Sunday, 15 August 2010

Be Careful As You Go ...

...'Cause Little People Grow!

A very true statement from Les Misérables! :)

My sisters are growing by the minute, at least it feels like it right now. M has gotten so big this summer, it's hard to explain how, but it's in her face and expressions, in her body and the way she moves, her thoughts and ideas on things, it's almost scary. She's starting school now, and while that is a year earlier than I did, it still feels unreal. I have a feeling that she has the potential to do really well in school so I hope it will work out for her. While she has some problems concentrating and staying still for more than 3 minutes at a time (which might be a problem *lol*), she's really super smart!! If she can feel motivated and challenged by school, I definitely think she'll do fantastic!!

I has grown a lot now as well, she's totally adorable and she could charm ANYone into ANYthing, no doubt about it! :) Her moods is quite remarkable, because mostly she's on top of the world, constantly laughing and absolutely gorgeous ... but if she at some point gets in a bad mood, it's quite the opposite. There's no way you can get through to her whatsoever! A cute little thing she's gotten into is that, if she does something she's not allowed to do, and you tell her off, she promptly claims: "The naughty hand did it!" Apparently this little darling has one naughty and one nice hand (and one naughty and one nice foot as well!) - she knows exactly which one is which (she doesn't change them but is surprisingly consistent), and from her point of view, the naughty hand/foot does act completely independent from her! *LOL* It is adorable, but sometimes I get a bit annoyed with it as well, since at some points you need to tell her off and you don't have time to play a game like that! But most of the time, it is adorable ...*lol*

When my Dad and his family visited me, we took a trip to Denmark, which the kids liked a lot. To make it a bit more of an adventure, I took both kids on the train to Helsingborg first, while my Dad and C drove, then we took the ferry over to Helsingör together. Here are some photos from the trip (the first two from the train!):

And finishing off with a lot of other photos! *lol* I just can't help showing off these cuties! *lol* Oh, and by the way - it would be cool to know which of these are your favourites, just out of curiosity ... I have one favourite of M and one of I! :)


The Darkest Night said...

your sisters are so cute!! And growing up fast! Lovely photos!
VERY difficult to pick a favourite photo..all are so cute!

I think my favourite of M is the very first pic (South Beach shirt) (but also love the one of her on the ferry with sunglasses)...and my favourite of I is the second pic (swing)...
also love the very last pic of both girls together!

Jessica said...

Yeah, they get really big really fast! :D
And I agree about the last picture, I is sort of making a funny face, but I think it's a beautiful photo of them together! :)

The Darkest Night said...

yes, they look so sweet together! Do they get along well?

oh and which were YOUR favourite photos of them?

Jessica said...

Most of the time they get along surprisingly well (not always been like that in the past) ... I think it's mostly due to the fact that "I" is so big now, they can play together in a good way! So, yeah, they do get along, mostly ... then again ... some times, sister-fights break out, and they sure need some time away from each other then ...:)

And as to my favourite photos ... well, the last one of them together is my favourite! Separate photos: My favourite "M"-photo is from the trip to Helsingor, the first photo on the second row (named 100804_14.jpg to avoid confusion!), or the last one on that row (100804_20.jpg), having a hard time deciding! *lol*
As for "I", my favourite photo is in the last lot of photos, middle row, middle photo (100805_2.jpg)...:)

The Darkest Night said...

those photos are really cute too! :-)

Jessica said...

Glad we don't totally disagree! :)