Thursday, 15 July 2010

Update and Photos!

Yeah, this trip home during the summer sure didn't turn out the way I had hoped, that's for sure.
First a little about this week, so far, and then I'll try to summarize the time spend up north ... finishing off will be some photos from the summer so far.

I have managed to catch up with a few friends this week, which feels great, as I'm not home for long this time. On Monday afternoon, Lena came by after work. It took a few transportation-mistakes, but we found each other at last and managed to get to my apartment, but it was WAY TOOOOOO HOT outside .... I had almost 43 degrees (Celsius ... that's about 110 degrees Farenheit) outside my window and 30 degrees (86F) inside ... not nice!! It was, however, nice to catch up with Lena! It's more difficult now, when almost all of my friends are actually working, and working as priests they don't exactly keep regular business hours, so it was really nice catching up with her. She left a bit after six p.m. and I walked with her to the bus, something I in retrospect sort of regret ... it was really really hot, and by the time I made it back to my apartment, I felt really dizzy and barely made it up the stairs ... I sooo don't get along with the heat!

Tuesday night I was supposed to meet Sara in Helsingborg for an "after work" (well, for her anyway! *lol*). I had decided to take the bus there, we had decided to meet at 7 p.m. I got on the city bus, but apparently they were having a carnival in town (they usually do that the first weekend in July but obviously it was later this year), so the buses didn't go through the centre of town ... I felt completely lost, not knowing how the buses drove, so I ended up going all the way out to the railway station and taking the train to Helsingborg instead! :) Despite a lot of misunderstandings on my part, I met up with Sara eventually! We had a few beers and took a little walk and it was REALLY nice!!!!
I have to make a comment on how fantastic I feel when I can do these things ... I still feel nervous, but it's working out without major problems, and I'm just amazed!!! And extremely happy!!! I also have to comment on the fact that the first person (despite something that turned into a great huge big horrible mess!) I REALLY talked to and had contact with, after my sick leave, was actually Sara!! Who would have guessed we'd end up having this fantastic friendship ... ? *feeling quite happy*
The evening was wonderful, and I really need to start doing these kind of things as well, to "de-dramatize" something that has before been very anxiety-ridden!

I wasn't home until about 11 p.m. on Tuesday but I enjoyed every minute of it! :)
Yesterday, Wednesday, I had FINALLY decided to meet Rebecka! We've tried to get together for a number of months now, but it just hasn't worked out! It was fantastic to see her again ... I have quite a history with her, and it's great that we're still keeping in touch! We sure had a lot of things to catch up on, when we first met, I had some major trouble to contend with and now she's the one facing lots of problems! I have a feeling she's dealing with them in a better way then I did though ...

On top of this, I have of course, attempted to get some studying done. Note the fact that I'm using the word "attempt", because this horrible heat wave hasn't made it easy for me. Those of you who know me, know that when most people take out their jackets, I'm sweating in a T-shirt - so having 30-35 degrees (85-95F) has made it pretty awful for me. Also, not sure if I might be asthmatic, or if it's something else, but I'm experiencing feeling very out-of-breath ... just walking for a short bit in the heat and I feel like I can't breath at all!! I know they've warned asthmatics in southern Sweden as the ozone layer is really thin here now, and I'm not sure if that's what I'm reacting to, or if it's something else, but I really haven't been feeling well ... Hopefully temperatures will drop to about 20-25 degrees (68-78F) now, which will make a lot of difference, I'm sure!!!

Yup, that was it for my visit back here. I'm going to intervene with some photos from my trip to the summerhouse (photos span from June 24th to July 3rd) - and then finish with some comments on my time in the summerhouse!

First some beautiful nature photos ...

And little people sure do grow fast, don't they?! :) This being my sisters, the oldest one M being 6 years old and the younger is I, 3½!

I spent most of the time in the summerhouse, and most of it was really good! My Dad and his family were away during Midsummer, they'd taken a trip to Krakow in Poland, so for the first time in quite a long time I spent the entire Midsummer with my Mum. I went from the summerhouse to town to pick her up, and she stayed overnight before taking the train back the following day - and we had a great time! :D

Then I was alone for a while in the summerhouse, and tried to get most done on clearing the land (the summerhouse has about 7000 square meters attached to it, most of it we do by motor driven lawn mower but some of it requires a bit more to be cleared down. The weather put stops to my plans, so when my Dad and his family arrived we had a bit more than half a day of clearing left to do but after that we could take it a bit more easy and spend some time together.
The kids sure do grow quickly, I'm amazed every time I see them!!!!!

M has just turned 6 years old and I is 3½ ... yikes!! It seems like just a little while ago M was born, I got to hold her in the hospital when she was about 27 hours old ... amazing!! M is very smart, she's reading practically without any obstacles at all - which will be a great advantage when she starts school this fall - and I is the cutest thing you'll ever find, she could charm ANYone, I swear!!! :D

Basically, I spent some time with my Dad and his family and then headed back home with Zorro on trains/buses ... and thankfully that is working out fantastically well now!! The first time I took Zorro on a train was a horror, full stop, but now ... give him 5-10 minutes on a train/bus, we finds a comfortable place in his transportation box and falls asleep - fantastic!!!!!!

Wow, this ended up being a very long entry ... :) I guess that's compensation for me not writing a lot here while I've been home! *LOL*

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