Friday, 12 November 2010

Celebrating 27,000!

YAY! We passed 27,000 visitors today! :) Thank you all for coming and for taking an interest!

I went to Uni early this morning, first time in ages! *oops* Was there a few minutes past 8, and at first I got some work done on the computers - managed to finally locate a really important article for my master's thesis, printed some stuff for a seminar next week etc.

After that I got some regular studying done, with a bit of mixed feelings actually. Like I said in my last entry, most things in my life are very complicated right now, and I find it difficult to sort everything out. I know I have SO much that HAS to be done and that HAS to work out - but I also know that if I push myself too hard, I'm just gonna crash and it'll all blow up in my face. The thing is, where do you draw the line? I need to push myself, otherwise everything will get screwed up, but if I push myself too far, it will still be screwed up. Ah well ...

I had lunch with Elisabet, which was really nice! Not that many "Old Testament-people" around these days - and to be honest, I haven't exactly been around much myself either lately!! :) Hopefully I'll be able to spend a bit more time around Uni from now on.

I went home after our lunch, and not that much has happened this afternoon. I'm still trying to get used to the fact that spending half a day at Uni, with all the things involved there, actually does make me tired now. I do feel anxiety for a lot of things now - when I allow myself to actually feel it - and that does make me tired. Once again the question of when I can be allowed to be tired and to take some kind of recovery-time, and when I just have to push and push and push in order to get things done.

Needless to say, things are a bit confusing and ... well, I guess confusing pretty much covers it. Still, I have hopes that I can start to change things, even though it will take a great deal of hard work!!

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