Wednesday, 13 April 2011

More Headache - More Exodus

Seems like today was very much like Monday ... though the headache did develop gradually, I didn't wake up with it!

I ended up being late this morning, but I was at Uni around 9 a.m. this morning, and got a bit of work done before lectures at 10.
These lectures are really interesting to me, as we're now studying the Sinai covenant - and I'll be writing about an aspect of that in my master's thesis. :) Unfortunately, starting right after lectures things started going wrong.
I won't be boring and list everything, but it seemed like whatever I did, it turned out wrong... *sigh*
I did manage one thing today, which was to figure out how a wireless internet connection is supposed to work! We are supposed to have wireless internet at Uni, logging in with our student IDs - but I have never gotten it to work for me. Since I have a brand new computer now I had my mind sent on getting it to work. It took quite a while (not as easy as typing in your student ID and password, which I had hoped!) but in the end I got it to work! Yay!

My headache developed gradually and I got about an hours work done after lectures before giving up and going home!
I have spent the entire afternoon trying to get rid of my headache, and finally I think it's actually gone. As usual I don't sleep well these days, but I guess I can at least hope for a good night's sleep and that I'll feel better tomorrow!

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