Saturday, 26 February 2011

Renovation Part III: Pictures

I will finish the Renovation-entries by sharing some pictures, the varying state of my apartment during the past two weeks or so ...
On purpose I will not include any pictures from the bathroom, as I really do want to make a proper Before-and-After post on that later on, when everything is REALLY finished. Naturally I'll include photos from the other rooms as well when they are all done too, but here's a taste of what it's been like.

When I moved back home, this kitchen awaited me (not exactly thrilled about that, but I guess I should have cleared away more stuff than I did before I moved out):

Varying stages of my hallway:

And the living room:

Bedroom - this is how it looked when I got home, and found out I had to clear it all away (one more time!!) for the electrician:

And here I have cleared away the bookshelves (again!) - meaning all the stuff ended up in my bed:

And now it's all back together AGAIN ...

Finishing off - though I said I wasn't going to - with a picture from my bathroom.
The latest drama was this Wednesday, I think! A carpenter came in to fix a few things they had noticed weren't working perfectly. He asked me if I had noticed something, and I mentioned the ventilation in the bathroom which had been making quite a lot of noise. He told me he'd take a look at it, and I let him get on with it. After a while I heard a lot of noises and he swore and rushed out to get a few other carpenters! It turned out he was going to take down the ventilation box which is over the bathroom cupboard - and ended up cracking one of the ceramic tiles, just where the water pipes were going! Not good!
It took them almost two days to fix it - but now it's fixed and no noise, yay! - and here's what my bathroom wall looked like then:

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