Sunday, 13 December 2009

Not The Greatest Weekend!

Yesterday was pretty crappy, and today isn't that great either!
I don't really know what's wrong, I just feel awful all the time ... sometimes I think I'm running a bit of a fever, and other times I'm just stressing out completely about the future. I can't really blame anything, but I am in a heep of trouble and I'm not sure how I'm gonna work my way out of it - if it even can be done ...

I won't get into the complaining-routine now, I guess all I can do is try to work my way through it and hopefully things will eventually get better.
I have some photos for you though, to lighten up this entry a little! :-)

Here's the photo of my sisters I mentioned, they have really grown SO much!!

And here are some photos I took yesterday from the ocean (not the usual spot I walk in, this spot is a bit further north ... it's within walking distance although I've never actually walked there - yesterday I stopped with the car when I was out shopping):


The Darkest Night said...

Really sorry to hear that...i hope you feel better soon!

Adorable photo of your sisters! they sure have grown!!

And I love the ocean photos - amazing!!

Jessica said...

Thanks sis!

Yeah, they both have gotten haircuts, I hardly recognized them, especially M! :-)

I was quite happy with the ocean photos too, nice to find a "new" place too! :)

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

The Darkest Night said...

thanks!! Looking forward to seeing you too! *hugs*