Thursday, 28 January 2010

Quite Confusing!

Thursday, 11.21 a.m.

My entries here are now appearing at all hours of the day, I think, so I thought it'd be best to include a time at the start of each entry, making it easier for you to know what it is I'll be blogging about! :)

This time it will be about the whole day yesterday - which was very confusing - and a bit about this morning!

Yesterday was a weird day!
I went to Uni at 8, for a Greek lecture. The course is basically done like this: the Assistant Professor has a lecture about a grammatical structure or so, after that the students go through sentences at home, translating and analyzing and then 1-2 lectures are spent discussing these sentences. Since I'm "kinda busy" this semester, I only plan on attending the real "lectures", I've done the sentences and I don't need them explained to me again.
I had heard that it'd be a grammar lecture yesterday, but it wasn't! So I ended up leaving in the mid-break! :)

I had about an hour of studying on my own, before we had a RTC (Religion, Tradition and Communication) lecture - and to be honest, I'm not really fond of this course. I'm generally doing Biblical Exegesis, and have done for several years now (!), and this is just ... it's too abstract for me. Granted, yesterday's lecture was about Language, and yes, I do find that interesting, I can't help wishing I could have done something else instead of this course!

I had a study-lunch (meaning I studied during the normal lunch hour *lol*) between 12 and 1, and at 1 we had a registration process for all the reading courses and everyone who's doing any form of thesis, no matter which level! The whole system is a mess and the registration was a mess and it was all a ... mess!!
I wasn't the worst one affected for once, but there are still several things that hasn't worked out for me. I emailed the student counsellor straight afterwards, but still haven't gotten a reply.
I did get a chat with one of the Old Testament teachers - there was also confusion regarding which OT teacher would do what this semester! *phew* Anyway, she's really really nice, many people here say she's the best teacher at the Department, and I got to know her a little bit better last spring, when she taught the second half of the course where I was mentor (she will do this time as well!)!! It was great talking to her again, and that was pretty much the only good thing that happened yesterday!

I spent a few hours studying in the library, but we had a snowstorm all day yesterday so I was a bit worried about getting home. And yes, that was a mess. I left the Department at 3.40 p.m. and arrived home a little after 6 ... almost frozen to death! I did meet Johanna and Per at the trainstation which was fantastic, I haven't seen them in ages!!

And no, the window guys still haven't finished my balcony!
*deep sigh*

I've been pretty tired all day today, but I was at Uni at 8 a.m., sent some emails before attending the Greek lecture - today it really was a grammar lecture, thank you very much! :) Also found out that I won't have to go tomorrow - nice! While I really enjoy it - and the Assistant Professor is, well, I really like him even though he certainly has his own style - I do have a lot of other projects to attend to, so I might get something done there tomorrow!
Now I've been doing some errands and writing a few more emails (lots of confusion regarding lots of things at the beginning of the semester!), and in about half an hour, I'm going to a mentor-tutoring-meeting ... we're even getting lunch! *luxury*

Then it's OT lecture, then grocery shopping, going home to clean a very messy appartment - as I'm having Sara and Johanna over for a little to eat and drink tomorrow night! *soooo looking forward to that!!!*
But now I'm gonna have to get something done before the meeting!

Take care - God knows when the next entry will come! *lol*


The Darkest Night said...

sure sounds like you are keeping busy... I hope you had a really nice evening with your friends! :-)

Jessica said...

Yeah, it's quite intense now, but I like it a lot - apart from once course! :)

We had a GREAT Friday night, lots of wine and lots of laughs! *lol*