Friday, 4 December 2009

The Window Situation!

Yesterday was pretty horrible ... again!! Crazy
To give you a background as to what happened - I'll tell you what's been going on with my windows lately!

We were supposed to get our windows, including the balcony window and door, changed now, as they've been here since the house was built, some 50 years ago. Which sounds good ...
The most important thing is that I do NOT want people in my appartment with Zorro when I'm not around!! Yes, I can have friends over, watching Zorro when I'm gone (though that doesn't happen often, since all of my friends live so far away), but I will NEVER have hired people in here unless I can be there.
First of all I had to change the times, moving everything forward a week because there was no way I would be able to stay at home on the specific date they were coming!! I managed to change it, only to find the "window-guys" (the firm is called Rutek, which is how I will name them from now on) wanting to move it forward due to their schedule. That was okay, so at least we had set a date.

The were coming last Wednesday, on November 25th, it said they would arrive at 7.30 a.m. and that it would take two, maybe three days. At about 8 a.m. on Wednesday, one of the guys came, only to tell me they would come later that afternoon to do one window! My Dad was coming that night, so I asked them to get the bedroom fixed entirely, so I could start moving my furniture back ... but then I found out that they had to replace the window first and apply some "foam" (whatever it was) that would fill in around the edges. That would have to expand and dry before they could finish it. I manage to make him tell me they would replace the window before lunch and finish the window during the afternoon.
Said and done, they replaced the window and fixed the last of it during the afternoon and was out of my apartment by about 3 p.m. telling me they would be back on Thursday to fix two windows in the living room (one small, one large), the balcony door and window and the kitchen window.

They are supposed to start working at 7 or 7.30 a.m. but didn't arrive until about 10.30 on Thursday!! My Dad and I - and Zorro - locked ourselves in the bedroom, but couldn't stand it after a while. We put Zorro in his transportation box and went out ... shopping, filling gas and a bit more. I felt a bad for Zorro having to stay in the car the entire time, but like I said, I don't want him alone in the apartment with others, and I think he would have felt even worse, had I left him.
We got back a little while after lunch, and by then they had replaced the two (which is almost like one) windows in the living room, but that was it, and they hadn't even finished them off!!
They said they would quite for the day at about 2.45 p.m. ... some working hours, right?!? *sigh*

That night, when my Dad and I took some time to relax and talk, we disocvered they had used my electrical sockets for their machine and ripped them right off the wall!!!! Thank God my Dad was here, because he was able to fix it without getting an electrician here, but I still think it's really lazy and ignorant for something like that to even happen!!

They arrived early on Friday morning, but took a break after an hour. My Dad and I needed to run some errands, and since it had been okay to take Zorro the day before, we felt it'd be okay to do it again. One problem ... they guys didn't return!! We waited and waited, and they showed up after about an hour! We went out for a while, and when we got back we put Zorro in the bedroom on his own, but we started clearing up, and I think that made the guys work a bit faster, because we were always around!!
They fixed all the windows, completely and they also put shutters on all but 3 windows. They were going to come back to fix the rest of the shutters, and also fix part of the wall over my balcony door that had been destroyed in the process of changing the windows, they said they'd be back on Monday afternoon. They were, but apparently they could only fix the shutters because they didn't have the stuff with them to fix the wall. By then I was quite annoyed, it was said this would take 2, maybe 3 days, this was the fourth day I had them in my appartment!!!

I was told by everyone that I had to stick up for myself and not just give in to them, so I told them I'd be home on Thursday morning, but that I had to leave by 12 ... one of them came on Thursday morning, he did "something" to the wall and said he'd be back in 45 minutes to fix the rest. That sounded good, but when he came back he just ... well, almost stated, not really asked: Are you home for the rest of the day ... I know it sounds like a question, but it was definitely more of a statement! I said I had to leave by 12, and he said they had to paint as well. I said I'd be home by 4 p.m., but it didn't even look like he'd heard me. He wanted to know if they could come in and paint anyway, but I really don't like that so I said no. He became quite rude and unfriendly and promptly told me that in that case I'd have to wait, they could perhaps get in at some point after December 18, though he didn't know, and that was my choice, and he left wihtout saying goodbye or giving me a chance to say anything!!

It really upset me and I hit almost an all-time-low yesterday!! WHY is it so impossible to get things to work?!?!!? On top of that, there HAS to be something wrong with the ventilation in the bedroom, because there is a horrible horrible wailing sound coming through the ventilation in the window, constantly!! It's shut, but the sound is terrible, and it kept me awake all night! I tried to talk to them about this earlier, but was told they could do nothing ... I'm gonna have to prop something in there tonight, or I'll never get any sleep ...

I've had two really bad days, and I'm feeling really fed up with the fact that everything is going WRONG, WRONG and more WRONG ... I hope I can make a comeback at some point, though it feels like this shit never ends ...

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