Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Ups And Downs

It seems to be either real ups or extreme downs for me these days, which is a bit tiresome.
My foot is doing okay, there's no pain now, and I'm actually wearing normal shoes (YAY! - though I had to find a pair that's two sizes too large, in order for my bandaged foot to fit!), but I'm hoping the visit to the Health Care Centre tomorrow will prove the last one, at least for a long while. Hopefully I'll be able to drop most of the bandages and maybe just have something to cover the wound, and not a whole lot of other stuff!
*fingers crossed*

Studies are ... okay. Had a pretty good mentor meeting yesterday, I think the students enjoyed it, and I was trying out something new - and it's always nice to see things work out! :)
Today it's been Greek this morning and will be Hebrew this afternoon. Inbetween I have to force myself to read up on Cultural memory as I REALLY have to write and hand in that paper soon!!!

Apart from that, not much is going on. I'm having some personal problems, still, that's causing me to feel quite worried and sad at times, and that is of course affecting my life and my studies, though I try not to get too wrapped up in my problems.
I guess my concience keeps trying to tell me I should start reading now, so I'd better sign off. :)

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