Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Taking A Break!

I think I might have to take a break from blogging right now.
I am notfeeling well at all, and things are definately not going right at the moment.
I don't feel like there is any point in blogging, because I won't really have anything to say, except moan about how awful I feel, and how bad things are. And nobody likes to read those kinds of things day after day, do they?

I hope I can come back with more pleasant blog entries at some point.

Good bye for now - and take care!

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Tuesday, 13 February 2007

Constant Anxiety ...

I'm really going through hard times, so I'm sorry if this will be yet another totally depressing entry. Things around me really seem to fall apart, and I'm not sure what I should do to make it better ... or if in fact there IS something that can make it better.
The situation at Uni is really awful right now. Not perhaps so much the practical aspects of it, but my own personal and emotional aspect of it is really terrible at the moment. I can NEVER EVER relax, and I walk around with a constant high-anxiety-level!! For those of you who have experienced anxiety-problems, you know what an enormous strain it is when you go through an attack ... and these days my attacks never stop! They escalate until I'm at Uni, then I go through Hell when I'm there and as soon as I leave the anxiety for next day's lectures are there. It's really awful, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy!
I'm fighting like crazy to be able to keep Uni going, but this also means that I let everything else go - and things don't work that way in life, do they? No matter what, you need to cook, and clean, and do dishes and do laundry and go shopping! All of that is more or less being put on a hold now, which means I feel bad for not getting that done ..

In shot ... it feels like my entire life is collapsing around me and I can't save it no matter what I do!

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Sunday, 11 February 2007


Right now I feel, probably lower than I have in a very long time. It feels like every time I try to fight my way out of a bad situation, it gets worse. No matter how hard I try, I get nothing in return, except feeling even more terrible.
People always tell me I should try to improve my self-image, that the way I look at myself is the roots to most of my problems, and that I should try to improve that. Well, tonight I don't only feel that would be impossibe, I also feel it would be wrong. Right now I am constantly reminded of everything that I'm lacking, how "different" I am, how I cannot cope with things that others can, how I can't even function on the most basic level ... so I'd say my self-image is rather accurate actually.

I'm really sorry to only come up with this depressing blog entry, but I can't really think of anything else but this right now.
I haven't been feeling great all day, and after recieving certain news tonight, the situation went from bad to unbarable ...

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Saturday, 10 February 2007

Melancholy ...

Not quite sure what's the matter with me tonight, but I just feel generally very sad and depressed. A lot of very hard thoughts going round and round in my head, and I just can't seem to shake them off.

I do hope I get a good night's sleep now, and can start preparing myself for tough times tomorrow. Things have not exactly gone well during the start of this semester and I feel I have fallen behind on my studies ... as well as ... well ... oh, God it's complicate to explain! Anyway, the whole Uni-situation isn't the best at the moment, and we have our fist exam in 9 days! *gulp* I pretty much figure that I'm getting my last chance to try to make a go of this semester now,by giving it all I have!!
Of course, should any new disasters occur, I can't guarantee that I'll be able to focus completely, but if I pretty much get "left alone" (when it comes to panic attacks, general embarrassment or illness), I'm hoping I can make a go of this course.

I'm still working on getting my James Bond Forum going:
As a break today, I also re-designed by Les Misérables Forum:

Take care!

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Friday, 9 February 2007

Bad Blogger!

I feel like a terrible blogger now ... since started this, my "new" blog here on 20 september 2006, I had written one post every day that I had the oportunity to get hold of a computer ... and now it's several days that I haven't written anything! *shame on me*

It's not because I just feel totally horrible, because even though I definately don't feel great, it's not as bad as all that. I guess I haven't written here because things are VERY confusing in my life right now.
I basically know what I want to do, but I can never be left alone by the PTB (Angel-fans would know this, but for the rest of you: PTB: Powers That Be) to just try to do what it is I want to do. Instead other things and issues and general stuff (yes, I know I'm vague, you don't have to tell me!!) pops up all the time, and while trying to deal with them, I can't really deal with doing what it is I want to do.
Oh God, I sound like a complete lunatic, don't I??? I think I'd better just shut up right now ... needless to say, things are confusing.

In the tiny breaks I try to get from the chaos of my life, I try hard to get my James Bond Forum going ... The few members I have are great at posting - thanks for that guys! - but it's still a bit lop-sided with so few members posting! I try to "advertise" as best I can, but still - not much luck!
A temporary banner is up now at least, although when I make more caps I will probably do another one ...

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Wednesday, 7 February 2007

Hanging in the Balance!

It feels like my entire life is hanging in the balance at the moment! Either it can start going right, and things will start to work out, or it can go wrong, and everything will collapse. It's quite a strain living like this, and I do work hard at getting things to turn out right ... bt from past experience I know that just because I work hard, it might not get better anyway ...

