Thursday, 23 April 2009

Home Sweet Home!

Now I'm back home again, which actually feels quite nice!
As I'm sure you are all familiar with, things don't always turn out the way you planned and hoped - and I can certainly say that goes for this trip!!
I'm not completely disappointed with it, not at all, because there have been things that I truly have enjoyed and will remember - but the general idea of the trip, me getting away to wind down, get lots of fresh air, get a lot done, get back into mental (and hopefully some physical) health again ... well, that didn't really happen!
I don't have the time nor the energy to go into all the little details - but at least the trip was useful in the sense of giving me a break from my everyday life that wasn't working out great here - and even though I know I have some truly hellish weeks in front of me now, at least at this point I feel motivated, I want to try to make the last part of the semester work out in a good way, even if it means putting pretty much everything else on hold!

So that's one good thing the trip brought, even though I had hoped I'd be in better shape starting out than I am right now.

I have quite a few entries to add regarding the trip - including general information, Zorro, my adorable little sisters and My Fair Lady in Stockholm!!! I'll try to get through most of the updates during the day!

Take care - I hope you have all been well and have enjoyed the Easter Holidays!


storschan said...

Välkommen hem! Ska bli skoj att ses igen och höra hur du har det.

Jessica said...

Tackar! :)
ser också fram emot att träffas igen, det var ju jättelänge sen nu!!