Monday, 15 December 2008

An Unnecessary Trip!

I haven't had a great day today unfortunately, even though some things have been pretty okay.

I woke up feeling like a zombie this morning, I was really tired, and I was actually considering skipping lectures ... but since I missed a few last week, and we're going in to the last three lectures before the holidays, I got my act together and went ... Only to find out, after having waited for nearly half an hour at Uni, that the lecture today was cancelled!! Apparently the teacher's son had fallen ill and he had to stay home with him!
I know these things can happen, and it's nobody's fault, but my mood dropped like a brick wall!! I was furious and this combined with a few other issues sent my mood below zero! There was nothing to do but take the next train home!
Our teacher is usually really good at communicating through emails, and when I got home I found out he had sent an email about the cancelled lecture this morning! At first I was a bit upset, partly due to the fact that I hadn't checked my emails before I left, but also because it doesn't seem like part of a normal morning routine to actually start up the computer and check for Uni-related emails! And then I found out that he had sent the email a good 25 minutes after I had already left, so no matter what, I would have had made that unnecessary trip ... *sigh*

Moving on to a bit more positive news though - which turned out to be today's mail! I usually only get bills and bills and more bills, but today I got some really FUN mail! *yay*
I had made scraps of my little sisters and Zorro and printed them onto T-shirts for them for Christmas (feels safe to write about it now, since my Dad and his family are in Florida and will not check out the internet *lol*). I got the T-shirts today and they turned out pretty nice! It's hard to know the sizes, I think these were a bit too big, but hopefully the girls can wear them this summer as well! :)
I have added the scraps, and a few more, to my Picasa Album (Cute Sisters!), so feel free to check them out! (And anyone I've forgotten to send the URL to, just let me know and you'll get it!). There are also some new scraps in the Jessica digi.scraps-album at Picasa, if you want to check them out.

The other thing in the mail was a book I had actually forgotten all about! :) My Dad's sister's husband (!) is a professor of History of Religion (though not at the University I'm attending), and when I spoke to my aunt a while back, she mentioned he'd been part of a project regarding Ararat and Armenia, and they had published a book as a result of this project. She said she'd send me a copy of the book, but it had completely slipped my mind ... until today when it arrived in the mail! :) I won't have time to start reading it right away, but I'm definitely hoping to read it during Christmas holidays. I have some other books (or is it just one?) written by someone I know, and that is actually kind of a weird and funny feeling!

Now I'm mostly worrying about tomorrow! We got another mail from the Greek teacher, and aparently another one of his children has fallen ill as well, so we won't have lectures tomorrow. I am, however, meeting with my essay professor, and I'm gonna have to tell him that I won't be able to complete the essay during this semester. I'm not looking forward to that one little bit, even though I know, on a logical level, that shouldn't be such a big deal! After all, it is my decision, my responsibility and I have made the choice to prioritize the Greek courses this semester- but I know I have a tendancy to feel "inferior" in these situations and I try to start defending myself - which I shouldn't! - and the whole thing turns into a great big mess. Guess I shouldn't think too much ahead really, but it's hard not to. Still, it's only a brief meeting, and I'll just have to cope!

After the meeting awaits the fun stuff! :) I'm going to visit a friend and her young boy, he turns one year old in a little while! *cute!* I have only seen them once during this semester (!) since things have been so chaotic, so I'm really looking forward to that, it was nice we managed to find a time to meet before the holidays.

And then all I have left is a MAJOR clean up of the apartment and all the packing and preparations for my trip north ... And probably a lecture on Wednesday ... *phew, I think I'll keep busy!*

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