Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Back on Track - Hopefully!

While I have been back here for a while now, I haven't quite felt ready to start up the blog until now. My Dad and his family left on Friday, and good-byes are really not something I cope well with! The weekend was really really slow, I was very tired and had no energy at all. Since then I've tried getting back to routines and my life again after this summer, mostly fixing practical things, such as various errands, rearranging a bit in the apartment, doing a lot of cleaning and sorting through things etc.

My fall is still very uncertain as I haven't heard anything about anything (will make a post about that later on), and I find it a bit difficult to know what to focus on, as I don't know what will happen.

I will try to make a few 'come-back' posts - with photos! :) - tomorrow and I very much hope I will be able to update this blog on a daily basis, despite the intensity of what lies ahead (it will be intense no matter what, but in different ways!), as that was the way I started this blog ...

Hopefully I'll see you here tomorrow! :)