Sunday, 31 January 2010

A Really Good Weekend!

While I usually don't like weekends - yup, I'm strange in oh-so-many ways! :) - this one has been surprisingly good! :)
I spent Friday at home, as I didn't have to be at Uni and felt I could use the day at home. A little bit of studying but mostly cleaning - as I'm so busy now and gone so much during the weeks, the domestic chores aren't really being done in the way they should! :)

Sara and Johanna came around 5, and it was amazing to see them again!! I totally enjoy their company and we can easily pick up where we left off, even though it's been a long time since we've seen each other. Also, I have to say that they in some way represent my way back after being on sick-leave. The first course I took at Uni was quite special and didn't work out great, but during the first "normal" course after that, I met Sara and Johanna, and starting with that course, things have gotten better and better - not on a straight line of course, but generally speaking, it did start there.
We had a yummy salad and some nice wine - and a lot of laughs! :)

Saturday was a pretty slow day - I did get some stuff done, but not a great deal!
Today I went grocery shopping in the morning, did some baking - that is sooo not my thing, but at least I'm trying! - and studied some. Also made some preparations for the SI/mentor meeting tomorrow.
A bit before 5 Lena came for coffee, and it was great seeing her again too! We meet on the train in the morning every now and again, but it's nice to be able to sit and talk in peace at times too! :)
When she left I continued preparing, and did another batch of cookies - and I think the other batch turned out a bit better ... might that mean I'm learning as I go along?! *lol*

Now I'm mostly trying to prepare for next week ... Monday and Friday are pretty tough, while the rest seems okay! Tomorrow I have a Greek lecture and a lecture in RTC which unfortunately collides with the OT lecture. We finish at 3 and then I have an OT mentor meeting - it doesn't feel great that I can't be on the OT lecture but I guess it'll have to work out anyway - I hope I don't loose too many students when I'm not at OT ...

That's pretty much it for Monday ... Friday is not a great day either ...
I'm not sure I'll go to the NT/Greek lecture but at 10 we have a theme-seminar on RTC, I really DON'T want to attend it but it's mandatory ...:( We also have to hand in a paper on this first theme. In the afternoon we have an introductory lecture to the next theme.
I know I just have to put up with this course and get it done, but I really really really really don't like it!
I guess I'll have to comfort myself with the fact that it'll be at least 4 NT/OT lectures this week, probably more! :) Also, I have to start working on my master's thesis, which is also a subject I'm interested in and want to work with!

I hope you had a great weekend!

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