Thursday, 31 May 2007

Another Really Bad Day!

Today has been the kind of day where everything that could possibly go wrong, has done so! I really really hate those days!!
The studying isn't working out at all, which is a worry - there are several other problems/issues I'm trying to deal with and on top of everything else I've gotten a really sore throat! I sincerely hope it's nothing serious, and that it will pass soon, because I have neither the time nor the energy to try to go and see a doctor and whatnot ...

Oh yeah - one bit of good news though! I had thought of inviting two friends from Uni (same ones I had dinner with a few weeks ago) to CELEBRATE the end of this semester, after the exam, but we've been having problems finding a time that will suite everybody. One of the girls called me last night with a great idea!
After the exam (and our other friend, who's taken other courses this semester, has an oral exam about the same time as ours), in the afternoon, we will have a picnic with wine and cheese and stuff ... sounds totally great!!! I just REALLY hope there will be weather for it ... not that much fun having a picnic in the rain! :) It's something I'm totally looking forward to, so I'm hoping it will work out!

Having stuffed myself with pills trying to make my sore throat hurt a little less, I'm feeling very sleepy now, so I think I'll try to get some sleep! Hopefully my throat will be better in the morning! Good night!

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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Blog Information!

This is an information post regarding my blog. I will repeat this post every now and again, giving everybody an oportunity to read it.

As you may have noticed, I am careful not to mention names in my blog, as I feel strongly about people's privacy and integrity. I sometimes feel, however, that the blog feels sort of impersonal when I always use initials, or refer to people in other ways.
I certainly don't want to make anybody uncomfortable, but in this post I'd like to say that if there is anyone out there among my friends and/or family that feel it's okay for me to use your names, you can take this oportunity to let me know! (Either by leaving a comment here - you can also send me and email or give me a call or whatever)

I would like to point out that I'm definately not forcing anyone into anything - privacy and security is very important to me, I just wanted to see if there are some of you who wouldn't mind seeing their names here on occasion! :) Naturally, I won't say anything incriminating (of course!!), it would only mean that I use your names instead of initials, or just refer to you as "friend" or something like that.

Like I said, I will repeat this post every now and again, and give people the chance to read it, think about it and get back to me.
I will of course continue in the fashion I have now for anyone who don't get in touch with me.

Another minor note - I have listed my blog on the BlogTopList to hopefully get even more readers! You can vote for my blog there, there is a small button to your right a bit down (under 'Getting Visitors') to vote - you may vote once a day!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!!

Getting Things Done?

Yes, I think I have actually had a slightly more productive day today ... yay me!!
I've been doing some clearing up, done a lot of laundry and actually have gotten some studying done ... not too bad, right? :)

I still feel very anxious about the exam though, because since I failed the last one I feel an enormous pressure to pass this one ... it won't be easy if I have to take both of them this fall, that's for sure!
Also, I'm kind of panicking about my essay not working out ... I know I should just let that go and start dealing with it after the exam, but once a thought is stuck in my mind, it's very difficult to get it off my mind ...

As you might have noticed in previous entries, I have started trying out digital scrapbooking. I'm still very new at it, and I'm not quite sure how it works out, so I thought I'd show you the ones I've done so far and let you tell me what you think.
Feel free to make a comment on your favourite/s, and/or constructive criticism ... I welcome any opinions! :)

Here we go!
(Just click on the image to see a larger picture!)

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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

My New Toy!

Yes, it arrived today - my new toy! *lol* Have to say I'm surprised it arrived so quickly though, the seller must have sent it before he recieved payment!! *gasp*
Anyway, I'm totally happy about it, and I have already fallen in love with my new little toy! It took me a few annoying minutes to get my sim-card out of the old phone and into the new one, but then it was full steam ahead! :) Didn't take me more than ten minutes or so to work out where to find the camera function, so quickly I had Zorro as a background image!

