Monday, 8 February 2010

Fighting Spirit!

Lunch, 12.29 p.m.

I am desperately trying to find my inner fighting spirit right now, because I have a strong feeling I'm going to need it!
So far today I sat through a Greek/NT lecture, and felt a bit upset when I realized that I have to start putting some more effort into my Greek studies as well, if I'm going to cope with that course later on (as if I haven't gotten enough to do!).
I also got an email which wasn't great at all. Again no personal details - sorry! - but I had tried to prepare for certain things for quite a while, actually most of the weekend and this morning, I was up at 3 a.m. This email bascially changed it all and now I'm going to have to make new decisions and come up with new thoughts and ideas ...

I have tried to bounce back and I have planned this afternoon's SI/mentor meeting and made some notes from last week's meeting, and I have also studied a little for my master's thesis now. I am however, completely exahausted and I'm almost falling asleep in front of the computer screen. Not good!

Pretty soon I'm going to arrange for coffee for the SI-meeting, then it's an OT lecture 1-3 and right after that we have the meeting ... then I'm going home, stopping on the way at the Bank ...

I wish I had a bit more fighting spirit right now, but I'm mostly tired ... I know I really really really need to make this semester work, but at some point, I can't help asking myself how ...

I don't think I can take any more on Hittite treaties in comparison with Israel's covenant with YHWH, so I guess I should give up and try to get some other stuff done now.
Wish me luck!

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