Saturday, 27 March 2010

The Blog Is Back! - Celebrating 23,000!!

FINALLY I'm back! Yay!! And I'm happy to first of all announce that we've hit 23,000 visitors while I've been gone!! :)

Basically, the first half of this semester has been really rough on me ... at times it's been better, but generally I haven't been feeling well at all. A lot of stuff has happened that has made life pretty difficult to handle. I know periods like that happen every now and then, but that doesn't make them any less difficult ...

On Monday we officially start this semester's second half, and now I'm feeling a lot better. Some things have been "resolved" (sort of anyway), and I basically know what's going on now (which it felt like I didn't before!). I can see a lot of positive things with this part of the semester, so I have faith things will start improving now - so I'm also hoping to bring the blog back on a more permanent basis! :)

This weekend I'm doing a true spring cleaning, which was much needed, and it will also give me a sense of a fresh start on Monday, so even though cleaning is hardly my favourite thing to do during the weekend, it will be nice to get it done!

A little health update ... yes, my foot is much better!! It took about a month for it to heal, but I'm grateful it really did!! The skin is still quite thin and gets easily irritated (and is rather reddish) but at least I don't need anything on it any more, and I get walk around, wearing regular shoes ... *yay* After a whole day at Uni it still hurts, but not that much and I can certainly take it without complaining! :)

I figured I'd celebrate this blog come-back with a bunch of my favourite photos from the past few years! When going through them, I found it very difficult to limit myself, so I'm going to spread them out over the next few entries ... faithful blog readers will probably recognize most (all?) of the photos, but I hope you will enjoy them anyway!

Take care!


The Darkest Night said...

wonderful photos!! my favourites are #1 & #6, but all are great!

Jessica said...

Thanks! :)

The #6 photo is actually from a "new" spot here in town. We took my Dad's girls swimming there this summer and it turns out it is a great spot for taking photos too ... but it's a bit of a walk from where I live (you can go a bit by bus, but not that far) ... hopefully I can take walks there when the weather improves! :)