Speaking of Zorro - here he is, enjoying the freedom of a fenced in balcony! Seriously though, he enjoys it a lot and spends most of his time there screaming his head off at various creatures, such as birds, dogs, spiders - anthing he can catch sight of! :)
Today it's not made that big a difference having the balcony door open, since we've had over 30 degrees all day! *SIGH* I don't like it when it's that hot, and no oxygen whatsoever in the air so it's an effort to do the least little thing. I'm guessing this was created by the huge thunderstorm that kept me and Zorro awake for most of the night!
I just hope tomorrow will be better.

Well, not much news otherwise, I'm counting the minutes until this semester is finally over, but it looks like everything that can go wrong at the moment actually does - so it's hard to keep a fighting spirit, that's for sure!

Take care!
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Monday, 28 May 2007

Horrible Start of this Week!

Yes, this week did not start out great, that's for sure!
I was going to visit the place where I used to 'work' during my sickleave this morning, to sort out a lot of things regarding my essay! The trouble started on the way there, when I was that close to hitting a rabbit!! I've NEVER killed an animal while driving, although I've had my licence for over 10 years now, but this was WAY to close for comfort! It darted out just in front of me, and I hit the brakes as hard as I could. I still can't say what would have happened, if the rabbit hadn't sensed the danger and actually turned around and lept back instead of continuing across the road - because for that split second, my mind didn't know wether I would be able to break in time, or end up in a ditch ....
Very scary!!

Problems continued at work, when it turns out the lady I really needed to speak wasn't there. It's way to complicated to try to describe everything here, but in the long run, it looks like I won't be able to finish my essay during the summer like I had intended. I can write large parts of it, but I can't complete it until I can visit work more, with regular visits and also talks and interviews with people who aren't there now. In effect though, this means I won't be able to get a passing grade on my essay until January 2008, and it was really due this past January (2007) ... *sigh* I hate putting things off like that, I just don't know what else to do right now ....

After work I was going shopping at a large mall, which I had been looking forward to. On the way there, I came across two cats fighting eachother in the middle of the road! I saw them in good time, so I had time to slow down and nearly stop and try to scare them - but I met a car that came round a corner at high speed ... I tried to warn him by using the horn and my lights, but he never even looked at the road since he was far to busy being upset at me!! Gee, sorry for trying to save some lives!! Luckily, the cats made it though.

When I arrived at the mall, I had a throbbing headache, but I had quite a few errands to run, and after that I was going to another mall for even more errands. After noticing that the headache was getting worse by the minute, and that all I tried to do turned out completely wrong - I didn't find what I was looking for, I bought a gift for one of my sisters only to realize she already has that exact same thing (way to go!!!) ... the list could go on!

I couldn't take it anymore, so I just went home - I'll have to go back some other time ...

Now the problem is figuring out just what to do when!! I had a really fine plan worked out which included studies for the exam next week, working out stuff with the essay and generally getting things done in preparation for the summer - and now it feels everything is turned upside down and I don't know what to do ....

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Sunday, 27 May 2007

Heavy Week Ahead!

Today has been spent doing minor stuff that needed to be done; apart from studies I've written a few letters, cleaned up a bit, sorted through a lot of laundry and stuff like that.
I have a heavy week coming up, and I can't say that I'm looking forward to it one little bit. There's my studies of course, I need to visit "work", working a bit on my essay from last semester, do a lot of shopping, I have errands to the bank ... etc etc etc.

One thing is for sure, I will be overjoyed once the 7th of June arrives (that's when I have my exam). There are so many things in my life that are truly awful, and have been awful for a very, very long time now, I just can't wait for this semester to actually end so I can start working on some changes in my life! There's no point in starting something now, I just have to try to survive and get as much studying done as possible in hope of passing the exam, but I can't wait for the time when I can actually do something about everything that is wrong in my life now!!

I thought back and since about the 25th of January I think I have had maybe four or five days where I've felt okay and/or good, the rest of the time has been pure Hell ... so I guess it's no wonder I am really exhausted now ....

