Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Ups and Downs

I'm feeling generally very confused right now, as some things seems to be really good and others feel just awful.
Sunday was a baaaad day - no need to go into details there, I'd rather just forget all about it.
Yesterday was ... confusing ... The morning wasn't so great, I didn't sleep well and things just didn't feel right. I went into Uni around 11 o'clock and started feeling better, I met some nice friends and it felt good to be back at the Department again.
I went to an OT lecture (Isa 7:10-17 - very exciting!) and afterwards we had a mentor meeting. I don't think it was the best one yet, but it was okay and it felt good to hang out with the OT students again!

When I got home I had received an email. I have been dreading this particular email for quite a while now, as I had the distinct feeling it would make things a lot more complicated than they already are! And I was right! The only problem was, things became more complicated in a way I had not in my life anticipated! *sigh* This pretty much drained my energy completely last night - which isn't so good as I basically have to study 24/7 now!!

I didn't sleep well tonight either, and I've been thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking - and I think I have come up "sort-of" a plan - though I don't know if it's going to work out! I went to Uni early, I was here at 8 o'clock, and I finished the NT book I'm currently reading. Now I'm parked in the library, I have replied to the "dreaded email" (and feeling even more nervous now!!), and now I'm going to move on to the NT article I'm supposed to read. I hope to get through it fairly quickly (it's in Swedish - YAY!!!) and hopefully I can get started on writing the paper I'm supposed to do.
At 1 o'clock there's another OT lecture (this time, Isa 40:1-11), and after that I'm heading home, doing some shopping first.

I'm still quite determined to make May a good month, but I'm quickly realizing I'm probably facing the most difficult and most intense weeks of my life right now ... and that does make me a bit nervous!!

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