Monday, 8 December 2008

It's Official!

I don't quite know how this day turned out - some parts feel good, others feel bad, some feel strange and well, I'm just generally stressed out, tired and very confused! :) But I guess I should start at the beginning!

There had been some debate last week on our schedule for this last course, I didn't have the energy to get involved, but figured we'd get an updated schedule in time ... oh no! I was fairly sure we were having lectures today, and part of me thought it was 8 o'clock-lectures, the other part thought 10 o'clock. I went in early of course, and it turned out we were having lectures at 8 ... though we were only four students there, and a few in the group came in at 10 ... a little miss in the communication! :)
I expected to get the exams back, I had been thinking about this all weekend, as I cannot put an exam behind me until I actually get it back and get the results! And to my big disappointment, our teacher had been sick during the weekend and hadn't graded them yet! *SIGH* He said we maybe get the back tomorrow! *fingers crossed* For some reason I'm totally hyper over this exam, and I really just want to know the results and get it over and done with.
We continued on Paul and the Galatians today, and I think I was in better shape today than last week, because I think I at least got most of it! :)

After lectures I tried to do essay studies in the library, but I didn't do so well. I had a headache that kept getting worse, and I was going to do the Hebrew translation on the text I've chosen for my essay ... which was NOT easy! I haven't even looked at a Hebrew text since mid-June, and even though I do remember some parts of it, you tend to forget A LOT! That in combination with the headache didn't make my studies very efficient!

A while after 1 o'clock I went to meet the woman responsible for the Mentor Activity (The SI-programme - Supplementary Instruction), with regard to her email. It was very good to meet her face to face, and I got some more information on what's involved ... and now it's official: I will be the Mentor for the Hebrew course next semester! *gulp* I know this is a wonderful opportunity and a fantastic chance to develop ... but I'm still pretty freaked out by it. I know I cannot deal with it all now - I have enough to deal with as it is right now! *rolling eyes* - but it's hard not to keep thinking about it!

After the meeting I went straight home, but I haven't been feeling very well this evening ... I've had some physical symptoms, and I've been thinking a lot, and I generally feel a bit disoriented at the moment ...
I'm a bit nervous about tomorrow's lecture, though I think it will sort itself out once I'm there. I have decided that whatever time is left before Christmas Holidays, I have to work on my essay. That means I won't have time to prepare or study Greek the way I'm supposed to. I have every confidence I will pass the exam (since it's not a regular written exam), but we got an email with some attachments from our teacher today, and he was adamant about what we were supposed to prepare for what day, and what he wanted to do each lecture! *gulp* I mean, I'll just have to deal with it when it happens, and he's going to have to accept and respect my decision, but since I'm not feeling that great tonight, I am a bit nervous about how it will play out.

I'm going to call it a night now, when my mood is like this, I find it best to try to get some sleep.
Take care - and please keep your fingers crossed I will get the exam back tomorrow (and that I did okay of course! *lol*)!

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