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Saturday, 26 May 2007

New Phone!

First off, the good news! I've bought a new mobile phone! My old one has been acting a bit weird lately, so I've been checking up on some new ones. They are horrible expensive though, I found one I REALLY liked, a Nokia 6103, but it costs about 1500:- - 2000:- ( ~ $220-$300), which is quite a lot!
By chance, I checked the Swedish auction site Tradera, and to my big surprise I found one there for about 800:- (~$115), it was almost new and the seller would include it being sent by registered mail! I know it's still a lot of money, and I'm usually not exactly rich during the summertime, but I just couldn't help myself! *lol* So I bought it ....
I'll be transfering the money on Monday or Tuesday, but I hope I'll get it by the end of the week ....

This is about the only positive thing in my life at the moment though, becuase it seems this semester will end in the same way it has been the past few months, with me feeling terrible and everything being a huge mess.
I'm really struggling with myself over this, because I really HATE how things have become, and I feel terribly upset because of this ... and at the same time I try to convince myself not to be that upset, but instead focus 100% to pass the last exam, accept the fact that things are the way they are - and try to make some changes when the exam is over.
In short - everything is VERY confusing at the moment ....

To finish off, a digi-scrap and a graphic. Enjoy!

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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Decisions, decisions!

Things are really getting to be very confusing at the moment...
I have a lot of decisions to make and in each and every one of them it feels like I loose no matter what I do. Not fun!
I know this is the last of this semester, it's only about two weeks to the final exam and I have to give my all to make a go of it. As usual it's not quite that simple though ...

This whole semester has been a huge great mess, and it's getting more and more aparent that the end of it will be the same! It seems like things are getting more and more confusing, and I'm sort of forced into making decisions I don't really want to make.
I guess what I am trying to say is that at the moment I really don't feel in control of my own life. There are always other issues and other people and other problems that in some way forces me to act and make choices I feel I have no control over. And that's a pretty awful feeling!

I have all the motivation in the world to try to change things after this semester, I have some plans of new approaches for the summer and at least now I'm feeling hopeful they will work out. But that still leaves these coming few weeks, and fact is, I need to get through them without everything collapsing!

Sorry about the not-so-fun blog entries of late, I hope that I can come back with more positive entries later on - although I have a feeling that will be after the exam is done ...

Take care!

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Wednesday, 23 May 2007


This is definately not a great period in my life. I don't feel comfortable going into detail about what is going on and what has happened, but I don't feel great at all!
At times, I think things are okay, I can sort of work according to a semi-new approach I have come up with for my current situation, and then it just suddenly turns completely around and I feel totally miserable! This is totally the wrong time for it as well, since there are only a few more weeks left of this semester, and I really need to try and cope during these weeks, and at least try to pass the last exam! Easier said than done, though ...

Can't really say that a lot has been happening here - apart from bad things - so I'm making this a short entry. No point in just repeating how terrible things feel right now! But I wanted to at least make an entry so you didn't think I'd abandoned my blog again!

I've just spent some time with Photoshop, and although I'm not happy with the result (so what else is new - I'm not happy with much at the moment!), I thought I'd share it here ...

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Sunday, 20 May 2007

Slow Motion!

I don't really know why today has been so slow! Sure, I'm tired and worn out, after this intense week, but I still took it really easy yesterday, tried to catch up on some sleep etc ... but despite that, I've felt completely exhausted today!
Not much has been done unfortunately, so I don't really feel prepared for next week!
It's not that heavy, but things seem to pile up - lectures, meeting my mentor, working on group projects ... Guess I will be keeping busy after all, right?! :)

