Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Ups And Downs!

This week has certainly had its ups and downs ...
Monday was a really terrible day! Don't know why really, it just ended up being really totally bad. I think I kept trying to sort it out - and trying and trying, but it just wouldn't work out no matter what.

Yesterday was a lot better. I went to Uni pretty early and felt like I got at least a fair bit of work done, which was nice. I also met Maria, which was ages ago, so it was nice catching up with her as well.
We went to a seminar together, where Ola Wikander (who has the first half of the Hebrew/Old Testament course, where I've been mentor) presented parts of his dissertation. I will be presenting my master's thesis in this seminar at the end of February, and it's really nice and very educating to be there - but kinda scary as well! :) While everyone is friendly enough, I can't say that I look forward to presenting my own work there, that's for sure.
And, in line with my thinking from the previous post, I have to admit I do have fairly high anxiety levels. I mean, they're nothing compared to what I felt back in 2002-2003, but they are relatively high compared to how I usually feel now. This does take its toll later on, as there is a recovery process involved after having experienced anxiety - so I felt more dead than alive last night and my plans of cleaning and studying basically fell flat.

Today was not great ... I slept really poorly and overall the night was just ... strange. Meaning I ended up with a really bad headache and basically slept between 6 and 10 a.m. Uni was out of the question but I got a pretty abrupt awakening as it seemed like one of my email addresses had been hacked into!! It's not one of my active addresses - thanks for that at least - but it still feels awful! I managed to go in and verify the account and verify the email address and change the password - and send an apologetic email to everyone in my contact list - and hopefully that will be the end of it.
The headache stayed for most of the day and even though I haven't been in pain during the late afternoon and evening, I have been very sluggish and haven't gotten much done at all.
I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow ...

Finishing off with a digi.scrap of my sisters! :) Enjoy!


The Darkest Night said...

I really love that scrap page! Beauitful!! The girls sure are growing up! So pretty!!

Jessica said...

Aw, thanks! That photo of M is probably my all-time-ever-favourite! *lol* (I have a strong feeling it will appear on more scraps in the future!)