Friday, 1 October 2010

Thinking Too Much?

This past week has mostly felt strange ... can't really put my finger on it, but it's been ... strange ...

Basically I'm starting to think that maybe I think too much, at least right now! It seems I have a tendency to think a lot but do little - and at the moment I have a lot of things to get through! So maybe I should go easy on the thinking and start doing ... Not sure if I can do that - it's not easy to simply "stop thinking", is it? I think it might be worth a try though!

Intense times ahead, but I have good faith October will be a good month! I'm generally extremely tired right now, which complicates matters a bit - it feels like I could sleep 20 hours a day, at least! Guess I'll have to try to go for a bit more walks and start taking more vitamins - and hope for the best! :)

I'll make it an early night tonight, as I will have to study most of the weekend (due to the "strange" week, I've fallen a bit behind on my studies!)!
Take care, I hope you'll have a great weekend!


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