Saturday, 27 February 2010

Spring Is Here!

Finally spring seems to be on its way, and that seems like a suitable time to try to bring my blog back to life again!
Things have been very confusing lately, but I will make an honest attempt at bringing it back now, let's hope it will work out!

This entry will mostly be a catching-up entry, on everything that's been going on lately - I have a feeling it will be quite long, so credit to those of you who will get through all of it! :)

My Accident

Well, I thought I'd start with what's mostly on my mind at the moment!
Last Saturday (a week ago), I was boiling an egg, was about to pour the boiling water in the sink, when I almost stumbled on Zorro! I managed to get him out of the way but spilled some of the water on my foot! Not Nice!!
It hurt a lot - duh!! - but I didn't think it'd be such a big deal, I tried to tend to it myself ... but I heard from a lot of people that burns are tricky and on Tuesday morning I called the local Health Centre. I talked to a nurse who wanted me to come in straight away - yikes!! It wasn't easy, especially with my pretty severe fright of hospitals and doctors! But at least I got there ... A nurse looked at it first and said it looked okay, not infected, but she wanted a doctor to take a look at it before she did anything.
Interestingly enough, the doctor I met was the one that put me on sick leave the first time, in February 2002, and gave me the diagnosis Social Phobia!!! Sometimes the world really IS small! :)
She agreed with the nurse, and the bandaged and dressed the wound, and I was going to come back on Wednesday!
So I did. And met a new nurse! She told me it looked fine - though it sure didn't look that way to me!!! - and not infected. She redressed the wound and gave me a new time on Friday!

I was back yesterday afternoon, with yet another nurse. She really was not good ... she was quit hysterical and didn't give me any clear information at all. She also said that the way I had had the wound dressed before was not good, so she would do it another way - which got me a little nervous. She kept touching the wound, adding creams and gels and whatnot, and when I flinched - because it hurt, a lot!! - she became quite surprised and said it wasn't supposed to hurt at all!!! Eh, what?!?!? I'm missing the first layer of skin on my foot, she's in there poking and it's not supposed to hurt??!?! "I think I speak for everyone here when I say, HUH?!?"
Anyway, she dressed it, and gave me new appointments for Monday and Wednesday, told me to rest as much as possible and sent me home.
And to be honest, I've been in more pain since I came from her than I have the entire time since I burned myself! That can't be good, right?! She really scared me with talks of infections and emergencies and God knows what ... I know I probably should pay too much attention to what she's saying, since she was just weird - but it's hard not to worry - this is a damn inconvenience for me, and I want it to heal as quickly as possible, without any complications!!! I have decided to wait until Monday, when I'm going to meet yet another nurse - hopefully she's better than this one, and can answer some of my questions ... and hopefully it hasn't gotten worse, even though I'm in so much pain!

The Weather!

We're having almost spring weather now, so most of the snow has melted - YAY! The problem is that the weather has been more extreme up north, where my parents live and where we have our summerhouse ... they've had such amounts of snow, it's hard to even grasp it if you haven't seen it. I know my Dad and his partner has taken turns going to the summerhouse to try and save at least the roofs of the buildings we have - but it's still a touch-and-go situation!! They've been having warmer weather as well, it's good some of the snow is melting, but it also makes the snow a lot heavier which is not-so-good for the roofs - or the trees or anything else there! I think one of them will go there today to try and clear most of the roofs, then maybe the rest of the snow will just melt ...
I got some photos from ... I think it was last weekend ... when one of them was there ... It's incredible, I can't remember we ever having that much snow before!!!


Yeah ... right ...
My studies have not been going so well lately. In all honesty, a lot of other stuff has gotten in the way, mainly my "injury" of course, but there are some more personal issues that have taken up a lot of time and worry and effort as well. I'm struggling with my mandatory course (Religion, tradition and Communication), I have had a hard time managing that course, and I've not done it the way I was really supposed to, but I'm hoping I will be able to make some complementary assignments later on to at least complete it.
I did work a bit on my essays, but due to computer problems at the Department library I lost all the information I gathered, which made me loose interest a little bit.
I'm really hoping March will be a better month than February has been - on several levels, but practically everything that goes on in my life does affect my studies right now, since my semester is so intense right now!


Well, this is pretty much what is going on right now.
I am trying to get my studies to work, but I have to be honest and say that this whole mess with my foot is a problem. I'm more or less in constant pain, I have a hard time walking and have to use a crutch to support my foot - it's a mess on buses and trains! I know I can't just stay put in my coach until it heals up, but I do have a hard time focusing on my studies right now (and it's not only my foot, it's, like I said, other issues as well). I will try to work on being more focused, because I need to make this semester work out better than last one!!! Period!!

And hopefully I'll be able to keep the blog a little bit more alive from now on, at least I will try! :D
Take care!!

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