Tuesday, 26 January 2010

22,000 + Busy Monday!

I can happily report we just passed 22,000 visitors - yay! :) It's really cool that this blog has been doing so well for such a long time - especially for the last six months or so, when I haven't been great at updating it!!

As I mentioned earlier, I'm taking a few minutes at Uni to do an update on my activities, seems that's the only way I'm going to keep this blog going right now!

Yesterday was a pretty good and very busy day!

I left home as usual, about 6.45 a.m. *yawn* and arrived at Uni a bit before 8. I checked on some mentor stuff as we were having the first meeting later that afternoon - and discovered that the lists of registered students were absent. I figured my supervisor hadn't arrived yet, so I went upstairs to wait for a Greek lecture. Just as the lecture was going to start my supervisor arrived, so I managed to talk to her and she would check on the lists.

Greek lecture was okay, it's really a great way to freshen up on what I actually did learn at one point and have forgotten a lot of now! :) And to be honest, I think I'm gonna need it for my NT course later on this spring.
We were done about 10, I did some stuff in the library and studied a bit for my (smaller) essay - I'm having a meeting with my professor regarding both my 1st level and my master's thesis today, so I did a bit of prepatory work for that!

About 12.30 I met with the teacher of the OT course where I'm mentor, I had some questions regarding the mentor meeting and wanted to make sure we actually say the same thing - otherwise the students will get even more confused than they already are! :)
Time went by quickly and at 1.15 we had the OT lecture. It's still a bit too early in the course for me to feel it really rewarding, but I do enjoy it, I have to admit that!

During the break I went to make coffee and stuff for the mentor meeting, and I also met my other mentor supervisor and talked to her for a little while.
The OT lecture ended at 3 and straight afterwards we held the mentor meeting. 7 students showed up which felt okay, though it is a rather large group ... and I think the meeting went well. A bit of practial questions first, some talks about the course in general, and some Hebrew excercises toward the end! :)
I know, in my mind, that the meeting went well, but it seems I'm never pleased with it in my heart. Don't know what that is really, maybe it's a lot of insecurities left over from last year ...?

I didn't get home until about 5.30 and was really nervous! I was meant to have construction workers finish the window stuff on my balcony on Friday - they didn't show up!! I don't want them in the apartment with Zorro when I'm not there but now I had no choice, so I put a note on the door saying they would have to basically "beware of the cat"! *lol* The note was gone, but they hadn't done anything on my balcony! VERY weird!! And annoying!! I'm getting seriuosly frustrated as they have been coming and going with the windows for 2 months now!! That can't be normal, right?!
Finding this out when I got home pretty much drained what little energy I had left, so I went to bed really early and actually had a good night's sleep.

And now I'm back at Uni! :)
I'm working on my writings now, for the meeting with the professor - skipped the Greek lecture as there won't be any new grammar until tomorrow, but will attend Hebrew (of course!).
That - and the meeting with the professor this afternoon - is basically the plans for today! :)


The Darkest Night said...

congratulations on your 22 000 visitors!! way to go!!

Jessica said...

Thanks sis! :D