I did finish Patricia Cornwell's Blowfly this morning ... don't really know if I liked it or not! I mean, I do like the Scarpetta-books, and I like Patricia Cornwell, but this was definately not one of my favourites!
Have to say I'm not very fond of the changes she's making in the books. From the beginning, she always wrote in first person, as if Kay Scarpetta herself was telling the story, and she always wrote in imperfect, telling a story that had already happened. In The Last Precinct she changed it from imperfect to present, which I felt was very confusing! Normally when you read a book, you are told a story, here you somehow followed the story as it was happening: (not a real-quote, just an example): "I walk into the kitchen and pour myself a cup of coffee as I think about what happened last night." I somehow find it a little hard to read the story like that. I did sort of get used to it during The Last Precinct and the same technique is used in Blowfly too - only this time Cornwell writes in third-person, so it's no longer Scarpetta telling the story, or even being the main character. I can in a way understand the need for these changes, but I can't really say I like them ....
Blowfly was a good book, no doubt about that, but I couldn't help feeling the storyline was somewhat thin and a bit confusing - not really very believable at times (won't spell out exactly what I mean, since that would be a MAJOR spoiler) ... and the different use of the language was also something that I didn't quite like.
I'm anxious to get Trace and Predator to see what they are like too!

Finishing off with some digi-scraps I made earlier! Enjoy!

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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Great Dinner ... With Unexpected Ending!

Yesterday I was invited to dinner by a girl I studied with last semester (S) - it was me and one more girl (J), we all studied together then, and J and I are taking the same courses this semster as well.
I was rather tired at after my trip, but I was very much looking forward to this, as I tend to get along great with these girls!

I met up with J at the train (which was late ) and together we walked to S ... uphill to say the least! About one week's exercise just in that walk (well, almost anyway!)!
It was great to see S again, I haven't seen her much this semester, and it was also nice to see her apartment!

We had YUMMY raspberry drinks first ... felt just like summer!! Especially since we were out on the balcony, sun shining, 6 floors up, overlooking the ocean! Gorgeous!!
Then time for yummy food as well - although I definately ate too much (why is it so difficult to stop eating when something tastes really good?? It's like your brain can't communicate and say you've had enough, you just keep on eating!!)! I also have a feeling I might have had a tad too much wine ... but I guess you are allowed to spoil yourself sometimes, right?! :)

We had a great time, chatting - checking out the CUTEST bunny-video ever on YouTube (S - could you please email me the link!??!?!?), looking at photos ... and, oh yeah ... laughing!! Definately a lot of laughter!!

We had two deserts as well - real luxury! The second desert is a bit of a 'secret', very unique and I was told I am one of the few who have been able to try it ... *proud* I have to say it is certainly unique and different, but it was really good!!! (the pic is of S and J showing me just how yummy it is!! *lol*)

After more laughing and chatting, we realized that mine and J's train were leaving at 12.27, so we started getting ready! Both of us felt we had plenty of time, there weren't that many people out etc. When J bought her ticket, it was marked 12.26, so we hurried downstairs to the train tracks - and the train was nowhere in sight!!
We checked and checked and checked ... and it became very aparent that the train had already left!! Which means it must have left BEFORE 12.27!!! Which is SO wrong!!! One thing is if you miss a train because you miscalculates time or something, but a train should never ever leave before schedule!!! *sigh*
Both me and J were pretty stunned, at first I don't think we really understood what had happened. We didn't know what to do ... this was the last train, the next one were due to leave at 6 a.m. I noticed I could catch a bus, but it wouldn't go until 2.30 a.m. - and what would J do??

We just stood staring for a while, than finally decided to go back to S and see if we could sleep there for a few hours and take the first train in the morning. We did not have the energy to go through the long walk uphill, and realized that a bus would leave in two minutes! We had to run like crazy, ignore traffic signals and shove our way to the bus stop, and luckily we just made it!! S was totally nice and fixed "beds" for us, so everything was ready when we arrived back there! (*thanks!!*) It took quite a while before I could sleep, it was probably after 2 a.m. and I had my alarm set at 5.15 so we would catch the train!

It was not nice to get up right after five - not being able to shower, or brush your teeth or anything ... *yucky* We didn't wake up S but pretty much sneaked out - and caught the 5.53-train ....

