Monday, 22 August 2011

Internet project!

I really should have made this entry yesterday, but 'better late than never', right? :)

I've been thinking about this new internet project for a while now, and finally the wheels are in motion. I am creating a brand new website, mostly a basic website about me, my interests and thoughts on various things, but I'm hoping to expand on that.
For instance; my 'The Flying Doctors'-website has basically been put on hold for years, and I am hoping to be able to release it under this new website I'm creating.

One thing about this website: It will be in Swedish.
Most likely, I will also create a blog connected to the site, which will also be in Swedish, and which will more or less replace this one.
The reason for this is the fact that I have lost contact with most of my non-Swedish-speaking friends and I'm not getting much general response from friends outside of Sweden these days - and therefore, an English website or an English blog seems superfluous ...

None of this is absolutely determined yet, and I might be convinced to change my mind - if I get enough response from people who would no longer be able to follow me (on website or blog) if I go all Swedish! :)

I am on Facebook, for my English-speaking friends, even though I'm considering going "more Swedish" there as well.
Basically, my reasons are these:
At the point where I'm at in life, I find it difficult to write everything in English. Most of my life at the moment centres around my education, my University studies and what goes on there, and I find it difficult to always explain our education system, our various courses, finding appropriate terminology for everything etc.
Add to this the fact that I feel like most of my readers and followers are Swedish friends.

But please, feel free to leave your comments and thoughts on what I have written here, whoever you are reading this blog - and I will certainly read your comments and take them into consideration.

This blog will turn 5 years old on September 20, and at the moment, I am thinking of releasing my new website and blog on that same date! :)
I will not delete this blog, and I might make an occasional entry here after September 20 as well - I won't abandon this blog as it has been a record of some very intense years in my life! :)

Again, feel free to leave your comments on this entry!


Dakota said...

Cool!! I'm really looking forward to seeing you new website and blog! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Sounds promising! I have REALLY missed your websites!

Doesn't matter to me if you write in English or Swedish - will follow it either way :-)

Good luck!!

Dakota said...

I totally agree with The Darkest Night!! :D

Jessica said...

Thanks guys, I'm hoping this is a project that will work out eventually! :)

I have gotten a slow start, but things are quite intense right now - but I will have it ready for release on September 20, and hopefully I'll be able to keep working on it after that as well!

And I'm glad to hear you will follow me in Swedish as well! :D

The Darkest Night said...

I'm sure it will turn out great!!

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Roos said...

I'd find it sad if you'd stop writing in English (I'm probably one of the few non-Swedish peoplo who read your blog). In the end it's your descision of course, but I enjoyed keeping up with what's going on in your life.

Good luck with rebuilding blog and website!


Jessica said...

Hi Roos,

Thank you for your comment!
I certainly respect how you feel, and I do understand it. I have been thinking about this quite a lot - and as I wrote to you on facebook, and I've written in a new entry here on the blog, I don't feel like I can express what I really want and what really goes on in my life in a good way in English any more ... and therefore it feels almost like a strain to update and write things.

I hope we can still stay in touch, through messages and emails.


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