Thursday, 22 October 2009

20,000 Visitors!

YAY! The blog hit 20,000 visitors today!! :-)
A great big thank you to all my visitors - also thank you for coming back, even though I haven't been active on this blog lately!

I have had a few pretty rough days now, although today has been a bit better. I don't want to go into details as it is very personal, but it's been rather tough.
Today has been a bit better, even though I'm feeling really really stressed out over my studies right now. I find it difficult to find a routine that works for me right now, but at least I keep trying.

I also found out today that Den Ny Teater in Copenhagen are currently playing Les Misérables!!! I nearly fainted, I'd LOOOOVE to go!!! Unfortunately the tickets are horribly expensive, to get the good seats you have to pay just over 600 Danish Kroner ... *yikes!!* Considering that I'm currently living off a bank loan, there's no way I can afford it ... but there's no stoppin' a girl from dreaming, right?! :-)

Tomorrow I have a seminar regarding my essay! I have tried to put together a paper for it tonight, but I don't feel great about it, and I don't feel prepared at all for the seminar, not practically and not emotionally! I don't know what's going on but lately time seems to fly by sooo fast ... I never find the time (or have the energy) to do anything these days ... Ah well ... I guess I'll survive it somehow ...

Monday, 19 October 2009

I AM Alive - I Promise!

Oh my ... I'm terribly sorry about the lack of updates here!!
*feeling terrible*

I have had my mother here for a visit, my laptop is still broken and things haven't exactly been working on routine lately! Hopefully I can get some routine back in my life now though, also with blog updates! :-)

I had a wonderful time with my Mum here!! We celebrated her birthday (one month too late!) with a great dinner when she arrived, and we also made some outings, I had some stuff to get done at Uni, so my Mum entertained herself a bit also. We also rented the smallest CUTEST little adorable car you can imagine!!!! That gave us the opportunity to get about, and she insisted on paying for tons of food, I'm stocked up until Christmas, almost, now! :-) I have pictures of the car - *loving it* - but since the laptop is still uncooperative, the photos will have to wait!

I have had some news from my Dad as well, it seems my little sisters are doing great. The youngest one has had some food allergies since she was an infant, milk and dairy projects mostly, and also eggs - but it seems the milk and milk protein allergy seems to be gradually going away! They have been coping very well with it, but needless to say, things are easier if you don't have to worry about it all the time!
Also, my oldest sister seems to be reading quite well! I think it's amazing, she's "only" 5 years old!! Still, it will certainly give her an advantage when it comes to school and such!!

My studies are going semi-well ... :-) I know pretty much what I'm going to do right now, which is really great, although I kind of wish I didn't have quite so much left to do on my first essay - since I have another MAAAJOR essay left! *nervous*
I'm hoping to get back to my routine now though, not least because I have a seminar on Friday where I'll present the basics of my smaller essay ...

I hope you are all doing well!

Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Trying To Get A Grip ...

Been a few tough days now ... sort of anyway!
I spent most of yesterday at Uni, which was okay in itself, even though there were lots of things I should have gotten done there, that didn't happen. I always get very frustrated when I plan to do something and it for some reason doesn't work out.

The big thing yesterday was the seminar ... I might be overreacting but for me it's a big thing. It's basically the post-graduate seminar for the Old Testament, New Testament and Patristic that meet once a week. I will eventually present my master's thesis there (as there are no other students writing their master's thesis now), so therefore it was suggested I attend. Yesterday was probably the first "real" seminar I went to (I have gone once before, but it was a bit ... special ...), a guy was presenting his initial thoughts on a dissertation about ethics, characterization and imitation in the Gospel of Luke, and there was a discussion around that.
I have no idea what's expected of me here, but right now I don't feel comfortable taking part in discussions at all!!! It all seems to be waaay over my level! Luckily I have a friend who's joined me these two times, it's a bit easier when we are two students there, although I suspect she won't go every time.
Anyway - the seminar in itself was quite interesting! Some parts I didn't quite grasp, but others gave me a lot, also lots of general thoughts and ideas that I'm probably going to be able to use in my own studies and writings!

This morning I discovered my laptop had given up!!!! I really really love it and I've only had it for about 9 months, so it feels pretty horrible that it's not working. For some reason it refuses to start Windows, and there's a problem with the User Profiles or something. I'm completely clueless when it comes to computer, but I think I should have the telephone number to the computer support - I only have to try and find a time to actually call them, and see if they can help! I really hope so - I have managed to get internet going on my stationary computer, but it's sooooo slow and I really can't cope with only this computer!! I definitely need the laptop to get started on my writing!!

Tomorrow I'm meeting my professor, regarding the first level thesis I'm supposed to be writing. I'm really looking forward to the meeting, because I'm completely stuck. I keep having sooo many thoughts in my head, and not a single one of them seems to be something I can work with. I usually get really motivated after having met my professor, and he's really good at getting me to see things from different angles and not get stuck in just one thought pattern - and I'm guessing that's exactly what I'll need to get going again!

Monday, 5 October 2009

Get A Grip!!!

Sorry about the title, it's aimed at me, not at you! :-)
I don't know why I've been letting this blog slip, I really do enjoy it, but lately, I just haven't had the energy to write anything ...
I'm hoping to be able to pull myself together now though, both in "real life" with this and that and also with this blog!!

Things have been up and down lately, a true roller coaster! Some extreme highs and some true lows, so I guess that explains why the blog has been almost dormant lately!

Today has - despite all odds!! - been a pretty good day, so I'm hoping things will continue that way. I got a headache late last night, didn't sleep much at all and had almost a migraine this morning. I had planned to be at Uni all day, but that felt completely out of the question!! I started feeling better about 10 in the morning, and since then I have gotten quite a few things done.
The major thing is that I'm pretty much done with my "redecorating" project!!! I started yesterday afternoon, cleaned out a few bookshelves and moved two of them (I'm going through five of them, and most of the other furniture in my bedroom, including a stationary computer) - but today I'm pretty much finished! I have a lot of garbage to get rid of, and I have TONS of stuff that I will try to sell (God knows if anyone wants it though!!), and that's just stacked up in boxes on the floor, but at least most of it is done!!

I have also cleaned most of the kitchen and will try to do the bathroom before I go to bed!!

However, my first grade thesis on Job is not going well at the moment!! I thought I had some questions and ideas to work from, but the more I read, the more I start thinking and rejecting my questions and finding new questions and realizing they won't work either ... it's a great big mess. Luckily I have a meeting with my professor on Thursday, so I'm hoping to be able to read as much as possible until then, and see what he was to say about the whole mess. Hopefully we can sort it out together so I can get started with the writing process asap!

Brief update of what's going on... On a personal level, I have had some bad news lately, and my mind sometimes wanders ... I'm hoping for things to work themselves out, but I guess I will have to wait and see what happens ...

Take care!

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