Sunday, 17 April 2011

Not So Much

Can't say that I have that much to write about today ...
Been spending most of the day reading the book for the OT lecture tomorrow - and I quite enjoyed it!! Since I won't take active part in the discussions I haven't read every detail of the book, but what I grasped of it, I quite liked. I am very much looking forward to the discussions tomorrow!

Other than that I've been doing some cleaning and trying to sort through what is up for next week.
On Tuesday I have a meeting with the OT professor regarding my master's thesis, and I hope it will be a good meeting. I am working on it now as well, but I need to work out a lot of practical details now and it's also good to get the whole writing process more structured.

On Wednesday the construction workers are coming back! *SIGH!* Apparently there's something they haven't done yet, but I plan to stay well away from home ... I'm in for a full day at Uni on Wednesday and hopefully everything will be sorted out by the time I get home. The OT students have their first exam on Wednesday morning, so I might be able to be there for some moral support as well! :)

And then it's Easter Holidays! I'm not that into holidays overall (I mostly don't like them!) and I don't have anything planned, so hopefully I can get some work done on my thesis and also look ahead a bit at what the OT course will deal with - they start reading Isaiah the week after Easter, and those texts are quite difficult, so I'm hoping to spend some time on that too ...

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The Darkest Night said...

I hope you still had a nice Easter holiday sis! hugs!