Saturday, 9 January 2010

End of the Week - Weekend!

The week didn't quite end like I had hoped, but fortunately I'm not feeling completely under the weather, so I don't think I'm giving up on 2010 just yet! :-)

Thursday morning was pretty horrible actually. Nothing worked out, but I still felt proud I managed to pull myself together and go into town. I was supposed to get a new Student Travel Card (they're redoing the whole system, so it's a bit of a mess), and had to wait for about 30 minutes in line ... kind of annoying! Once it was my turn, it turns out there was something wrong with my Student ID - it's always worked before so it felt really weird! - and they would sell me the Travel Card. This is actually a real problem, because without it, I can't afford to go to Uni!! A Student Travel card cost 850SEK for 30 days (~83EUR - 75GBP - 120USD), and a one way ticket (cash) to Uni for me cost about 50 SEK (~5EUR - 4.40GBP - 7USD), meaning that when I've done 9 trips to and from Uni in 30 days, the Travel card is "payed for". So ... I can't do without end, end of story!
I have emailed my Student Union, but haven't heard anything - I really hope they can fix it!

This, while in retrospect it seems silly, kind of made my mood go insane, so just I went back home ... didn't get much else done that day, apart from one thing: trying to mentally work at getting back into the positive 2010-attitude again.

Friday was another kind of weird day ... mostly things worked out, I went to Uni for the first time this year, and it was really nice to be back! :-) I DO enjoy it there, and just being there (and having at least some things work out pretty well!) made me feel motivated again and wanting to to the best I can of this crazy intense semester that lies ahead!
It still felt like a bit of an "in-between-day", so I guess I'll fell like I'm getting started "for real" on Monday!

I've had a slow day so far today, it's been nice, but I do feel a bit bad. I don't really have the time to take it easy the way things are right now, but hopefully I can get started with full steam ahead during the afternoon.

Apart from pure studies, I have a lot of work to do with my work as a mentor this semester. We have the first mentor-tutoring meeting on Monday afternoon, and we're getting a new tutor this semester. The other one will be involved a little, but she's leaving Uni in March (I think) so there's a new one taking over. I'll miss the old one, she was really great, but hopefully the new one is good as well!

Speaking of which, having spent the morning in front of the computer - fixing photos, spending time on Facebook (totally addicted to at least three of the apps there, I'm horrible, I know!!) - I think it's high time for me to start doing some necessary stuff now! :-)

Take care, I hope you're all having a great weekend!

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The Darkest Night said...

yes, i think it's a bit too early to give up on this year :-)