Tuesday, 9 December 2008


I haven't had a good day at all today ... and that makes me rather frustrated, because I cannot afford to have days like that right now.

I didn't feel great this morning, and I even considered skipping the lecture, but since we'd been told we would get the exams today, I gathered my composure and managed to get going. I know I have a hang-up about this stupid exam, I think it has to do with the fact that I did so well on the last one ... and now I kind of feel, and I feel that other feel, that I have to match that, do just as well on this one - which isn't an easy goal to reach! I think I will accept pretty much whatever result I get (unless I've failed!), just so long as I get it and can deal with it.
So, I got to Uni, feeling completely dead, and the first thing our teacher says is that he was too tired to grade exams yesterday so we won't get them! At that moment, I just felt like walking out of there and going home! Which of course, I didn't! But I did feel utterly disappointed, and I'm starting to wonder if we are ever going to get the exams back!

We went through the first chapter of Galatians today, and I wasn't prepared of course. He didn't except it, but I did get a few comments from him ... Afterwards I wanted to talk to him, one on one, and explain about how I hope to do in the future, that I have to prioritize my essay but that I'm hoping to attend lecture and work out the exam. We were a bit late, I had hoped to meet Lena, and we were having a mentor meeting, so I was hoping to catch him right away ... yeah right!! Apparently another student beat me to it, and got into a rather lengthy discussion about the New Perspective on Paul or whatnot ... I waited and waited, everybody had left (supposedly gone to the mentormeeting), another group of students wanted to use the room we were in ... Finally the teacher acknowledged me, but he didn't finish the disucssion with the other guy, so I had to say something in front of him, and quickly and it just felt totally messy! I know the teacher basically understands (we've been discussing the fact that I'm studying full-time Greek and doing a Hebrew essay on several occasions), but I had wanted to get a 'real' talk going with him - which was completely impossible!
I felt really disappointed after that but went to hunt for Lena - instead I met Johanna, which was a lot of fun!! I'm meeting her and Sara on Friday night, and I'm SOOOO looking forward to it! I don't think I have met Sara since September or something! *gasp* And then I managed to catch up with Lena but only for a few moments, because she was having a lecture at 10.15 - and I'm afraid all I did was basically complain about everything, so I guess I wasn't that much fun to talk to ... *oops*
I had hoped to catch the 10.22 train and rushed down to the station, only to see it leave the platform ... thank you very much! Granted, the train leaves every half an hour, but at this point, it felt like forever ...

I haven't had much luck in turning my bad mood around during the afternoon either, so things bascially feel very confusing and frustrating and generally upsetting!
ONE good thing happened - I had an early Christmas card from my sisters (they must have posted it before they left for Florida!), with a wonderful photo in it ... I think this is one of my top favourites among all photos - and I'm making it into the Pic-of-the-Day!

Pic of the Day:

Isn't it a GREAT photo?!? I just love it! :)


The Darkest Night said...

what a cute photo!!!!!
I think they look a bit alike in it..

Jessica said...

Yeah, I just adore that pic! :)
Really? I guess I'm so used to them, I don't quite see it. Generally, they don't look (or act!) one little bit alike, so I guess I'm just used to that! :)