Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Holiday Photos!

As promised, some photos from the holidays!
None of us photographed a lot this time, as M was so ill ... we had other things on our minds than getting the camera. And stupid me forgot to bring my battery charger, so when my camera died I didn't even have a camera *annoyed!!*!!
Some of the photos of the girls here are borrowed from their mother since I didn't get that many this time.
(I do apologize that there aren't many photos of M, but in a lot of the photos we have she looks really ill, and I really don't want to publish that ...)

First out, photos of the girls, ranging from December 24 to December 31: (they have grown SO much!!)

The next batch of photos is a selection from a walk I took on December 29. We had the most AMAZING winter weather, I don't know when I last experienced such a lovely winter, with bright sunshine and high clear air, and LOTS of snow!! This particular day was a bit too cold for me though, we had about -25 degrees Celsius ... I didn't stay out for that long but I walked around the area where I practically grew up, so it was kind of a walk down memory lane - which of course is both good and bad.
Still, the photos turned out pretty well, didn't they?

These last two photos are rather special; the first one is taken with maximum zoom on my regular camera lens (the one that came with the camera when I bought it), and the second photo is taken with maximum zoom on the new lens I got for Christmas ... quite a difference, don't you think?!


The Darkest Night said...

wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing! I just love the first photo of M and the last photo of I! the rest are great too!

also, the winter photos are so pretty! and your new lens seems really great!

Jessica said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed the photos! :D They girls are SO big now, I'm amazed! M is reading now, which is so cool, and I has grown a lot too, she talks constantly and is fantastic at building sentences and explaining what she means! And she can count to five in English after their vacation! *adorable*

The Darkest Night said...

sounds like they are growing up quickly!