Sunday, 18 July 2010

Last Day!

Yes, this is my last day home before heading north again. I don't really know when I'll return yet, but the plan is that my Dad and his family will drive me and Zorro down, sometime in the beginning of August (I hope it will be pretty early, but I guess that depends on a lot of things), and then spend a few days here as they usually do.

As always, I have tons to do today in order to get everything ready, and I'm also a bit nervous about the trip. I know Zorro's behaved like an angel on previous trips, but I know that if he starts having a breakdown, he won't quit any time soon. I also don't have a lot of time in Gothenburg, where there's a change, only about 20 minutes, so I guess I'm gonna have to pray the train isn't late coming in. Also there's a busride between Gothenburg and the next stop Trollhättan, as they're working on the rails there - so I need to 1) find where the buses depart from, and 2) make the busride work for Zorro. I'm also gonna have even more with me now then when I came here, at least one more bag ... and that's gonna be a problem as well ... but I guess there's not much to do, just "do it" and hope it works out for the best.

My time here at home sure hasn't been what I had hoped or expected, but it really goes two ways. Guess I'm gonna start with the negative and end with the positive ...:)
I know this probably sounds ridiculous, but the most negative aspect here has been the weather! I know you can't do anything about the weather, but it's really affected me in a very bad way. I usually feel bad when it's over 22-25 degrees (70-75F), and we've had above, and way above, 30 (85F) for a very long time now. One thing is that I'm sweating A LOT! I can live with it in the summerhouse, everybody goes around dirty and sweaty and working a lot - but when I'm in town, meeting people, getting on and off buses and trains, I really HATE that I'm soaked and probably smell really awful! :( The other thing, which is the worst, is that I'm actually having serious problems breathing in this heat. I know I'm overweight and I'm not working out the way I should, but I don't think my health is THAT bad ... It's enough I walk 20 meters, and I can't breath!!! That's gotten me a bit worried, but I know I felt better in the summerhouse, so hopefully it's this extreme heat that's causing it, and it's not that hot in the summerhouse right now, thank God.
Of course, me feeling so bad from the heat, has led to the fact that I haven't maximized my time here. My brain has been boiling when I've tried to study at the library, and I haven't had any energy whatsoever when I've gotten home ... I know this will cause problems when I get down here for good ... but I still don't know if I could have done it any different, considering how I've felt!

Enough complaining!! :)
Moving on to the positive aspects of my trip here! Part of it is that it's been good to get a "break" in the middle of summer. While I really enjoy spending time in the summerhouse, meeting my families, spending quality time with my sisters etc, fact is, I do like it here the best. This IS where I'm supposed to be, and even though things don't always work out here either (DUH!!), I feel very comfortable being here!
The other positive aspect is that I've managed to meet so many of my friends while I've been here. Since I haven't been here long, and they're busy (all of them working now, pretty much!), it's not always that easy finding the time to see each other, but I managed to see Sara, Lena and Rebecka, and that feels GREAT!! Rebecka and I hadn't seen each other in a LONG time, and I've had a hard time catching up with both Sara and Lena lately as well (even though we did manage to see each other before I left in June).
Oh yeah, I can't help myself but show some pictures (just thought of it now). I have pictures of all three of them from their ordination (Rebecka and Lena on June 13th 2010 and Sara on June 14th 2009): (if you don't want these pictures published, just let me know, and I'll remove them!)




Amazing, aren't they?! :)

Well, I guess I'd better get started on everything I have to do today ... I might be able to get back online with an entry later tonight, though I won't make any promises.
And again, hopefully I will be able to bring this blog back to what it was originally once I'm back here "for good"!

Take care!

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The Darkest Night said...

I hope you're having a great vacation, and that you will be back soooon! miss talking to you!

and I really hope you'll feel better soon! hugs!