Thursday, 6 January 2011

As Time Goes By!

This entry will be about my sisters, M and I - they grow sooo quickly, it's almost scary! I can still remember visiting the hospital and getting to hold M when she was about 27 hours old (!) - now she's 6½ years old (on Jan. 11) - it's really hard to take in.

M has grown a lot just since this summer, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fact that she started school this fall! Big girl, indeed! From what I hear she's doing really well, she could read on a basic level before she started and now she's amazing. You can pick up a newspaper and basically point to any word and she can read it ... which I think is really cool for a 6½-year old!! She's also a really good speller, even though she sometimes fails when it's supposed to be double consonants or other specific sound-combinations - but overall, she's amazing!
Both of the girls has been trying out some winter sports now (they have quite a lot of snow where they live) and M is doing pretty well on both skies and ice skates - at least a whoooole lot better than I ever did. I think it's obvious she's developed her intellect more than her motorical skills - so did I when I was a kid, but it's good to see she's attempting sports as well!

I is turning 4 years old soon (Jan. 11) and she's such a darling, I bet she could charm anyone!! Both of the girls were with my Dad meeting me when I arrived before Christmas. I's first words when I got in the car: "Jessica? I don't like you ... [I starting to think maybe she's into a "grandmother-phase", or has taken a liking to one of her preschool teachers or something like that] ... I looooove you!!!!" Said with the most adorable intonation! Is she a cutie or what?!? :)
She has grown a lot too during the past 5 months or so, I think she's really inspired by the fact that M has started school - because she's basically reading and writing too!!!!! *gasp* Granted, not long words or anything like that - but shorter words, like four-five letters long, she goes through them without any problems at all .... she did a drawing for me and on the back it said (not extremely clear and some letter were backwards, but still clear enough to read): "From I to Jessica, a nice drawing" (free translation!) [For Swedish readers: "Från I till Jessica En fin teckning]. Not bad for someone not quite 4 years old yet!!
She too has tried out winter sports... She can "walk" on her skies, and has just started skating, so for now, her mother holds her - but you can tell she's trying to keep her balance which is the first step.

Here are various photos from the holidays (including one of all three of us watching the traditional Swedish Donald Duck Christmas show!):

Finishing of with a selection of photos from a session the girls' mother did, trying to get a Christmas card photo! They do look amazing, don't they?! :)


The Darkest Night said...

Your sisters sure have grown - and they are SO adorable!!

I just LOVE the photos! Hard to pick a favourite, but the one of you three together is really lovely!!

Oh and the one of I ice-skating is so cute! She looks a lot like you in that one, I think!

Jessica said...

Yeah, time goes by quickly that's for sure!
"I" was having such a blast ice skating, she was constantly laughing ... ;)