Monday, 29 November 2010

2 Weeks.

It's hard to believe it has been two weeks since Zorro past away.
I'm working at getting back to life, it feels like I've been living in a bubble more or less constantly since it happened. I have never experienced true grief before and certainly everyone deals with it in different ways. For some reason, I seem to make things quite difficult for myself, so I am struggling with a lot of things right now.

I don't really want to go into detail here, partly because it's very hard to put words on what it is I'm feeling and thinking and struggling with. But things have not been very easy the past two weeks, that's for sure. I know I have to "move on", at least in some sense - but that is part of what I'm struggling with.
I know I cannot stay in this bubble forever, and I'm hoping to be able to function in a better way - and also update the blog in a better way in the future.


Cara said...

Thanks for sharing about Zorro. I have had many cats and have had 3 special ones pass away. All were very wrenching experiences. Our animals are part of us, much like the humans in our lives. Don't minimize your grief, but comfort yourself knowing that you gave Zorro a good home. I hope you find your next furry companion soon.

Candice said...

I know you don't know me, but I'm sorry about Zorro. I understand how animals (especially cats) can become close companions. Sorry again, and I hope you start to feel better soon. <3

Jessica said...

Cara: Thank you for your comment. I will always treasure the years Zorro and I had together and I know he lived a long and full life - but I am still finding it extremely difficult to go on without him ...

Candice: Thank you for your sympathy. I lived alone with Zorro for more than 10 years, during a very difficult period of my life, so we developed a very deep relationship and it is really painful to try to go on without him on. But I know I have to, and as they say ... time heals all wounds (partly any way ...).