Monday, 6 December 2010


I guess it is painfully obvious that I'm really not feeling well right now.
I've been having a bit of a cold the last few days, and it was a fair bit worse this morning. As I mentioned in my previous entry, I had a meeting with my professor today, so I stuffed myself with various medications and figured I'd survive the trip to Uni and the meeting.
I was wrong.
I basically had a collapse at the railway station, quite disturbing, and had to turn around and go home. I think that since I'm not in a great shape in general, I tend to be a bit more "fragile" when it comes to purely physical symptoms as well.

I still feel pretty shaky, so I guess I'll have to stay in for a couple of days now and hope it will get better. I know the best thing for it is to sleep, but that doesn't really work for me right now. I was surprised that I slept as well as I did after Zorro past away, but I actually did - I think it's caught up with me now, because I can't for the life of me fall asleep, no matter how hard I try! Last night, I wandered around the apartment, moving from the bed to the couch to the computer and back to the bed and the couch again until 3.30 this morning - and I was up and about again at 5 ...
Ah well - guess that's the way it is ...

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