Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 Summary!

New Year's Eve is here, so it is time to summarize the year of 2008 now!
While some people close to me has been going through a rough time this year - and my thoughts are with you, believe me! - 2008 has for me personally quite possibly been the best year ever! I have experienced a lot of things I earlier never ever thought possible and I am genuinly grateful for this year!

January 2008 started off with heavy studies and I went through a big oral exam in a course in Systematic Theology in mid-January! It was my second oral exam, for a 'difficult' teacher and the grade covered half a semester! I went through it and am personally very happy with how I performed. I was one single question away from getting the high grade VG, and I have to admit that still bothers me some, but I'm still very happy with getting through it the way I did!

Right after that I celebrated my 30th birthday, and that day was made unforgettable by Johanna and Sara - thank you SO much again!!

During the spring semester I studied full-time, added one 'reading-course' and followed the Hebrew course (also full time) unofficially - and did great!! I took in total 5 exams (official and unofficial) and had G on the smallest one and VG on all the rest! :) Something I never ever thought I would be able to do!!

Summer was pretty regular to tell the truth! Some things really good, some things not so great!

This fall I have taken full-time Greek, and managed to ace both written exams (technically I had 71 of 72 on the last one, but in all honestly, that was a typing error!)!! Besides that I have also gotten started on my essay, and even though I really wanted to finish it now, I am still very happy with my accomplishments this semester.

I was also asked to be mentor for next semester, in Hebrew, and even though I'm very anxious about that, I feel so extremely honored to have been asked - I just hope I will be able to do a good job of it!

So once again, for me personally I have greatly enjoyed 2008 and I am amazed to have been able to experience such a year! There's no way I dare hope for 2009 to be as good as that, but I will definitely do whatever I can to be able to develop and grow as a person and do the best I can to get yet another wonderful year!

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