Thursday, 22 October 2009

20,000 Visitors!

YAY! The blog hit 20,000 visitors today!! :-)
A great big thank you to all my visitors - also thank you for coming back, even though I haven't been active on this blog lately!

I have had a few pretty rough days now, although today has been a bit better. I don't want to go into details as it is very personal, but it's been rather tough.
Today has been a bit better, even though I'm feeling really really stressed out over my studies right now. I find it difficult to find a routine that works for me right now, but at least I keep trying.

I also found out today that Den Ny Teater in Copenhagen are currently playing Les Misérables!!! I nearly fainted, I'd LOOOOVE to go!!! Unfortunately the tickets are horribly expensive, to get the good seats you have to pay just over 600 Danish Kroner ... *yikes!!* Considering that I'm currently living off a bank loan, there's no way I can afford it ... but there's no stoppin' a girl from dreaming, right?! :-)

Tomorrow I have a seminar regarding my essay! I have tried to put together a paper for it tonight, but I don't feel great about it, and I don't feel prepared at all for the seminar, not practically and not emotionally! I don't know what's going on but lately time seems to fly by sooo fast ... I never find the time (or have the energy) to do anything these days ... Ah well ... I guess I'll survive it somehow ...


The Darkest Night said...

Cool! Congratulations!!! I hope you'll continue this great blog for many many years!

That's cool that they are putting up Les Miz in Copenhagen! Would be fun to see that's for sure.... (I heard they are also putting it up in Finland (in Swedish) next'd think it was about time they brought it back to Sweden too!)

Jessica said...

Thanks for your kind words ... and sorry about the GREAT delay ... things are mega-confusing here right now!

I REALLY wish I could see LM, but I highly doubt it! And YES, we definitely want a Swedish production soon! :)

The Darkest Night said...

No worries, I know you've had other things on your mind...

yeah! I Swedish les miz would sure be AWESOME!! Now please! lol

wouldn't mind if they actually got around to making that movie they've talked about for SO many years too!