Monday, 5 October 2009

Get A Grip!!!

Sorry about the title, it's aimed at me, not at you! :-)
I don't know why I've been letting this blog slip, I really do enjoy it, but lately, I just haven't had the energy to write anything ...
I'm hoping to be able to pull myself together now though, both in "real life" with this and that and also with this blog!!

Things have been up and down lately, a true roller coaster! Some extreme highs and some true lows, so I guess that explains why the blog has been almost dormant lately!

Today has - despite all odds!! - been a pretty good day, so I'm hoping things will continue that way. I got a headache late last night, didn't sleep much at all and had almost a migraine this morning. I had planned to be at Uni all day, but that felt completely out of the question!! I started feeling better about 10 in the morning, and since then I have gotten quite a few things done.
The major thing is that I'm pretty much done with my "redecorating" project!!! I started yesterday afternoon, cleaned out a few bookshelves and moved two of them (I'm going through five of them, and most of the other furniture in my bedroom, including a stationary computer) - but today I'm pretty much finished! I have a lot of garbage to get rid of, and I have TONS of stuff that I will try to sell (God knows if anyone wants it though!!), and that's just stacked up in boxes on the floor, but at least most of it is done!!

I have also cleaned most of the kitchen and will try to do the bathroom before I go to bed!!

However, my first grade thesis on Job is not going well at the moment!! I thought I had some questions and ideas to work from, but the more I read, the more I start thinking and rejecting my questions and finding new questions and realizing they won't work either ... it's a great big mess. Luckily I have a meeting with my professor on Thursday, so I'm hoping to be able to read as much as possible until then, and see what he was to say about the whole mess. Hopefully we can sort it out together so I can get started with the writing process asap!

Brief update of what's going on... On a personal level, I have had some bad news lately, and my mind sometimes wanders ... I'm hoping for things to work themselves out, but I guess I will have to wait and see what happens ...

Take care!

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