Saturday, 2 May 2009

17,000 - And Time For An Update!

I'm really sorry my updates here have been taking SO long ... still, I think I'm back now, so better late than never, right?! :)

First of all, celebrating 17,000 visitors - yay!! :) A big thank you to all who come here to visit! :)
Who knows, maybe we can reach 20,000 by the 3rd year anniversary on September 20?

Anyway, the time since I got back from the summerhouse has been very intense indeed, and I have had my hands full just trying to cope with everything - so the blog has been neglected! But I thought it was time for a summary of what's been going on, and hopefully I can start blogging regularly after that! :)
Also, I know I still have the 'My Fair Lady' review to add, and trust me, it will come! :)

When I got home from the summerhouse, I had to totally focus on my reading-course, the exam was on Tuesday (April 28), and I hadn't been able to study at all the way I had hoped while I was away.
Things was a bit complicated though, as I had been invited to a seminar with well-known Swedish author Jonas Gardell - who became an Honorary Doctor at our Department last year. He's published a theological book recently ("Om Gud" - "About Jesus") and the students who had studied Old and New Testament Exegesis during the last year was invited to a closed seminar with Mr Gardell, and this was Monday afternoon (April 27)!
I was quite nervous as I have never been to such a thing before, and I had no idea what would be expected of me. So this mixed in with my own studies on the theology of the covenant made things a bit complicated.

Monday came, and the seminar turned out quite nicely! :) Some things I felt were a little awkward, but mostly, I enjoyed it quite a lot, it was very exciting and I got to do a fair bit of thinking based on everybody's comments!
I will try to do an update on the seminar in my Swedish Theology Blog later on.

I wasn't home until about 5.30 p.m. and I had a hard time focusing on my own studies, but Tuesday afternoon did arrive, and it was time for my oral exam! I was practically in a state of panic, I felt a lot less prepared than for my last exam, and even though the professor is really down to Earth and kind, I felt awful!
Turns out I was really lucky, at least I think so. First out was reading and translating, and while I always find that terribly stressing, I felt I did better this time. Granted, it was a much easier text, but I'm still glad it was okay! The discussion afterwards felt a little less great ... while I did have things to say, I felt I needed a lot of help and pushes to get in the right direction.
That said, I was very very surprised to see that the professor wrote VG (the high grade!) on my certificate!!! Amazing!!
When I first got there, I didn't even think I'd pass, but after having felt my way though it, I was fairly certain I had passed - but not VG! :) Yay!!

Wednesday was a not-so-great day ... pretty much everything I did turned out bad and wrong and ... wrong! Lucky for me, I could look back on Tuesday (and Monday), so that didn't get me down completely - and since then I've been able to relax a bit, catch up on practical matters etc. and now it's high time to get started on my essays!
I know the next part of the semester will probably be the most intense I have ever experienced, EVER, but I'm still feeling motivated and I want to do this - and that's the main thing, right?! :)

At the moment, I'm a bit frustrated though! I've spent the entire morning, trying to work a few things out online, and it will NOT work ... one thing's on Facebook and there's nothing I can do about that, but the other thing REALLY bugs me!!

I really enjoy the program Simpleviewer, a programe to show pictures and images, and I have done a bit of photographing the last few days, so I wanted to use that programme to show my photos! I've been at it like CRAZY, and now I've gotten the programe to work - yay - but I can't find a place to upload it!!
I'm not into websites anymore, all my accounts have been deleted, so I decided to create a new one ... yeah right! *rolling eyes* (a swedish site) worked out, until I started the FTP-upload programe - which cannot connect to the server.
Tried Fortunecity, it worked out really really well, everything seemed to work ... but ONE file in the Simpleviewer programe won't upload to Fortunecity because it's "not allowed" - HUH?!?!?!
I'm getting totally frustrated at this, the photos are beautiful, but I wanted a simpler way to share them than having to : transfer them to the computer, save all of them in a smaller format AND as thumbnails, upload them to my photobucket account and write all the codes by hand here ...
I know I can upload them directly onto Blogger, but I don't have much space left on my account, and I have several blogs, so I'd rather not upload too many pictures that are something like 4-5 MB each in size ...

Sorry about the ramblings, I'm just really mad about this now ... I had hoped to solve it easily since I'm busy with other stuff ... no such luck, I guess.
Anybody have ANY ideas about this - I'd be more than grateful to listen ...

Take care!


storschan said...

TJOHOOO! Jag är så glad för du! Och knäppskallar med annorlunda syn på världen är bara att få lock för öronen av....
Ses vi på tisadg?

The Darkest Night said...

congratulations on the VG!!

Hey, did you try spray? I remember when I was studying webdesign i got an account on spray just cause they allowed a lot of things (like php) that other "free" sites didn't....

Jessica said...

storchan Tackar! Jo visst får man se det så! :)
Förmodligen tisdag ... gäller att jag får en snabbstart nu för att hinna med, så jag har en känsla av att man lär hitta mig på Teologen rätt ofta fram till slutseminarierna!

The Darkest Night:
Thanks sis! :D
I did try Spray, they don't even have a website service any more ... and a lot of others I've tried (that I knew worked when I was active) either don't provide the service any more, or something else doesn't work.
I know it's not the end of the world, but it IS frustrating!
Still have my accounts at Bredbandsbolaget, but since I'll probably change my provider during the summer, it doesn't feel great to start uploading stuff there either ...

The Darkest Night said...

aw...that's SOO annoying!