Zorro was really happy when I arrived home, and we've been sleeping on the coach on and off throughout the day today!
I haven't gotten much done today, but hopefully I'll be able to get a solid night's sleep tonight, so I can be more effective tomorrow!

To conclude this entry - it was really a wonderful dinner ... with an unexpected ending! :) :)

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Friday, 18 May 2007

Very Intense Few Days!

Now I'm back with an update of a few very intense days!
It's been a great trip with some really wonderful moments, but I can't help but feeling completely exhausted now! I'm trying not to collapse completely, as I'm going off to dinner with a few friends from Uni tonight! I'm really looking forward to it, but I hope I don't fall asleep right in the middle of it!

I think Tuesday was the worse, actually.
I left home at 6.45 a.m. and went to Uni for lectures at 8. That worked out, even though lectures have been a strain on me this whole semester, so I can't just shrug it off either. Back home by train, I was home at 11. Since this was going to be an ordeal for Zorro as well, I tried not to stress too much at home - but that of course resulted in me being very late, so I was really stressed out, and didn't know wether I'd gotten everything done or now. I managed to get Zorro packed at about 11.30, I was meeting my friend at Uni at 12 when her lecture finished. It took longer to drive than I thought, so I was a little late when I was closing in on Uni ... when of course I took two wrong turns!!! Now, I really knew the way I was planning on taking, but I guess I was totally nervous and stressed out. This is a fairly large city after all, so it's not just possible to make a U-turn and go back either ...
Finally I managed to pick up my friend and she gave me directions on how to get out of town first, then on the highway and then circling a bit to get to her appartment in another city!
At this time I already had a horrible headache, so I was dreading the rest of the day to say the least!!

We tried to get Zorro settled, and that actually worked out really good! I was nervous of course, but he seemed to respond really well to his new temporary home! That felt great for me, and I was able to leave my friend - and Zorro *sob* - at about 1.30 p.m. (I'd stayed almost an hour). I was unsure of the way back from my friends, it was a great deal of traffic in the middle of the city, but I saw signs to indicate the right way! I got on the highway all right - eventually - and in the wrong end of town, so I had to follow the highway around the whole town, which probably meant an extra 20-30 kilometers at least! *sigh*
At least I didn't take any wrong turns this time and I found my way back to the gas station where I'd rented the car without problem! The only problem was that pretty much everyone in the whole district decided to visit the gas station at that particular time! I had to wait forever to get help, and than it took forever to get everything settled, but there were no practical problems, which was a huge relief!

Than I could at least start to relax a little, since the rest of the trip really wasn't much up to me! I took a train first, then waited for my bus. I decided to get something to eat while I waited - and tried to do something about my headache. That didn't work though, because aparently there was going to be a huge soccer derby in that city the same night, tons of supporters shouting like crazy, policemen hovering everywhere - a mess!! On top of that, the bus I was going to take had been delayed in the Copenhagen customs, so it was over half an hour late!
It did arrive finally, and it wasn't a lot of people onboard, which was great, I could really try to relax! At least at first ....
I had gotten a seat quite near the driver and co-driver - big mistake! (Sit further back if you can help it, that's my advice!) The driver got a phonecall from another driver, who had gotten stuck in traffic due to some road work on the highway! There was a huge traffic jam and he'd been standing there for an hour, and adviced we'd take a detour passed this ... the co-driver didn't quite believe him and argued that we'd take the normal route, he didn't know anything about any road work etc. There was a huge debate until the last minute, because when we just arrived at the turn-off, we saw the huge traffic jam - so the bus made the turn at the last possible minute .... We got a bit delayed because of the detour, but I think we would have arrived even later had we been caught in the middle of the road work - so I guess it turned out all right anway!
Then came the next problem ... which was a lot less pleasant. It appeared one of the passengers had vomited in the bus toilet and refused to clean up, so they even had to lock in, because nobody could go in! The co-driver was in quite a state about it, and it turned out to be a big deal. I didn't much care about any of this, but since I had a severe headache and tried to sleep - this disturbed me quite a bit!
We arrived about 30-40 minutes late and then I had about 1½ to the next bus - so I tried to eat and drink and pop headache pills ... but the headache stuck! The next bus was actually early (!!) and it was very quiet, so I got quite a lot of sleep, which felt great ... the headache almost disappeared!
I arrived at about twenty past midnight and my Dad was there to pick me up!

