Sunday, 17 January 2010

What A Week!!

First of all, my sincere apologies for not updating the blog for a whole week!! *gasp*
But this has been some week, that's for sure!!!

I got started on my essay on Monday full stop, and worked on it intensely during Monday and Tuesday. I think it worked out pretty well, although it's always a change to be so focused and concentrated during long days.
On Tuesday night I got a call from my Dad's partner, which was a great surprise! We get along fine, but we never speak on the phone, I always speak to my Dad and sometimes my sisters! She apologized for calling late and told me that they had to take my Dad to the emergency room earlier that evening!!
I had talked to him during the afternoon, but after dinner he'd gotten severe stomach pains and eventually they had to go to hospital!! Since they had to bring the girls, they couldn't stay for long, they had to get to bed, so when they went home, my Dad hadn't even seen a doctor yet!! (despite being in Emergency!)
She hoped to hear from him or the hospital when they knew something and I asked her to call me, even if it was the middle of the night! I had planned to go to bed but got a real adrenaline boost, so I couldn't sleep.
I got another call about an hour later, with updates on my Dad. Apparently the doctor had seen him but could not determine what was wrong, so they were going to admit him to hospital and continue doing tests.

I couldn't sleep for the life of me, even though I knew there was nothing I could do ... I had originally planned to go to Uni but I couldn't find the energy to go, so I had a day at home. I got several calls from my Dad's family, but it seemed they were just doing tests and tests and more tests, finding nothing - and it felt awful not knowing anything!!
At about 5.30 in the afternoon I got another call - from my Dad!!! I was sooo surprised, but it turned out that when they didn't find anything they just sent him home ... doesn't exactly increase my confidence in the Swedish Health Care System, that's for sure.

Thursday was a middle day - I was still upset and tired after the incidents on Wednesday but I managed to get something done.
Friday was a really stressful day, I was at Uni at about 8.30 in the morning and wrote on my essay almost non-stop until 4.30 ... and it was "almost" finished by then!!!
I also managed to get some work done for the mentor-thing I'll be doing this semester and one thing was really cool. We had gotten the information that if we could get a schedule together and book a room for each of our meetings, our schedule would go on the official lecture-schedule for the course. I did, meaning I am actually named on the official schedule for the Old Testament Exegesis (with Hebrew) course this semester! *lol* Kinda cool!

I was exhausted on Friday night but didn't sleep anything anyway ... early Saturday morning I did the last work on the essay and sent it to my professor. I still have some work left on it - my Methods-chapter for instance - but at least I sent it, now I can't do much more with it until I meet with my professor and hear his thoughts on it ...

I've been really tired this weekend, but despite that I sleep really badly now ... very annoying.
Tomorrow I'm starting another really really intense week, but I'm hoping to have enough energy during evenings to update my blog! :)

I hope you had a great weekend!


The Darkest Night said...

i really hope your dad is feeling better now. I can imagine how worried it must have made you *hugs*

Jessica said...

Thank you - he seems to be doing better though he's still complaining about stomach pains every now and then ... so I guess something really IS wrong even though they couldn't pinpoint what!