couldn't finish it now. I don't want to leave it too long, but I feel I should at least get started properly with the Hebrew course first. I really hope I can make a go of the essay, so I can complete it during the semester and be done with it! *fingers crossed*

Well, even though it's not very late, I'm completely exhuasted, so I think I'm gonna try to get to bed early tonight! I need all the strength I can get tomorrow, so I can catch up with my Hebrew studies!
Good night!

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My Weekend!

Time to tell you all a little about my weekend - which was intense to say the least!

Starting on Friday, I had my alarm set at 4.30 a.m. and it was not easy to get up, let me tell you! I did manage it, and I was at Uni at 8.15 for the introduction of Hebrew ... It certainly felt strange, but very, very interesting! It's not only a new language, it's new letters, a new way of looking at language, at forming words ... for instance, the Hebrew alphabet consists of 22 consonants, that's it! The vowels were all added later on, and are merely dots and lines puts under or above the letter in itself! It's really amazing, and I enjoyed the first lecture a lot!

We finished a bit early, but due to delayed trains and buses, I didn't get home much earlier anway. Poor Zorro was in quite a state, because he felt something was going to happen! I hardly had time for anything, but force him into his transport carriage and head off again! I managed to get a little lost on the way to the Animal Hotel, I had never been there before, and the directions I had weren't the best! Finally, I managed to locate it, and I could leave Zorro there ... which wasn't easy ...

I started my long trip north at almost exactly 11.40 which still felt pretty okay! The drive went well, it wasn't that much traffic, until the last hour or so, and I arrive at my Dad's place at about 5.45 p.m. It was wonderful to see my little sister, and of course the newborn baby!! I'm quickly realizing that it will be very confusing now that I have two little sisters, and I feel rather strongly about giving out names online, so I think I'll start using the initial letter instead. The little baby has not yet recieved her name, so I guess I'll just have to call her "the baby" (even though I think it sounds horrible), but my other sister's first name starts with "M", so I guess that's who she'll be from now on! :)
Anyway ... my Dad and his girlfriend try really hard not to make M feel left out with the new baby, and I know she's quite sensitive, so when I arrived I was careful to direct all my attention to M! She will have to learn later on of course, that she and her sister deserves the same amount of attention, but since she's had a little sister for only a week, it's not so easy for a 2½ year-old to understand and grasp that! It was wonderful to see M again, she and I have a wonderful relationship and I'm really happy about that! Apparently she had stood in the window, waiting for me, for at least half an hour, despite the fact that her parents had told her I could not arrive yet ... *cutie*
I spent most of the night with her - but when she'd gone to bed I could start to get to know my youngest sister! She's just about as cute as can be, with rather a lot of almost black hair! Of cousre, it's only baby hair, which she will loose soon, but it still looks gorgeous!!

Saturday morning was spent with M, and a little while before lunch, my Mum picked me up! I spent some hours with her, we had a lovely dinner, celebrated my birthday (which really was on Sunday) and talked a lot! We had a wonderful time, but after a while it was time to go back to my Dad and his family! We had a celebration dinner there, and I played a lot with M. That night I really got to spend some quality time with the little baby and that was absolutely fantastic! My Dad's girlfriend was putting M to bed, but the little one woke up and we suspected she wanted some food ... I managed to keep her awake, but not screaming for food, for almost half an hour, and that was wonderful, she was in my lap, or I was carrying her, and she was awake the entire time, she looked at me almost all the time. It's fantastic to have a child that young really looking at you, because they are really studying you, they take in just about everything they see, and it's quite an amazing experience!