Ah well ... Guess all on can do is try hard, right!!

Any minute I have to spare from my studies, I spend on my James Bond projects! Not that it's doing much good though! *sigh* Four members of the Forum ... although they are active - which is GREAT - it takes more than four members to make it a Forum that works out ... I've done pretty much all I can think of to gain more members, and the only thing left is to BEG two other major James Bond Forums if I link them, they will link me ... don't put much hope into that though ...
Still, what can I do? I can't very well FORCE people to join and be active, can I??
( )

Sorry, this turned out rather depressing ... guess it's because my entir life feels very "unstable" and "insecure" at the moment, and I really don't like that one little bit ...

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Monday, 5 February 2007

Not Enough Time!

Well, I seem to have made somewhat of a new start today ... I think ... *sigh*
Most things in my life are very confusing right now, and I have a hard time sorting everything out. I know what I should do, but not what I can do, and even I do do some things that I should do, things end up terrible anyway ...

Yeah - I TOLD you it was confusing ...

I won't go on and on about it, but it is rather tough right now.

On top of all my personal problems, I have to try to keep up with the studies which is NOT easy, especially not since I feel I have fallen somewhat behind. We rush through things like crazy on this course, and I'm not sure how I will manage it!
We go through two or three MAJOR grammatical issues EVERY day ... then go home and have like 15-10 lines of Hebrew text to learn to read, translate and "analyze" the grammar - we have a questioning the following day!!! Where do you find the time to DO everything???

Ah well, I'll try to stop complaining ... but needless to say, I don't feel great right now!

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Sunday, 4 February 2007

Working Hard!

I'm really struggling to deal with the fact that I do have a heavy day tomorrow ... which I cannot get out of!
Things have NOT been good here lately (in case you didn't notice Rolling Eyes), but I really need to start dealing with a lot of things tomorrow! And that's not going to be easy ...
I have been going up and down mood-wise all day today, right now I'm kind of okay, but I also know that can change at any minute!

I have been trying to do some studying today, rather a lot, but I still don't feel great about it. Some stuff, I know, are up to me to just LEARN, but there are quite a few things that don't seem logical at all, and I just don't understand them. Which is VERY annoying!

Okay, moving on to funnier topics now! Don't forget to check out my James Bond Forum! I have actually spent quite a lot of time trying to organize it, fix graphics etc, so I really hope it will work out! We do need more members though ... :) :) *hint hint*
Check it out here:

Wish me luck tomorrow - I'm gonna need it!

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I Feel Awful!

Have to appologize in advance for this entry, and I think it's gonna be pretty terrible!
But I FEEL terrible, and I just need to unload it all somewhere ...

I was in for a real study day today, in order to try to prepare for next week. First of all, I overslept! I wasn't up until around 8.30 ... and I had meant to go up about two hours earlier! *sigh* I have been trying to concentrate on studies, but it's absolutely IMPOSSIBLE right now!! I know there are lots of things I havn't caught up with, but when I'm trying to translate a word that we haven't even GOT in our little dictionary?!!?!?!? What the Hell do I do?!?!! We get sentences in a book to analyze and translate, and in the same book there is a dictionary with new words as well as the relevant grammar-rules ... in this chapter I think I have come across five or six words we haven't even got!!!!!! I don't own a Hebrew dictionary and I know they are horribly expenisve but I guess I'm gonna have to get one.
The grammar is also impossible to get - they use stuff, endings and prefixes that I have never even heard of!! I know I've been missing a lot of lectures, but since we follow ONE book, I thought all the relevant information would be in that!!!!!!!
Everything is just a HUGE mess .... I guess I'll have to contact this other girl that I "sort of know" to see what she says, but I just feel SOOOOO stupid doing that! It feels like I'm the most stupid person in the whole world, I just don't understand anything ...
On top of that, Zorro has felt that I'm not great, so he has spent the entire day in a horrible mood - he's running around completely MAD (I'm actually scared he'll end up having a heart attack), he's clawing on EVERYTHING, the carpets, the couch, the doors and the walls ...

Sorry, I realize this is really a horrible entry, I just HAD to get it all out somewhere ....

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Saturday, 3 February 2007

Kind of Confused ...

