Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Okay, BAD, Good ...

The title pretty much sums up my week so far! :)

Monday was an okay day. After my visit to the Health Care Centre I went to Uni, sat in on an Old Testament lecture and after that we had a mentor meeting. My supervisor came to visit (they make one visit every semester, and afterwards you have a little "talk" with an "evaluation" - it's all very friendly ... ) and that makes me sooooo nervous. I felt the meeting went okay, but I keep second guessing myself and thinking I could have done things differently and better all the time. But apparently my supervisor felt I was doing okay and we had a quite rewarding chat afterwards which felt nice. She's leaving the Department soon, and she will be missed!

Tuesday was just a HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAAAD day ... I felt awful as I woke up but I really needed to be at Uni the entire day - and everything went wrong. No matter what I did it turned out really bad, so I was quite down and depressed ...

Today has been a pretty good day. I had decided to skip Uni today, and I think I needed that break. I had a Health Care Centre appointment this morning as well, met a new nurse, and while she wasn't "bad", she wasn't that good either. According to her, my foot was basically "healed" now ... which feels a bit strange as I'm still in pain! It's getting better but in certain situations the pain is excruciating and I cannot put my foot down at all ...
I can't help but feel a bit confused as they are saying different things - I did get a new appointment on Friday morning, but this nurse made it sound like that would be the last ... God knows what I'll do after that, because even though the wound has started to heal, the bandages and stuff still get stuck in the wound causing it to bleed when they remove it ... ah well, I guess I'll have to see what they'll say on Friday!

I've been having a pretty good day today, and I'm really really hoping the whole foot-incident is about to get better, so I can start focusing more on my studies from now on! I decided to make a "test" tonight, I brought my camera with the new lens I got for Christmas down to the ocean. I usually walk there, but this time I took a bus - and decided to try to do it without the crutch. It worked out - sort of! It was stormy and freezing but I got some nice photos. Unfortunately I have been in pretty much pain tonight, so I don't know if I overdid it ... but I'd love to leave the crutch home tomorrow when I have to go to Uni ... guess I'll have to sleep on it! :)

Here are some of the photos I took, enjoy!

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