I was woken on Wednesday by my oldest little sister, M!! She'd really grown and she talks so much! It was wonderful to see her again!
My Dad had to work in the morning, and after a while, I took M shopping, while her Mum and my youngest sister, I, was at home preparing for the Christening. I think M had a good time, because I really tried to make it a fun trip for her! She usually accompanies her parents on shopping trips, but then it's all about getting the groceries as quickly as possible and nothing more. We went through the toy departments of each store and that was it!
About ten steps into the first store, M found a cute little toy cat, she immediately fell in love with! And I mean REALLY fall in love with! She's never gotten a lot of stuff in stores like that, so she's never demanding at all, or claiming that we should buy something, but she stood with the cat in her arms, looked up at him and wondered if we could get it? I feel strongly about children always getting everything they want, but at the same time I was very moved about the way she'd been taken by the cat! I told her she'd have to wait and see, and we could go back to the cat later. She accepted it right off, and we walked around. But every 3-4 minutes, she asked ... would be go back to the cat now? We did go back and I did buy it for her (and a baby rabbit for I, so it was fair!!)!! Just take a look at the picture - how can you say no to that?!?!??
We went around the mall for about 1½-2 hours and I think she really enjoyed it!

Back home for lunch and rest. M usually wants somebody to lie on the floor next to her bed when she's going to sleep - naturally that was my job! What happened was that both M and me fell asleep and slept for two solid hours!!! :)

When we got up, me and Dad and M went to a park in town, where they keep some farm animals, like cows, sheep, rabbits etc. M had a wonderful time, they had a very young calf and lots of wonderful lambs ... so cute!!!

When M had gotten to bed, young I was awake for a little while, so I got to spend some time with her as well, before it was time to put her to bed as well! Is she cute or what?!?
She can scream like an opera singer if she puts her mind to it, but when she's calm and lauging and "talking", she's just about the cutest thing you've ever seen! :)

Thursday was also very intense! We got up pretty early and had time for some playing time with M before we got ready for the Christening.
It was a great ceremony at Church, as it was just the Christening and nothing else, so it was very familiar and wonderful! Apart from us, M's and I's grandparents and aunt (with boyfriend) and uncle (with girlfriend) came. M is quite familiar with the Church, she's been going to different child-play groups there, and she was involved in the ceremony, helping the priest to ring the church bells, helping her mother to pour water etc! Adorable!
And I was really good, she hardly said anything during the ceremony, and when they were playing and singing she kept laughing and laughing!
The photo of all three of us is taken right before we were leaving for Chruch!

We went back home after the ceremony and ate a little, before it was time for me to say Good bye for now, and head off. The trip south went really well, but it was rather tiresome to be all alone! I had to go to pick up Zorro first as well, before I could go home! That worked very smoothly though, and it seemed things with Zorro had worked out quite well. Despite that I wasn't home until 10 p.m. and had driven about 600-650 kilometres that afternoon!

As you can imagine, I am very tired now - I didn't sleep much tonight because Zorro was so happy to be home, he kept jumping up and down on the bed the entire night! :)
Now I'm trying to relax, unpack and get ready for tonight!

-- Oh, and before I forget! I saw that my 3000th visitor had found his/her way to my blog while I was away! Thank you sooo much for visitng my blog! :) --

A few more cute kid-photos before I sign off! (I didn't get that many photos since things were so intense ... will be more during the summer!)

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