Today has been another mix of Hebrew and James Bond ... fun, but somewhat confusing! :)

I think I have gotten off to a rather good start with my James Bond forum, I have changed the graphics quite a lot fixed some welcome tables, rearranged boards etc and I'm actually quite happy with what I've got! :) Now all I need is memers! *lol*

As for studies, I'm not quite so happy there! I do feel better regarding the studies than I have done before, but it's still not very good. I seem to catch up, at least a little (I have managed to learn some stuff, but should have learned even more *sigh*), but I'm still not looking forward to next week.
I know I've been completely down for about a week now, and I really feel "out-of-it" when it comes to Uni ... and now I'm supposed to rush back in again! I know I REALLY have to, there's no question there, but that doesn't mean I have to feel happy about it, right?! I know our professor keeps his thing of "read-out-loud -- translate -- analyze grammar", and that is of course what terrifies me. First of all, I don't ever feel prepared enough for such a thing, and second, I don't feel great with this group ... it's rather large, about 25 students, and since I've been so up-and-down lately, I don't feel I've become a true part of the group yet ...

Ah well, I guess I should wait until tomorrow night to have a panic attack over this ...

Oh, don't forget to spread the word about my James Bond forum ... feel free to check out the updates :

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Friday, 2 February 2007

A Strange Mix!

I am living in a rather strange mix at the moment. For the most part, I live in Hebrew grammar ... which is about as exciting as it sounds! Rolling Eyes
It's not really difficult per se, it is rather logical and all that, but it is a lot! Where in Sweden we have one form of a word, Hebrew has ten!! It takes a lot of time to go through everything, and since this semester hasn't started out in a great way - I feel hopelessly behind! I really hope I can get a lot done during the weekend and feel better when next week starts!

The other part of the mix is Bond, James Bond! Brows
So far, I'm not having much success with my project, but I will give it time. I don't mind so much if the Blog isn't very "active", since I will only update once in a while (and since I haven't even written a proper post yet *ooops*), but I'd REALLY like to get the Forum going! For now I'm in there all alone, trying desperately to come up with exciting and fun topics! Any help - ANY HELP - is widely appreciated! :)
Also, since word-of-mouth (whatever that is translated to online-talk!) is a great way to attract visitors and members, should you have friends or people around you who are into James Bond, let them know about my Forum, won't you?! ;)

I'm going to bed soon, I need an early Hebrew-morning tomorrow!
Good night!

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Thursday, 1 February 2007

Generally Chaos!

My life seems to be just generally very chaotic at the moment, and for once I'm not going to be completely boring by telling you every little detail!
Instead, I will show some pictures, and make it a short entry tonight! I've been keeping busy with studies today and tonight I've finally started my latest internet project! You can read more about that - and find the relevant links - in my previous entry ... just scroll down the page and you'll find it!

Moving on to my pictures. First a cute picture of Zorro!! Where he is just about to fall asleep next to my Bible! *lol* I wonder if he's trying to tell me anything ... :) :) Anyway, he's just wonderful, especially at times like these, when I don't feel great! It's absolutely fantastic to know that there is someone there who doesn't care what you do or think or feel, he just loves me unconditionally ... and that is a true comfort when times are tough!

And now ... my cutie Eyeore!! I got him from a dear friend of mine for my birthday and I just adore him!! He's even gotten a special place - for now he doesn't live with my other stuffed animls on my bed!! :) Even Zorro gets along great with him!! :)

And last ... my beloved James Bond DVD box!! *yay* I collected it this afternoon, and was completely terrified that I'd drop the huge package on the bus and damage it! Luckily both me and the DVD box (or Attache Case, which is IS!!) made it home safe and sound! I haven't managed to check out a lot of it yet, but I have started watching Dr. No - I NEED dvd caps *lol* - and I have to say that both the picture quality and the sound are WAY better than what I've seen and heard before! *me very, very happy now ... and very, very poor* :)

Well, that's it for tonight, I'm gonna start thinking about getting some sleep now!

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Project : Bond, James Bond!

Well, it's time for me to launch my next internet project - in the middle of all the chaos of my life right now!
Those of you who know me well, know that I tend to have lots and lots of ideas of funny new projects online ... although they don't so often turn out very successful! I wonder if launching yet another project makes me persistent or just plain stupid?! Dumb

Anyway, I am launching this James Bond project now! Since I have been a Bond-fan since I saw my first Bond film, which was Octopussy when I was seven years old, and I now finally managed to get the huge James Bond DVD box, I decided to give this project a go!

The project is in two parts.
One part will be a James Bond blog, where I will write down information and thoughts on everything relating to Bond; the movies, the books, actors and characters! This will - as you probably understand - not be updated on a daily basis, but I do hope it won't be too long between entries! I will also try to add pictures, maybe some funny trivia etc. to the blog.
The blog is called "The Name is BOND, JAMES BOND!" and you will find it here:

The other part of the project is a James Bond Forum which will be launched together with the blog! I don't have much success in keeping forums going, there's usually me and one or two other members posting, but I will at least give it a try (*trying to be optimistic here!*) I hope I can get the Forum going too ... you can check it out at:

I do hope you enjoy my project! :) :)

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