Thursday, 28 October 2010

Lots To Deal With

Today has mostly been a strange day, not quite sure what to say about it actually.
I ended up deciding not to go to Uni, for some reason or other, being at the Department hasn't really been working for me this semester. Well, I'm starting to think it's going to have to work from now on - because today they started the major renovation-project (bathroom and most of the kitchen) in the house next to mine. Meaning almost constant concrete drilling ... let's just say that does not constitute the ultimate study environment!! *sigh*

I'm often feeling extremely tired, I have been for most of the semester, and that is not something I'm really comfortable with - especially not since I'm going to have to put my studies in overdrive starting NOW! I will try to get better at eating vitamins, and also eating a bit better than I have been doing - but at least I'm exercising every day now ... that should count for something, right? :)

I'm facing a couple of new challenges now though, that I'm starting to get anxious about. One will be dealing with a straight up "old-fashioned" anxiety attack tomorrow morning (or possibly two, depending on what happens!!), so I'm going to have to try to prepare for that. I will also have to take on another kind of challenge during the weekend.
I think I'm right in acknowledging the fact that I do feel anxious, and trying to deal with it - instead of just postponing things, telling myself I'll probably feel better about them later on ... but that doesn't make me feel much better right now! Still, I think I actually will feel better when I start to see that things are actually getting done, that I'm conquering my challenges and actually dealing with them - at least I hope so!!

With that being said, I'm going to try to take a while and write in my diary tonight! I usually find it difficult to do so in the evenings now, I usually want to write in the morning. And while I cannot neglect my morning-diary-routine, I can't write everything in the mornings, because then I won't get any sleep at all. So hopefully I can get through some things tonight, and deal with the rest, and the more immediate preparations tomorrow morning.


Chelle said...

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Jessica said...

Thanks! :)
Your blog looks really cool too!