On Sunday it was time for my trip back ... I started at 10 a.m. but wasn't home until after 6 p.m. so it was a quite tiresome trip. The woman who runs the Animal Hotel came by with Zorro rather early, but I got quite a shock ... She's usually been great with him, but the first thing he did when he got home was to start drinking ... and he kept drinking for almost 15 mintues non-stop!!!! What the Hell was all that about?!?! The woman also mention that he had urinated in his transport box ... I thought it was just an accident that had happened, but when I took out the pillow he has in his box, it was completely soaked with urine!!! He must have more or less urinated in there the entire time he was at the Hotel, which definately tells me that he wasn't feeling well at all!!
I completely broke down at the time, but I guess I'm over it now. Although I hardly think I want to leave him there again, that's for sure!!!! The problem arises what I will do when I need to visit my families ... because I have no one that can take care of Zorro now ... Guess that's something to think about ...

Well, that's the weekend! It was really great, but unfortunately it ended badly, with Zorro ... Now I'm just very happy he's at home with me and that I don't have to leave him anywhere for quite a while!!!!

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Photo Time!

I thought I'd make one entry with some new photos of various kind! :) I figured it'd be simpler that way! Most of the photos are from the weekend I spent with my families, but some of them - mostly cat-pics! - are from around Christmas time! I hope you enjoy the photos!

First out are some lovely photos of Zorro! It's pretty hard to capture him, as I usually only get an ear or a paw or something ... but I think he looks absolutely wonderful in these pictures!

In all fairness, I also feel I want to include some pictures of my Mum's cat, Smulan! (Oh, and I really do hope you're not offended by me sharing these pics, Mum ... let me know and I'll remove them if you like ...). Is she a cutie or what?!? :)

Moving on to the pictures I took this weekend. Unfortunately, I had very little time with my two sisters, and at times things were rather crazy, so I hadn't the oportunity to take that many photos. Pretty much all of them are taken at the same time, but at least it's better than nothing, right?! :)

First up a picture of me and my older little sister ... :) And then two pics of her! She's growing up SO fast now!!

Then a few pictures of the newborn! Two includes me - as I'm sure you'll notice! *lol* Isn't she absolutely beautiful?!!!??

Hope you enjoyed the pics! :)

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Monday, 22 January 2007

So Much Going On!

I know I should have written here last night, so I feel a bad about that. However, things are rather confusing right now, and a lot of stuff happens in my life at the moment, so my brain doesn't really feel up to blogging at the moment!
This will just be a very short entry saying that I had a great time visiting my families - although some stuff was not great when I got home ...
Things are working out at Uni as well, I think! Nothing is perfect - but you can hardly expect that, right?!? - but at least I'm feeling okay with it. I have however had a very, very intense weekend and a loooong day today, so I don't think I'll be able to go into detail.

I have a better day tomorrow, all I have planned is a lecture between 8 and 10, and even though I have to study a lot, at least I shouldn't be quite so tired as I am now. Therefore, I promise to come back with a few entries to let you in on what's been going on - during the weekend, cute photos, what's happening at Uni etc. Hopefully, I can get that done tomorrow!

Take care!

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Thursday, 18 January 2007

Starting To Panic!

Oh God, what a day!! I haven't gotten much done at all - and I should have done a lot!!
And tonight it hit me: In less than 12 hours I'm starting a new semester at Uni!!! *PANIC!!* I have really put off even thinking about this semester, and these last few days I've been busy planning my trip to visit my families ... and I just now realized that at 8 a.m. tomorrow I'm gonna be at Uni, on a new course, with new students .... *gulp*
I'm really in for some heavy writing in my diary tonight, that's for sure!!

I guess I don't have that much to write about though, the fact that I'm feeling rather upset about the entire day tomorrow - which will be rather tough - seems to be the only thing on my mind right now!
I'll have the introduction tomorrow morning, will rush home to pick up Zorro, drop him off at the Animal Hotel (I just hope I can find my way there, I haven't been there since they moved, and the directions I've gotten are rather vague!), and then make the drive up north (about 500 km) ... I've been discussing the plans for the weekend with my parents tonight, but we haven't decided anything yet.
Unfortunately this will be my last entry before I go, since I won't have any time at all tomorrow to get in front of the computer! I will be back Sunday night, so hopefully you'll get an update then. I'm also hoping to bring back lots of cute pictures to post eventually!

Take care guys, I hope you have a great weekend!

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