Friday, 2 April 2010

A Day Off!

Yesterday I actually took a day off! :) I was supposed to keep busy in the morning, but that didn't quite happen ...
At about 11 o'clock I left for Helsingborg where I was meeting Annika, unfortunately my bus was so late I missed the train! :( Public transport is NOT working here right now. I had to take the next train, so Annika had about half an hour's wait before I showed up!

It was wonderful to see her again, we don't get to see each other that much now, and last time was Christmas-tradition in Gothenburg!

Lunch was needed first, so we ended up on McDonald's, and after that we took a tiny little walk in Helsingborg (just outside the train station basically). We then decided to take the ferry to Helsingör, it feels weird but I practically never go there, even though it's so close and easy ...
We went on "Tycho Brahe" (*lol*) and it was a pretty nice boat ride, though the weather felt quite insecure. When we got off in Helsingör we decided to go to "Hamlet's Castle" (Kronborg - yes, I've checked up on that now, I always forget it's proper name!!). It was a bit of a walk, but it was nice and we managed to take some really nice photos on the way.

The castle was really nice, it was quite windy, but I like that, and it was a lot of fun walking around the castle photographing. The weather could have been better, definitely, but I didn't think it was that bad either.
We stayed for a while, before decided to go back into "town" ... and just as we started walking it started to rain ... a lot ... and hail ... We ended up completely soaked, which wasn't that nice ... so we went straight to the stationhouse and tried to dry up a little, before taking the ferry (Tycho again!!) back to Helsingborg.

It was about two hours before Annika's train left, so we took a little walk by the seaside there as well, Annika bought something to eat and then we basically collapsed at the train station - it's been ages since I was that tired actually! :)

Annika left about 7 p.m. and I took a bus about 10 minutes later, realized on the way that I had to do some shopping when I got back home, so I wasn't home until after 8 ... and spent a few hours staring at the TV before going to bed ...

All in all, a REALLY nice day, I needed a day completely "away" from all the hassles (and fun!) of Uni, all the stress and things connected with my studies now - so I'm quite happy with this day! :)

Some photos from yesterday:
(all photos are from Helsingör, except for the last three, they're from Helsingborg)


The Darkest Night said...

Thank you for a wonderful day!! *hugs*

And i love your photos - they turned out great!!

Jessica said...

Thank you too!! It was a really good day - despite the rain/hail storm! *lol*

Glad you enjoyed the photos! I love the ones you added to facebook, looking forward to your "camera photos as well"! :)

The Darkest Night said...

aw thank you!
Will try to go through mine soon :-)

i'm behind on blogging , but have been at mom's for a couple of days (and didn't bring computer OR camera).

Jessica said...

I LOVE your photos, been enjoying reading your blog, and will hopefully improve on commenting there! ;)

The Darkest Night said...

aw thanks sis! So happy you like them!