Sunday, 23 January 2011

My Mess In Pictures!

So, here they are ... the photos from The Mess!
I have been taking a few photos every now and again during this mess, and will share them with you here. I'm counting on making a final round tonight when most of it is ready (also would like Before- and After-pictures of the hallway and bathroom which will be redecorated), so I will probably make one last entry tonight ...
(all photos taken with my new camera, Samsung ES28)

Here we go:

Moving books and bookshelves (from the hallway into the kitchen):

My hallway, on January 18 (before the electrician was here):

My bedroom - I had to move one bookshelf for them to reach the electrical outlet, but in order to move that I had to move a lot of other things as well:

Kitchen and bedroom:

The hallway (Jan. 22) - the wardrobes are covered in plastic, and the electrician has (among other things) moved the fuse box:

Moving bookshelves in the living room to free the last of the outlets that needs to be remade:

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