Friday, 12 August 2011

Summer 2011

Finally it's time for a general update on the summer of 2011, so I can get started on this autumn later on.

Like I said in my previous entry, I have to say that overall this summer has been a really good one! There are a number of reasons for that, I think, but as they are very personal both to me and to people close to me, I won't say anymore. After all, the important thing is that the summer has been pretty good.
The most difficult part has of course been coping with the first summer without Zorro! As I wrote here earlier, the first time I got to the summerhouse without him I basically collapsed, and it has been a lot of more difficult to handle than I had expected.
Even though it was quite an ordeal for Zorro to travel to the summerhouse, I think he really liked it there, and he came to really fit in there. It was wonderful seeing him being able to be outside (as I only have a small balcony where I live) and even though I had him on a leash, it was really long so he could move around a lot!
I also at times feel very much alone when I am visiting my Dad's family. After all, they are a family and while they are all for including me, fact is: I'm not a part of their family, not in that "intimate" way anyway. And I really don't want to be either, to be honest ... I want to be able to visit them and spend time with them and enjoy their company, but I am a grown woman and at the moment, I am my own family. Earlier, Zorro was my family. It was him and me, and when things got really intense we always had each other, at nights and early in the mornings, we could really spend quality time together - and now I have had to deal with the intensity all on my own ...

It has been great spending time with my sisters again - they grow a lot and I have to say that it feels good to see them play well together. That does take a bit of the pressure off their big sister (LOL!) and it's great that they have such a good relationship. Sure, they argue at times and then it can get pretty bad, but mostly, they get on great together - and they grow SO fast!!

Finishing off with a few photos from the summer.
First some nature photos:

And some of my gorgeous sisters:

One day we went to a rather large zoo, which was a lot of fun and we got to see some beautiful animals.

The girls got to go pony riding and that was a BIG HIT, let me tell you! Don't they look great?


Dakota said...

Lovely photos! :)

The Darkest Night said...

Wonderful photos! Your sisters just keep on growing, huh? :-) So cute!!

That looks a lot like "my" zoo! LOL

Jessica said...

Thank you so much! :)

The Darkest Night:
Thanks! Yup, they sure grow fast! :)

Really? Cool! :) Actually, it's "Skånes djurpark", but it's cool that they look alike! LOL!

The Darkest Night said...

Yeah, looks a lot alike actually :-)

Jessica said...

Cool! :D

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