Thursday, 10 December 2009

Current Update!

Again a lot has happened, both good and not-so-good ... but to be honest, most of it has actually been good!! Shock 3 Could it be that things might be turning around?!?

I went to visit Lena on Sunday, which was REALLY nice!!! We haven't seen each other properly in a very long time, only brief meetings on the train - on those mornings when I actually had the energy to leave home at 6.45 a.m.!! (not many mornings like that lately, that's for sure!) It was wonderful to be able to sit and talk in peace, and we sure had some catching up to do!
It also felt really good for me to get out of the apartment, I haven't really had the energy to get to Uni for quite a while now, and this trip made it a bit easier to get out of my shell and be a bit more outgoing and active! And I sure needed it!!

On Monday I got a new note from the window company which actually caused a complete mental breakdown! It sounds silly, I know, but this whole windowsituation has been completely blown out of proportion now and when I found out I had to spend the entire Wednesday at home, waiting for the window guys to this time fix the handle to the balcony door, apparently other people had complained ... *SIGH*

On Tuesday there was a post-graduate seminar I really really had planned to attend ... a well-known teacher at the Department was going to present an article on Matt. 16. I felt pretty rotten after the Monday-breakdown, and Tuesday morning started out pretty much as wrong as i humanly possible!! I somehow managed to go anyway, but I didn't feel good at all, so I guess I couldn't take to the seminar in the way I had hoped!

Yesterday, I was at home waiting for the window guys! They arrived at noon, but apparently this was another firm, the actual makers of the windows, and the guy who came to me was SO nice!! He fixed the balcony door in like five minutes, realized that my handle wasn't exactly right, ran down to his car and picked up a new handle, that was in place in another five minutes!! Incredible!!! I wonder where they found the other horrible guys ...

Today I met Sara for lunch in Lund, and that was SO MUCH FUN!!! We haven't seen each other since our celebratory picnic in June, and I've really missed her!! We totally hit it off, and we spent a great lunch, laughing and remembering and disucssinng serious things - and this, just as meeting Lena, just gave a very needed kick to get on with things!!

I didn't get much done after our lunch because meeting Sara really got me thinking. She was the first friend, and actually the first person I really talked to at the Department, and in many ways I see the contact with her as the start of my journey back ... So meeting her now, after all this time, really made me think of everything that has happened the last three years, how far I have come and how I have done things that at that time seemed absolutely impossible!!!!
I don't want to put down everything that has happened this fall, because it's been really really terrible - but now that most things seem to work out again, I really need to make a major comeback and make sure that I do whatever I can to make things work out again!!!!

I got a Christmas card from my sisters today - they must have emailed it before setting off on their trip - with a recent photo of them ... I hardly recognized them!!!! They have grown sooooo much, I just keep staring at the photo! I will try to get it onto my computer and share it with you here, but it'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Take care!


The Darkest Night said...

very happy to hear things seem to be going so well! I hope life continues in that style for you now! *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! :-)