Friday, 13 August 2010

Summer 2010

Well, I thought I'd make a general entry about the summer of 2010, as it is about to end soon.
And I have to say that this summer has been a bit different, compared to the last few summers at least.

For once, I left for the summerhouse rather late, around Midsummer. This did happen last year too (if I remember correctly, but usually I have gone to the summerhouse a bit earlier than that. Also, I didn't feel so great in June, and I ended up stressing like an idiot before being able to leave (Actually, I wrote the last 4 pages on a New Testament paper and sent in on the same day that I left for the summerhouse!!).
My Dad and his family was on vacation when I got up to the summerhouse, which was also something new. They try to take at least one vacation trip every summer, but they've never been away during Midsummer before. This meant that I spent the entire Midsummer weekend with my Mum, and it was a long time since we did that! She came to me in the summerhouse and stayed the night, which was really nice!

Then I had a couple of weeks in the summerhouse, both alone and with Dad and his family, and that was pretty much as usual. I'm amazed at how the kids grow - but I'll make a separate entry about the girls later! :) - and we spent some quality time together, as well as got some necessary work done!

In the middle of July, Zorro and I went back home - and that is very unusual ... I can't even remember when that happened last! :) We took the train (and a replacement bus *sigh*), and I do feel very grateful it is possible to take Zorro like that, because it certainly makes things a lot easier for me! I do feel bad for him, because I know he doesn't like it one little bit, but at least it's possible, he is able to rest and almost sleep for parts of the trip, and I guess that's the main thing!
Unfortunately, there was a pretty extreme heat wave when we were here ... I had high hopes of getting a lot of things done, and I ended up on my couch with a great big fan and lots and lots of ice and no energy whatsoever. I know this must sound pretty ridiculous, but I really truly hate heat ... I can stand normal summer temperatures - even though I don't like them - but when I can't get below 30 degrees inside (86F) at any time, I just feel truly sick!!!
So that trip didn't exactly end up the way I had hoped!

After about two weeks here we went back to the summerhouse, and when we arrived it turned out that my Dad's girlfriend (will call her C for her initial, it's easier!) had gotten a really nasty insect bite that really looked bad - so we ended up doing some emergency packing and cleaning, I went with them to their home (and left Zorro in the summerhouse) and borrowed their other car, and went back to Zorro that night!

I got some alone time in the summerhouse, which was nice, and my Mum and I were also able to take our annual West Coast trip, which was grate!!
I took a trip, alone, to a major animal park called Nordens Ark, but I will make a separate entry about that ...

And then I went to my Dad and his family, taking Zorro with me. They're redecorating one of their bathrooms and needed an extra adult, so we took turns doing that and being with the kids, and it worked out pretty well, although I find it being quite intense living with them - as I'm used to living alone.
I also got to see my Mum a bit, which was really nice!
After a while my Dad and his family, and me, and Zorro went to the summerhouse, to make it ready for the autumn, meaning clearing all the land as well as thoroughly cleaning the house - and when we were done with that, we all went here and my "summer" was over. They stayed for two entire days (three nights) and I think it worked out pretty well, though it's obvious that an apartment this size isn't meant for three adults, two kids and a cat! *lol*
The good-byes are always difficult, and this was no different ... I am truly enjoying my life down here, but it is very hard to say good bye (and more so to certain people ...).

It turned out that I had lived with my Dad and his family for almost two weeks in a row when they left and while it was hard when they left it had been pretty hard for me to be so close to so many people for so long ...

Since the left I haven't done that much, I've been going through a LOT of photos and get that in order, I've been doing some sorting and rearranging here at home, and I'm slowly finding my way back to the fall semester! :) Though this fall is still very uncertain, so I'm going to make a separate entry about that as well!

Finish off with a few photos from the summerhouse!

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I hope you are feeling better now that the weather is cooler...

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